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 Mt Baker Vapor Review – Part 2 –

Julia Barnes had the opportunity recently to ask the owners of Mt Baker Vapor as Part 2 of the Mt Baker Vapor Review few questions about themselves, their company, and the eLiquid marketplace. Below is the interview in its entirety.

SPINFUEL:  When and why did your company decide to get into the e-juice business? mt baker vapor review

MT Baker Vapor: After a couple years of vaping I was having trouble finding the perfect e-juice. I decided to get into DIY mixing and started sharing my juices with my friends. They said it was some of the best juice they have ever had. From there we decided to start selling it locally and the response was good so Mt Baker Vapor was born. mt baker vapor review

mt baker vapor reviewWe decided that people were over paying for e juice and we wanted to sell them a quality product for less money. This is what gave us a great boost when first entering the market. $4.99 for a freshly mixed bottle of e juice is a great buy.

SPINFUEL: How did you learn to make eLiquids? Did it take long to master the art of mixing? At what point did you decide to go “pro”? (Decide to sell eLiquid to the public) mt baker vapor review

 MT Baker Vapor: I learned to make e liquids through research on the popular electronic cigarette forums. We went pro after the small circle of vapors I knew enjoyed my product and gave me their stamp of approval. We saw room for another vendor that knows how to treat customers and get their product to them quickly. mt baker vapor review


SPINFUEL: Speaking of going ‘pro’, was it a particular flavor, or group of flavors, that you believed were the catalyst for going pro? Was there a particular flavor, or recipe, or group of flavors, where you said to yourself “We need to offer these to the public”?  mt baker vapor review

MT Baker Vapor: I myself am a very plain e juice user. I enjoy my menthols and coffee flavors. After creating Hazelnut Coffee and a nice clean pure menthol I knew everything was going to be alright. Once we got the ratios down for all the other flavors we were good to go. Now we are able to offer 170+ flavors to our customers and we add new flavors every month! mt baker vapor review

SPINFUEL: Do each of you have your own ‘favorite’ flavor? What is your favorite category of eLiquids for your personal vaping? Fruity, Sweet, Tobacco, other?

MT Baker Vapor: The Mt Baker Vapor team has very different tastes. I enjoy Extreme Ice as my favorite flavor right now. We just finished designing Cucumber Mint though which is an excellent vape. I know it sounds nasty who would want to vape a cucumber?! Add in some mint though and it is great!

Jesse our production manager is into fruity vapes. He was the creator of our Twilight e juice which has turned out to be a huge hit. He really likes his fruit vapes. This combination is excellent!

Our mixologists seem to really enjoy sweet bakery type flavors and have created some great juices. Some flavors like pineapple upside down cake you would not think would be enjoyable really are a pleasure to vape on. mt baker vapor review

SPINFUEL: After a hard day’s work, what category of eJuice do you reach for?

MT Baker Vapor: I always have Extreme Ice loaded into a tank and it’s my go to juice. It can cool you down when you are hot and always leave you feeling clean and refreshed.

SPINFUEL: What is your idea of an ‘all-day’ vape?

MT Baker Vapor: An all-day vape is something you can enjoy all day long. You load a 6ML tank in the morning and you vape it until its empty at the end of the day. Something you never really get sick of. I will normally vape my all day vape for about 3 weeks straight then switch it up for a week to readjust my taste buds and go back to my favorite flavor.

SPINFUEL: How often do you vape? Or rather, ‘how many hours per day are you vaping?mt baker vapor review

 mt baker vapor reviewMT Baker Vapor: We are here fulfilling orders all day long. We all vape while we work. All day long every day! Vaping is more than just getting your fix it is a lifestyle and with so many flavors to try you will never get tired of it. I would say I vape consistently throughout the day while I am awake. Sometimes I may set my unit down for a half hour or an hour but I am right back to it after that.

SPINFUEL: What is your favorite vaping hardware? (No need to mention brand unless you want to)

MT Baker Vapor: We like simple products here at Mt Baker Vapor. Currently our favorite set up is the Gripper with a UDCT tank using a CE2 DC cartomizer. There is no filler in this cartomizer and it fills at the bottom through feeding off the tank. Makes for a great setup.

SPINFUEL: Cartomizer, Cartridge, Clearomizer? Which is your favorite, and is your eLiquids created with any particular one in mind?

MT Baker Vapor: Cartridges are so 2 years ago. Cartomizers, tanks, and dripping is where it is at. All our e liquids are different and some are enjoyed better on different hardware setups. For instance you would never want to load our Sweet Tarts e juice into your tank but it is great via dripping or in a metal cartomizer.

SPINFUEL: Who or what inspired you to get into the e-Juice business? mt baker vapor review

MT Baker Vapor: After I started vaping and spending money on e juice and trying to find the perfect juice for myself it was hard. E Juice is expensive and it was costly to find a juice I really enjoyed. So I got into DIY and started creating juices that other seemed to enjoy. From there if my local group enjoyed the e juices I created why not the rest of the world. It feels really good to help people find the perfect juice that ultimately leads to them no longer smoking.

SPINFUEL: Can you briefly tell us a little about your non-eJuice background?

Mt Baker Vapor Spinfuel Choice Awards

MT Baker Vapor: I have always conducted business online. I have been working in the customer service industry for the last 12 years. We understand what customers want and that is their product to be of quality, fresh, and to ship quickly. We like to fulfill those needs for people.

SPINFUEL: Do you “Steep” your eLiquids before they are shipped to customers? If so, how long, on average, does it take to steep?

MT Baker Vapor: We ship out a fresh bottle to our customer. Always mixed within 24 hours of their order. It can take 2 – 3 weeks for the juice to reach its full potential depending on how much VG was loaded into their mix.

SPINFUEL: Is your eJuice ‘ready to vape’ or do you recommend ‘home steeping’ for a day or so?

MT Baker Vapor: Like wine the e juice just gets better with age. Yes a lot of people pop open their package from us and enjoy our products. I will mix a bottle and instantly vape it myself. For more complicated flavors though like our RY4 it should sit for a little while. Home Steeping is always recommended but some do not think it is required. In the end it ultimately depends on the customer and what they want to enjoy out of our product.

SPINFUEL: On average, what is the shelf life for eLiquids in general?

MT Baker Vapor: We tell people one year as long as they are stored in a cool dark place. One year for the MFG date on your bottle after that we recommend discarding your e juice.

SPINFUEL: How is your eLiquids packaged? What sizes do you offer?

MT Baker Vapor: We package our e juice in PET dropper bottles. We sell e juice in 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml sizes. Soon we will be offering e juice in 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., 64 oz., and gallon bottles. mt baker vapor review

SPINFUEL: Why is American Made e-Juice so important to you? (If it is) Before you became an eJuiceflavorists/creator, was “buying American” as it pertained to eLiquids important you personally?

MT Baker Vapor: Every part of our e juice comes from the USA. USA made e juice will make sure you have a quality product. We have MSDS sheets on all the products that go into our e juice and we know they are safe for vaping. Buying our ingredients directly within the USA we know exactly what is in our e juice.

SPINFUEL: How would you describe your flavors? (Subtle, obvious, strong, etc.)

MT Baker Vapor: We have so many flavors now that this goes across the board. We have some subtle flavors such as Cotton Candy. Then we also have “in your face” flavors such as Extreme Ice. We like to mix something that is not to strong but is not weak. From there we let the customers add extra shots to the mix if they want a more in your face kind of blend.

SPINFUEL: Do you have a ‘specialty’ when it comes to creating eJuice? (Sweet, fruity, tobacco-flavored, etc.)

 MT Baker Vapor: Between all our staff we are doing pretty well at creating new flavors. I like to mix with extreme ice and menthol to come up with new flavors. Jesse really likes mixing up the fruit flavors and our mixolgists are really into the sweet / bakery flavors. We are always trying new things and like coming up with new flavors to share with our customers.

SPINFUEL: When working on a new flavor: How long does it take to go from an idea to the final product, on average.

MT Baker Vapor: A lot of new flavors are come up with based on our current base flavorings. What will happen is you have an idea while you work and you mix up a small bottle for yourself. You try it right away and see what it is like. You then let it steep for a couple weeks and see what it is like then. If the flavor passes our taste tests we end up sending it out as a free as our free sample to our customers. Depending on the reaction we get it will get added to the website for purchase.

SPINFUEL: We received X-amount of sample flavors to review. How and why did you choose those particular flavors?

mt baker vapor reviewMT Baker Vapor: We pretty much sent you what you requested. You picked what flavors we felt were good for your taste buds. Might as well send out what you requested to review.

SPINFUEL: How important is it to use pharmaceutical grade ingredients?

MT Baker Vapor: Food grade / Pharmaceutical grade ingredients make for a great clean product. A clean vape is a good vape.

SPINFUEL: Are you concerned with the upcoming FDA regulations? Not necessarily for your company but for vaping in general?

MT Baker Vapor: Yes we are concerned about the upcoming regulations. We mix on all kitchen grade equipment. Keep a clean sterile work environment. We will pass their regulations as we have taken great strides to meet their future standards for them and our customers.

SPINFUEL: How far do you think the FDA should go when it comes to regulation?

MT Baker Vapor: There should be some kind of regulation. We do not want people mixing e juice in bathtubs or in boots!

SPINFUEL: Where do you stand with the opinion that the government should have the right to restrict people’s freedom to vape?

MT Baker Vapor: The government should not decide if we can vape or not. This is an industry they should stay out of and let us do our thing!

SPINFUEL: Do you think, when it comes to teenagers, that ‘vaping leads to smoking’?

MT Baker Vapor:  Vaping does not lead to smoking. Smoking leads to vaping.

SPINFUEL: If vaping is 99.9% safer than analog cigarettes, and Spinfuel fervently believes it is, why should teenagers be discouraged from vaping?

MT Baker Vapor: Vaping is safer then smoking. There is no doubt about that. I have three children and if they start smoking I would much rather they vape. Still vaping is a habit that involves nicotine a majority of the time and all habits should be avoided. Nicotine is proven to raise blood pressure. mt baker vapor review

SPINFUEL: Safety is a huge factor today. What kind of measures you take to make sure that your e-juice is safe to consume? What methods do you use to prevent contamination or other factors that can harm your product?

MT Baker Vapor: We work on all stainless steel tables that are cleaned on a nightly basis. We order all Food Grade USP ingredients. We store all our flavorings in glass so they do not leech off the plastic. Having a safe clean vaping e juice is very important to us.

SPINFUEL: What is your suggested PG/VG mix? What is the reasoning behind it? (if any) mt baker vapor review

MT Baker Vapor: We really enjoy the 80 PG / 20 VG mix. It gives you just enough VG for great vapor production but you get all the benefits of the PG throat hit and flavor it helps carry.

SPINFUEL: How do you make sure that your flavors are always consistent, that each batch or bottle delivers the same flavor and nicotine levels time after time?

MT Baker Vapor: We use careful measuring tools to make sure we get the same amount of flavoring in every bottle we mix. We mix our nicotine juice using lab based equipment to make sure we have just the right nicotine levels depending on what people order.

SPINFUEL: Speaking of which, do you mix customer’s orders by the bottle or by the batch?

MT Baker Vapor: We mix every order by the bottle. We think a freshly mixed product is best for our customers.

SPINFUEL: How many flavors do you offer today?

MT Baker Vapor: We currently offer 198 flavors to our customers and have more e juices in the works!

SPINFUEL: Why should our readers buy their e-Juice from you?

MT Baker Vapor: As long as your readers want to buy a freshly made clean product Mt Baker Vapor is the company to go with. We always ship out your orders within 24 hours and we treat our customer’s right. The customer is the number 1 priority at Mt Baker Vapor. Plus can you can freshly mixed USA made e juice for less than 4.99 for 15ml?

SPINFUEL: Do you have more than one person mixing eLiquids?

MT Baker Vapor: Yes we currently have a staff of 9 people that can mix eLiquid. We will be hiring more people as our business continues to grow.

SPINFUEL: Where do you think the eCigarette industry is headed? Are electronic cigarettes the “future of smoking”?

MT Baker Vapor: Electronic cigarettes are the future of smoking. We hope that instead of smoke we can get people to vape instead.

SPINFUEL: What advice do you have for people that are new to vaping? Should they start out with a mini-ecig and prefilled cartomizers or should they dive right in with eGo batteries and CE4’s? Does it matter?

MT Baker Vapor: People just getting into vaping should pick up an ego-C and just get started. We do not understand the obsession with smaller e cigs but Joyetech is coming out with a great solution here so people can enjoy their smaller e cig with all the power of the larger models and it will last all day! Keep an eye on our website for the new eRoll for Joyetech.

SPINFUEL: Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers? mt baker vapor review

MT Baker Vapor: Thank you for reading this article and we hope we can help you make an educated Vaper buying decision. You can use the coupon Spinfuel to save 10% on your order.