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Before I begin this review I have to thank MyVaporStore, this vendor has generously provided this product to Spinfuel for review purposes. My dealings with MyVaporStore have always been first-rate. Great selection, great stock levels, and some of the best pricing around. This is not some kind of advertisement; it’s just a heart-felt thank you to a stand up vendor. Thanks MVS, you’ve been great”. – Tom McBride

A Real-World Lambo 4.0  Experience – by Tom McBride


The Lambo, now at version 4.0 , is one of the legendary variable voltage vaping devices whose name has more than a little cache. Its reputation is stellar, the quality is said to be first-class, and the resulting vaping experience is supposed to be unforgettable. Does the Lambo live up to its name? Is it as good as its marketing or has its marketing generated its fame rather than the performance? These are just some of the questions I’ve had for months now, so before I decided whether or not to put my hard-earned money into a Lambo, LavaTube, Tornado, or a VTube, I went in search of answers. Here’s what I found out about the Lambo v4, manufactured in China and sold through MyVaporStore.

Lambo 4 – New Features

The new Lambo, v4, is a feature-rich upgrade that brings the tube-shaped Variable Voltage vaping device into 2012 and beyond. The Lambo 4.0 is now compatible with Joyetech Ego Atomizers without the need for an adapter, which is a very nice addition indeed. It also sports a new built-in resistance checker that will give you an accurate resistance reading of any attached cartomizer or atomizer. In addition, the built in battery voltage meter is even more reliable, giving you a better read on just how much vaping you have left before you change out your battery.

Unlike earlier models you can now use Low Resistance (LR) atomizers (1.0-ohm or higher!), opening up a whole new adventure in finding the perfect vape.

The new, spring loaded center post prevents “post pulling” and other nasty contact problems of previous models. However, there is a bit of controversy about this post. (See ECF threads about this)

Lambo 4.0 – Standard Features

Going from 3.0v to 6.0v in 0.1v increments has been a mainstay in this class of vaping mod for a while, but with the advent of the new Rebuildable Atomizers having a Lambo v4 means you can now experiment more and push your newfound skills of working with custom wicks and coils. Owning a Lambo v4 is almost essential for getting the most out of your new RBA’s as well as calibrating them for use with other devices.

The Lambo 4.0 uses a High-Drain 18650 battery (must be the 18mm x 65mm size), which, by the way, is always in stock at MyVaporStore for $8.25. (I know, I know, but really, it is)

The continuing success of the “hold the button down for 5 seconds” method to turn the device on or off is very much a part of the “Lambo experience”, and it does more than simply differentiate itself from the ‘ego-centric’ 5-click off/on method.

lambo, vv, variable voltage

Naturally, the + and – buttons continue to control the 0.1v increments up and down. Those not familiar with the Lambo however might not be aware of the standard “hold both + and – buttons for 5 seconds to lockout the buttons and hold the Lambo 4 at its current setting. That’s an important feature when you and your Lambo are on the go.

The Lambo 4 regulates the voltage even better then before so that each “puff” or “drag” will use the exact same voltage every time, no matter how much power you have left in the battery. Is it really that accurate? Yes, yes it is.

Have you ever noticed how the batteries designed for these types of mods are getting harder and harder to instantly recognize the Plus and Minus sides? Well, as always, the Lambo stops you from accidentally inserting the battery the wrong way with its Reverse Battery Protection. (You have no idea how many times this feature has saved my butt.)

The ability to recognize an atomizer with too low of a resistance for the “current” voltage setting has always been one of the best features of the Lambo. The Lambo will detect it and drop the voltage to 3.7v to protect itself, the battery, and the atomizer (not to mention the person holding it).

The Lambo 4 continuously monitors the battery voltage and will automatically turn itself off with the battery is discharged, which prevents damage to the battery by being overly depleted.

The built in voltage meter can be easily accessed by pressing the red power button down 6 times. It will briefly display the voltage of the battery in order for you to monitor the power left in the battery. The High-Drain 18650 battery provides 4.2v at peak charge, while over the life of the battery it will decrease to about 3.3v. By monitoring the voltage reading you can stay abreast of the life cycle of the battery. When the battery needs to be recharged the Lambo v4 will blink its LCD window alerting you to the need to recharge. Now it’s even easier to monitor the health of your battery and extend its life to its maximum potential.

The two safety features most worth mentioning are the Amperage Limiting and the vent hole on the bottom of the Lambo 4.0. The Amperage monitor will shut the Lambo off is it detects any excessive “over-current” conditions, a real lifesaver. The vent hole, well, does an excellent job venting.

The Real Deal – Life with Lambo

lambo, vv, variable voltageNow that you know what’s new, as well as the standard features of this amazing machine, it’s time to get down to it and look at how this device works in real life, and how it compares to the competition.

First though, let me remind you, if you don’t already know, the Chrome Lambo v4.0 Starter Kit sells for $79.99 through MyVaporStore. The Starter Kit contains the Chrome Lambo (a work of art), a dual-battery charger (Trust Fire), 2x 18650 High-Drain batteries, a really nice carrying case, a 510 3.0-ohm atomizer, and a drip tip that will fit a 510, 901, or KR808 cartomizer or tank. For $79.99 this is a great buy.

We all know that the competition for the Lambo 4 is the LavaTube and the Tornado, as well as the VTube. They all feature pretty much the same technology and the same feature set. There is, in fact, very little difference between them.

So why the Lambo?

Price wise, this Lambo 4 Starter Kit ($79.99) is less than the LavaTube, and about the same with the VTube and Tornado.

Honestly, the best reason why I prefer the Lambo 4 rather than the others is both price and attractiveness. The LavaTube is just plain ugly, especially when compared side by side with the Lambo and Tornado. After using the LavaTube and the VTube (I’ve not had the opportunity to review or use a Tornado)


The Starter Kit includes a 510-compatible atomizer so that was the first atty I used with it. But I also used a Phoenix Rebuildable atomizer, a few different 510-threaded tanks, and Totally Wicked’s Triple Coil cartomizers.

For readers who have not used a Lambo or other tube-styled VV devices the key to using them is being able to adjust the voltage to find the “sweet spot” for each device you use with it (carto, tank, etc.) as well as the individual eLiquid you decide to use. All of them have slightly different tolerances and being able to find the perfect combination to create the best vapor and the best flavor is the real reason why you choose to go for a variable voltage device like a Lambo.


Using the Lambo to find the sweet spot was always faster than other VV devices I’ve used, especially against trying to find the sweet spot with an eGo Twist. With the Provari you have to use a series of button clicks to get it into the incremental setting and then go up or down. But, in order to go up or down you need to get into that incremental setting each time. With the Lambo you have a minus button and a plus button that can be used on the fly to adjust up or down much faster than the Provari.

The performance for me over the past couple of weeks has been flawless. No matter what I have attached to the Lambo I’m able to maximize my vaping experience within seconds and hold it there as long as I want. If I change cartos or tanks it takes just a couple of seconds to rediscover the new sweet spot. You can’t ask for anything better.

But, let’s face it. The vaping experience you are going to have with a Lambo 4 against the experience you are going to have with a LavaTube, Tornado or VTube isn’t going to be that different unless you are a veteran Vaper.

Some people prefer one over the other for superficial reasons, but to me the edge is given to the Lambo because of the new features such as being able to use low resistance atomizer, being ego compatible, the better resistance checking … and it just feels better. I am also able to negotiate the sweet spot a little faster with the Lambo. Without scientific equipment I’m not going to be able to tell you exactly what the vapor output difference is.  As far as the flavor goes, the cartomizer or tank or atomizers and cartridge are going to play a bigger factor than the hardware firing up the atomizers. For myself, the Lambo was the right choice. It just fits me perfectly.

Final Word

I am really enjoying the Lambo and I highly recommend it. But more than that, I recommend buying it from MyVaporStore rather than anywhere else. Their reputation for standing behind the products they sell, as well as the price they sell it for makes them one of the eCigarette Community’s best vendors.

Tom McBride