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Tom and John Review Mythos High Performance eLiquid

UPDATE: 10/31/15 – Mythos e-Liquid by Mountain Oak Vapor has been discontinued. You may be able to find unsold bottles through Vaporbeast. – Dave Foster

For more than two weeks Tom and I have been secretly vaping six (6) incredible ‘high performance’ eliquids by a brand new label, launching today (August 8th, 2014). The new label is called ‘Mythos’. For experienced vapers Mythos promises to deliver a vape experience to beat all vape experiences.

 Note* After you read this review you might wonder if Tom and I were really this impressed with Mythos, or are we laying it too thick. That being the case, I want to assure you that we were both so impressed with the quality and performance of each of the six eliquids that it was difficult to pull back on the enthusiasm we felt. As always, we write what we believe, nothing more. – JM

What is High Performance eLiquid?

High performance eliquid is, to put it simply, is an eliquid that delivers the purest flavor, the richest vapor, and a satisfying throat hit when vaped with equally high performance hardware. It is eliquid designed from the bottom up to be enjoyed by vapers that know a thing or two about mechanical mods, rebuildable atomizers, and dripping. High performance eliquid in the hands of high performance vapers takes the whole idea of vaping to a new level.

Mythos As High Performance eLiquid

Mythos is a PG-free eliquid (not to be confused with a 100% VG eliquid). Mythos is not a thick eliquid, on the contrary, but neither is it a thin, watery eliquid. (It looks like a 70/30 blend, where the 70% is VG) The consistency provides vapers who ‘drip’ the ideal viscosity because it’s thick enough to provide great performance and thin enough not to gunk up coils.

Mythos six blends are made from 100% organic flavoring, independently tested and found to be Diacetyl and Acetyl free. Mythos has a low-nicotine profile due to the way most vapers enjoy eliquids like Mythos, which is with RBA’s, Dripping atomizers, and high performance mechanical mods. Together with a high performance eliquid and high performance hardware, vapers will experience more flavor, more vapor, and obtain a stronger throat hit then is possible otherwise… Nicotine strengths are limited to 3mg and 6mg, with a nicotine-free option as well.

Mythos contains very few ingredients for a pure, flavorful, and satisfying vape.


Behind The Mythos

The people behind Mythos are not your run-of-the-mill eLiquid creators. They have years of experience in flavor design, eliquid manufacturing, and they possess the expertise it takes to develop a line of eliquid that redefines the vape experience from scratch.MYTHOS-POSTER

The initial six flavors took more than six months to develop. Refusing to sacrifice flavor, the Mythos team chose organic flavor extracts, using organic alcohol to draw out the best flavor possible, but leaving behind zero alcohol taste. Their collaborative goal to produce a PG-free juice that does not sacrifice flavor may have taken months to achieve, but the end result is a startling line of eliquid that before now many people believed was impossible to achieve.

Mythos Specs:

  • 100% PG FREE

Good Manufacturing Practices

Starting from scratch with one goal in mind, to produce the finest, most sophisticated eliquid possible using the fewest number of ingredients of the highest possible quality, the Mythos team spared no expense in the creation of these six indelible eliquids.

The professional facility owned and operated by Mythos was built around good manufacturing practices and include, among others, the following implementations.

  • Lot Tracing
  • Batch Retention
  • Raw Material Storage
  • Documentation Storage
  • Equipment Sanitization
  • Titration Reports
  • Dedicated QA Staff
  • Nicotine Titration Reports

Lastly, before telling you about our real world experience with these six eliquids, we wanted to get into Mythos physical appearance a bit, and why we think it’s worth mentioning.

Like most of you, we know that it’s the eliquid that counts, not the container it comes in. You can put horrible tasting eliquid in the most beautiful bottle in the world, along with a gorgeous label and you would discover that the horrible eliquid is still horrible.

Having said that, it is human nature to want to view beautiful objects, and when it comes to Mythos physical appearance, both Tom and myself were blown away by Mythos beautiful presentation. Frosted glass bottles, thick, full-color labels with all the information you could want on them, child-proof caps, and glass droppers. Inside and out, it’s apparent that the people behind Mythos were determined to bring us the ultimate in high performance eliquid.

Hardware Used In This Review

Tom and I wanted to make sure we reviewed these eliquids using high performance mods, RBA’s and RDA’s. We didn’t want to use the usual suspects in our arsenal, devices that work on nearly every eliquid we use or review, we wanted to really put Mythos juice to the test, to see if they were all they believed they were. Here is a partial list of the equipment used in our review.

Mods and APV’s:  

  1. Innokin 134 MX-Z (review coming, not yet available)
  2. Nemesis mod
  3. NZONIC V4
  4. Valkyrie by Vicious Ant
  5. Stingray Clone
  6. Provari
  7. Sigelei 30W
  8. eVic Supreme

RBA’s and Tanks

  1. Innokin VF Dripper
  2. IGO-W7 (with airflow control!)
  3. AGI Drip & Tank RBA
  4. JoyeTech Delta
  5. IGO-F Drip Tank
  6. SMOKTech RSST

Most RBA’s and RDA’s were equipped with Vitreous Drip Tips, Type C and Type B for the ultimate in cloud chasing.


Tom handled all the coil building for the above RBA’s. We stayed in lo-end of the ohms territory, including sub-ohm and ultra low-ohm, usually in the .8ohm range, sometimes down to .5ohm. On a few occasions Tom would bring me a coil (and affix to the RBA/RDA for me) that he spec’d out to 1.4ohm to 1.5-ohm, but more often than not they rated 1.1.-1.2ohms. We changed coils each time we moved to a new Mythos eLiquid throughout the review period. All in all, by the time we had gone through all six Mythos eLiquids on multiple occasions we had used more than 30 handmade coils. Tom’s speed at wrapping coils improved a lot.

Mythos and Conventional Vaping

Because I wanted to see for myself the differences between high performance, semi-high-end, and mainstream vaping with Mythos eLiquid, I vaped all six of Mythos eliquids with an Aerotank and a Nautilus Mini, equipped with 1.8ohm coils, on an eVic Supreme and my Provari, and the results were, except for the low-nicotine, excellent. That said, when I attempted to use an even less sophisticated battery like a simple Spinner and a simple clearomizer like the Spider, the results were often less then optimum. I wouldn’t say it was a complete disaster, but the difference between high performance and low-end conventional vaping is pretty spectacular, especially when you have a point of reference.

High performance vapers that use RBA’s / RDA’s and build their own coils exclusively will definitely appreciate the finer points of Mythos amazing abilities.

Mythos – The Lineup

Hades – Fire and Ice

Aphrodite – Cookie Dough

Apollo – Orange Cream

Athena – Dessert Tobacco

Persephone – Cantaloupe & Pear

Poseidon – Lemon & Lime

Characteristics In Common

In an effort not to be overly redundant we found some common characteristics in all six eliquids. Rather than repeat them over and over, the following applies to all six flavors, unless otherwise noted.

Push: There seems to be a lot of ‘play’ with Mythos eliquid. By that we mean each of the eliquids were able to withstand high wattages and high voltages no matter the ohms of the coils. While searching for each of the ‘sweet spots’ it felt that the more power you gave the coils the more flavor we got and the more vapor production kicked up. Eventually of course you reach a level where it goes past peak performance and you have to dial it down a bit. Regardless of what coils you use or what RBA/mod you use, your own sweet spot will take a while to find. The nice thing is when you do find it you’ll know it.

Mechanicals: Tom, owning more mechanicals than anyone else here, instructed me on the finer points of using mechanicals. I discovered that because mech mods output a singular power/voltage the only way to adjust your vape is through the ohms of the coils, or even the number of coils on an RBA/RDA. Makes sense, of course, but this review is the first time I had a ‘buddy vaper’ with me to guide me through all the eliquids in the Mythos lineup.

Vapor Production: Mythos was designed to provide maximum flavor and maximum vapor. Every blend will satisfy even the most possessed cloud chaser.

Nicotine Strength: When vaping in conventional ways our nicotine strength has been 18mg for more than a year. We chose 6mg for Mythos the review because, well, seriously, while I didn’t believe there could be a huge difference in the style of vaping when it comes to the nicotine’s role in throat hits. Tom knew better. RBA’s and RDA’s are much more efficient when it comes to vaporizing eliquid, and the nicotine can be a lot less in volume but it will utilized quicker and more thoroughly than with conventional vaping. With Tom’s help I discovered just how much punch there could be in 6mg nicotine juice. Honestly, it was almost too strong.

Flavor: With all six eliquids delivering incredible amount of vapor and powerful throat hits, the only aspect left was flavor, and in many ways flavor is a subjective issue and in other ways not so subjective issue.

The commonality of all six eliquids as it pertains to flavor is this: full, authentic, never-ending flavor, but never overwhelming. It’s not as though you’ve taken a bottle of concentrated flavor extract and poured it over your tongue and let it sit there. The flavors are genuine, real, and true, not too subtle, but not too strong either. It’s a delicate balance that is inherent with good organic extracts.

In my opinion, when describing the flavor of an eliquid only as “intense” is lazy writing. Intense doesn’t tell us much, does it? The strongest cinnamon flavor from any eliquid brand can be “intense” but it doesn’t mean its any good. Mythos flavors are ‘full’ and ‘genuine’… better than ‘intense’ because while the flavor is abundantly present, you won’t pull away from a long drag and yell out with your favorite expletive.

Hades MythosHades – Fire And Ice

Tom: Hades is described as “Fire and Ice”, and I took that to mean some type of cinnamon flavor layered with some kind of menthol, or mint flavor. After spending several hours vaping Hades with various devices and coils I’ve come to the decision that Hades ‘Fire and Ice’ description means that you will taste a true, full-bodied cinnamon flavor on the inhale, and on the exhale that cinnamon flavor turns into a mysterious cooler cinnamon, but not some menthol or mint. At first you’ll want to believe that Hades is just a cinnamon vape, plain and simple, though designed for cloud chasing, but after a while the nuance of layered flavoring takes hold and you begin to understand the complete picture. Complicated.

John: Conventionally I have vaped several cinnamon eliquids that are so hot that vaping them for more than a few minutes is nearly impossible. I kind of expected that kind of vape with Hades, but that’s not the case. Hades, for me anyway, allows for the full flavor of cinnamon, minus the harsh punishment that eliquids like Atomic Fireball and Blister have. Hades is fuller, well rounded, and complete. Like other cinnamon flavors, its best to wait a while before changing flavors because there is some carry over after several minutes of dripping a cinnamon juice.

Aphrodite MythosAphrodite – Cookie Dough

Tom: I did not expect to see a cookie dough blend in this mix, but I’m so glad the powers that be decided to dream one up. This cookie dough flavor is immediately reminiscent of real cookie dough, but it’s also different at the same time.

What’s so different about the eliquids from Mythos is that rather than hit you over the head with some concentrated taste of whatever flavor it is you get a smoother flavor, a genuine flavor, one that could easily become an all-day-vape in a good RBA. Although, admittedly, if I was going to drip all day it would drive me crazy, so the best way to go with Aphrodite is to spend minutes instead of hours dripping, but with an RBA you could vape this all day, easily.

Aphrodite in an Aerotank v2 on top of my Sigelei 30W running at 12w was, for me, an excellent vape. This setting gave me the more flavor then I expected from a real cookie dough with what I believe was the maximum amount of vapor I could possibly get without dripping. Vaping it this way gave me the opportunity to see if Aphrodite could be an all-day-vape, and it can be.

John: After spending a lot of time with Aphrodite I can tell you without a doubt that as a warm vapor eliquid it is phenomenal. However, if you try to vape Aphrodite with less power you wont’ get that deep, deep flavor of warm cookie dough. You might enjoy it, but if you push it some you’ll enjoy a lot more. In other words, Aphrodite is best vaped with a lo-ohm RBA.

Mythos Cookie Dough doesn’t do so well with mainstream vaping. I tried to enjoy the flavor with a simple clearomizer and battery, running straight out at 3.7 unregulated voltage and the flavor just didn’t break through enough. It was at this point that I was finally beginning to understand how different the formulations could be when you are creating a high performance juice for high performance gear. Some of these eliquids kind of work with some mainstream gear, but the majority doesn’t do well.

Apollo – Orange CreamApollo Mythos

Tom: I have some trepidation with an orange cream vape, no matter where it comes from, so I wasn’t surprised that Apollo was the one I least enjoyed. Now, I might have enjoyed Apollo the least, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. I did. The thick clouds of vapor and the wicked throat hit, along with a really creamy orange flavor were made for this kind of high-end vaping. Warming up the vapor with high wattage settings really brings out the characteristics of this kind of eliquid.

John: Apollo was the one I was most looking forward to vaping. Orange Cream, or creamy orange, just sounds incredible. If done right, if the orange flavor (an organic extract) would deliver true orange flavor without bitterness, I was going to be in vape heaven. Lucky for me, it was done beautifully.

Like the other Mythos eliquid Apollo delivers a complex flavor profile. I don’t know how to really explain it other than to say that the creamy orange flavor was both abundant and light. That is to say that there was no mistaking the creamy orange flavor inside the thick aromatic clouds of vapor moving across my taste buds, but it was not hard-hitting or tart, it didn’t get overly intense, it was just there, everywhere, full, genuine, delicious.

Athena MythosAthena – Dessert Tobacco

Tom: Athena is a very complex flavor. There is a creamy nutty flavor at first, almost like pralines, and then a sweet, full-bodied tobacco comes in behind it and together forms a real nutty tobacco vape with creamy notes. Utterly fantastic in every way, Athena is both the high performance juice it’s supposed to be, and a truly fine tobacco vape when used with semi-high-end vape gear like an Aerotank with a 1.6ohm coil. Loved all the flavor embedded in the clouds, and enjoyed the hell out of it with my IGO-7 with airflow control on an eVic Supreme. My favorite eliquid from Mythos, this is a great tobacco eliquid.

John: Athena is the perfect example of high performance flavor. High performance flavor doesn’t mean extremely intense flavor, it means true, clean, authentic flavor with zero artificiality to it…in abundance. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the flavor at first, and then Tom mentioned pralines and I knew that was going to be my best guess as well. Athena is a sweet and nutty tobacco flavor that doesn’t go around hitting you on the head.

Athena was best vaped in the normal ohm range. Best Vape: My Sigelei 30W set to 8.5w with a 1.2ohm coil in my IGO-7, fixed to a tight draw, and a wide-mouth drip tip.

Persephone MythosPersephone – Cantaloupe & Pear

Tom: A sweet-ish, authentic pear vape with cantaloupe notes in just the right proportion. Persephone, like the others, is really enhanced by the organic flavor extracts. While I have had my issues with pear-flavored vapes in the past, this pear flavor tasted natural, real, with the right amount of sweetness. The cantaloupe flavor appears on the exhale, and instead of taking over, it blends with the pear and you taste both at once. Without a doubt you can drip it, vape it in an RBA, and even fill an Aerotank or Nautiluses and enjoy the hell out of it. Persephone is best when vaped warm, so don’t be afraid to push the power or the voltage.

John: All of these eliquids are just so well balanced its beyond amazing. While talking about this one with Tom and hearing that he was able to taste the pear first, cantaloupe second, I was surprised that I didn’t. For me it was both as once, not a blend, but both the pear and the cantaloupe were hitting on different taste buds at the same time.

Then I decided to step away from dripping it and moved into the Joyetech Delta, finally using up my last C2 coil. I pushed the wattage up to 12w with the eVic Supreme and man, it exploded with flavor and vapor alike. Then the pear flavor took over on the inhale and left a nice cantaloupe taste on the exhale.

Poseidon MythosPoseidon – Lemon & Lime

Tom: Poseidon delivers an amazingly accurate dual citrus flavor combination. I was able to taste both the lime and the lemon in alternating drags. Most of the time it was a lime first, on the inhale, and lemon on the exhale, and other times it was lemon first, lime second. Strangely though, never once did the two citrus flavors combine into something different, it always managed to stay true to their native flavor characteristics. I wish I knew how something like that is accomplished.

I also noticed that both the throat hit and the amount of vapor was more significant with Apollo than others, probably because of the lighter, citrus flavors. Poseidon was a little better with cooler vapor than it was if pushed up to warmer vapor, making this one a great choice in warm weather. Refreshing, light, breezy flavor with massive clouds of vapor.

John: Poseidon really delivered on the whole lemon and lime thing. Not only that, but the flavor became deeper, warmer, the longer I stayed with it. Like Tom says, there is a division in the flavors, not a blending. You can taste each of them in the same drag, which was really nice. Tons and tons of vapor from this one, and dripping it at 6mg packs a real powerhouse of a throat hit.

Near the end my time with Poseidon I dropped some in an X.Jet Spider, popped the spider on a Spinner, cranked it to 4.3 and, it wasn’t nearly as good as it was with the high end gear, but it was very do-able. Naturally the vapor production wasn’t as massive (thought still plentiful), but the flavor was there, and for me that’s what counts most. I’m beginning to appreciate the high-end vape more and more. Finding the time to change coils, clean tanks, and so on instead of using a clearomizer for a couple of days and tossing it, eliquids like Mythos kind of makes the trouble worth it.



Tom had a much better sense of what we were dealing with than I did, though I did catch on. Right at the beginning I was convinced that eliquid was eliquid, and that if you buy Mythos eliquid at, say, 18mg then you could easily vape it with a CE5 clearomizer and a 3.7v battery. The truth is, you’re doing a disservice to Mythos vaping it with conventional gear. However, I do want to make it clear that any of these eliquids can be used with moderate, middle of the road vape gear.

You’ll get plenty of flavor and vaper with commercial tanks like the Kanger Aerotank line or the Aspire Nautiluses, but because of the low nicotine level you cant’ expect the same kind of throat hit you would get with the more advanced RBA/RDA/Mech Mod setups. If your normal nicotine level is 3mg or 6mg then you can definitely enjoy Mythos with a good tank, good coils, and a good APV. Mythos may be formulated for high-end gear and advanced vapers, but they do perform with most good hardware. I wouldn’t want to vape Mythos with a simple clearomizer and non-regulated 3.7v battery like an eGo though.

I relied on Tom’s coil building expertise, and each time he set a new coil in whatever RBA I was using he would explain the ohms, show me the wrap, and then attempt to explain how it made a difference. I understood it, but it wasn’t until I started to experience how these liquids performed with high performance gear compared to mainstream gear that I truly understood why some vapers that the time to build their own coils.

Experienced Vapers

I couldn’t be happier for all the vapers in the community that prefer to drip, or use custom coil builds, like Tom and Nick (Bessette). It’s about time someone created a line of pure PG-free organic extract flavored juice for the advanced vaper. If this is your kind of vaping Mythos is a label you have to see for yourself.MYTHOS

We don’t know when Mythos will go on sale, or even how you’ll be able to buy it. We don’t know the cost, wholesale or retail, and we don’t know if it will be available online and in retail shops, or both. But they have set up a Facebook page. Visit the page, like the page, and you’ll be entered into a contest/giveaway for an AUTHENTIC Lernaia Hydra mod.

I asked Tom, who has been dripping and building coils for a long time, to give me his bottom line on Mythos. I asked him to write the final paragraph of this review, and no matter what he said I would end the review with it. His final words are below.

Tom: Mythos high performance eliquid is an incredible line of high performance juice. Every one excelled with various RBA’s and RDA’s in flavor, vapor production, and throat hits. Each time I set about vaping with Mythos juice I had a great time and was very satisfied with not only the performance, but as a vaper.

It is easy to see can that the company behind Mythos knows more about eliquid then I’ll ever know, and really understands high-end gear and how it get the most out of them. I’ve been silently and patiently waiting for an eliquid with these kinds of characteristics, but I wasn’t sure how long it would take for someone to get it ‘this right’. The R&D that had to have gone into these six eliquids is so far ahead of what I thought was currently do-able, but I bet the creators had the time of their lives developing them. If you vape with RBA’s or RDA’s get ready to get experience something so much bigger than you thought possible.

John Manzione and Tom McBride

Mythos Website

Mythos Facebook Page