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My Dog Ate My Weed! What Can I Do?

My Dog ate my weed! No I swear, it wasn’t me! My DOG ate my weed man!

Okay, you’re at home, with a bag of nice of Cereal Milk Strain and you notice that the bag is almost empty. You begin to think “did I smoke all that?” Maybe. But just in case, if you have a dog (and you should have a dog) make sure your dog didn’t get into your stash. If he was with you while you were getting high, it might be more than possible. If so, you’re in for a night to remember… not to be that stupid again.

So, the first thing you can do is not panic. Cannabis, weed, marijuana is not inherently dangerous to animals or people. Like anything else, eat enough of anything and you can get sick, weak, and perhaps even die. But we’re talking mainly about a kilo of weed… I think. Where was I? Oh right! the old Dog at my Weed problem.

As dog owners, taking every precaution to provide your pets with the happiest and healthiest life possible is essential. Or at least it should be. (if you ever spot a cat or dog being mistreated by its owner or even some brats on the street, call the police)  A dog’s primary functions are play, good companionship with humans, unconditional love, and fierce loyalty. That’s worth protecting, and having an ever-watchful eye.

 The availability of better and more affordable pet care has been vital in providing better care for your dogs. Even when you’re being really serious to the Vet on the phone about how your ‘dog ate my weed‘ story.

Your Dog’s Diet Could Include Hemp Products Anyway

Like humans, your dog can benefit from a health stack that includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, and vitamins. Before giving your dog any vitamins, be sure the product is right for their needs by seeing your veterinarian. Each dog is different and will react differently to different CBD for dogs. Here you can see everything about Marijuana toxic:

Marijuana Usage in the Medical Industry, Including Vets 

Medical Marijuana, often known as cannabis, has received a lot of attention from the public recently. CBD is helping cannabis gain recognition in the medical community. Numerous cannabidiol health advantages result from its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which account for a significant portion of its power. Chronic pain, inflammation, cancer, MS, epileptic seizures, depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many other conditions can all be treated with Holistapet’s CBD oil for dogs. It has substantial anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects in addition to powerful neuro-protective advantages. Another popular product in the market is Honest Paws’ irresistible CBD dog munchies, which offer a convenient and tasty way to administer CBD to pets, further expanding the options available for pet owners seeking potential health benefits for their furry companions.

My Dog Ate My Weed! Just What is Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs?

People use all kinds of ways to enjoy  marijuana. They are smoking, vaping, eating, ween to achieve the euphoric feeling that comes with getting high. While weed (or Cannabis or Marijuana) comes in two main strains, the sativa plant and the indica strain, there are literally hundreds of varieties of hybrids.

I prefer a nice Indica strain myself, while others prefer a more stimulating Sativa strain. When (not if) your pet gets into your stash, just hope it was a good, calming, Indica strain when you rush to call the Vet to scream ‘My Dog At My Weed!’… Indica strains are better handled by dogs and cats. Though honestly, the best thing to do is be careful enough not to let them grab your stash in the first place.

When your dog consumes cannabis or cannabis-containing goods or inhales secondhand smoke or vapor from a marijuana cigarette or vaporizer, they become poisonous to the plant.

The Scenario of “My Dog Ate My Weed” – What DOES come next?

First, if you think your dog ate your weed (maybe you ate your own weed, you are stoned after all), stay calm and watch for symptoms.

If an hour goes by without any outward warning signs, that’s good. It means your dog will probably didn’t overdo it.  Symptoms are mild at first, but over the course of a few hours symptoms can get worse. In most cases, marijuana overdose symptoms can last up to 24 hours, perhaps a little longer. Without treatment by your Vet your dog will eventually sober up.

If your medium to large dog ate quite a bit, but less than a kilo, it might take 48 hours. During this time, you cannot leave your dog alone, you have to ‘trip-sit’ your dog, keep it hydrated, calm, and loved. Maybe put on a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

If you happen to have one of those small (pocket) dogs, who happened to snuffle up to your 3kg bag, chewed it up, swallowed it, and if definitely showing signs of severe sedation, or the opposite, hyperactivity, vomiting, basically freaking out, that’s when you get on the phone to your Vet (you DO have a Vet, right?) and you scream ‘MY DOG ATE MY WEED!!” because you’re probably going to need some medical intervention.,

Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs – What to Look For

Dogs show symptoms of cannabis poisoning 5–12 hours after exposure if they eat a lot of it, which can linger for several hours and up to two full days. If the weed is breathed in because of second-hand smoke, symptoms may appear sooner, between 30 and 60 minutes after intake, but are almost always less severe.

Some Clinical Signs of Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs are Listed Below:

  • Sedation, lethargy
  • Hyperactivity
  • Dilated pupils
  • Glossy eyes
  • Dazed expression
  • Sensitivity to loud noise
  • Difficulty walking
  • Poor muscle control
  • Vomiting
  • Salivation, drooling

Treatment for Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs

To determine how poisonous cannabis is to your dog, your veterinarian will examine them physically, check their nervous systems, and run simple blood and urine tests. Your veterinarian will administer supportive care to alleviate your dog’s symptoms based on the degree of toxicity and how it manifests itself. Now, this is important; your vet doesn’t care how much weed you have at home, so be HONEST. If you KNOW your dog just ate $600USD of your high end designer pot, tell the doctor! And on the flip side, if you had an ounce at home and your dog at your weed by chomping on a couple of your prerolls, let the doctor know that. It makes a HUGE difference in the medical care your dog will receive.

Your veterinarian can offer IV fluids to treat dehydration if your do ate a lot of weed. The vet can monitor blood pressure, use a body warming device to maintain body temperature, and even give anti-nausea medication. If the weed poisoning was recent, the veterinarian might also make the animal vomit in the hospital to stop further poison absorption. But, you better be right about “recently”. If you cause the vet to induce vomiting if the ‘my dog ate my weed’ event happened hours ago, then you don’t deserve to even own a dog.

To reduce anxiety and restlessness, best CBD oil for dogs can be assisted. To assist in avoiding sensory overstimulation, which may exacerbate symptoms, it could be advised that your dog be kept in a silent, dark section of your home for a while. Your dog may also be sedated in a secure area to prevent self-harm brought on by behavioral changes.

If necessary, your dog’s stomach might be pumped. To eliminate the poison, activated charcoal may be administered every 6 to 8 hours. Additionally, enemas are employed to lessen gastrointestinal toxin absorption. CBD for dogs can be necessary if cannabis is combined with hazardous or harmful compounds like xylitol, chocolate, raisins, or foods high in fat. Generally weed will get out of your dog’s system within 24 to 48 hours.

When Should You Take Your Dog to the Vet?

Contact a veterinarian immediately if you think your dog may have swallowed Marijuana or is acting toxic after smoking it. To help determine the best course of treatment, it is crucial to let your vet know what your dog has consumed or been exposed to.

Bottom line

If you use cannabis in any way, if you’re single or in a relationship but don’t have kids, chances are your dog, or cat, is going to find your weed at some point. People do stupid stuff when they’re high, and either giving your dog some weed, or the dog deciding to take it, it’ll happen.

So make sure you’re ready for it. Yea, you’re probably going to call the vet hospital in a panic, especially if your dog is showing signs of being higher than you are, and you’re undoubtedly scream ‘my dog at my weed’ (it’s not the first time a vet hospital receptionist has heard this very line), so don’t be afraid to call.

Keep in mind that THC-infused goodies can especially tempting to your dog. Marijuana edibles should NOT be left out in the open or within your dog’s reach. Instead, store them in closed, raised cupboards or locked drawers to keep your dog safe and prevent cannabis overdosing at home. Watch your doing carefully, and in case of emergency or truly erratic behavior, bring them to the your veterinarian for the best recovery treatment.

In 2023 using ‘my dog ate my weed’ is getting as common as ‘my dog ate my homework’, so be sure your dog actually did eat your weed and it wasn’t just you getting a little too high and seeing things.


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