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Mr. Good Vape Goes High VG


Mr. Good Vape was founded by vape connoisseur Gary Riddle. It is a company that’s on the forefront of developing high end ejuice using cutting edge technology. So, today we publish our first review for the NEW Mr. Good Vape e-liquids, reformulated for modern vapers. Reaching out to Gary, we learned that their decision was based on the fact that devices have changed since their official  launch in 2012, which was originally designed for cartomizers. As flavor artists have progressed in their craft, they now have access to the very best extracts and manufacturing facilities in the world.

Mr. Good Vape also wanted to build flavors that were certified to be DA/AP free (you can now scan a QR code on the bottle to take you right to the test results). Being a leader in the industry Gary felt that taking the right step to create premium liquids without DA/AP will move the vape industry in a positive direction.

The new reformulated line are made  at Molecule, one of the best facilities in the world. Their entire line is now 65 VG / 35 PG. They use the best tasting VG in the world, sourced in Malaysia, and finally, Mr. Good Vape was rebranded to adhere with’s guidelines.

All of the newly reformulated e-liquids are ideal for drippers and sub-ohm tank users. The results of Mr. Good Vape’s reformulation turned ‘luscious’ into ‘heavenly’. Below we are proud to present our review for several of the best flavors from the High VG line.

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For this review we used the new eVic-VTC Mini (75W) and two different tanks for each flavor, per member of the team. We used the new Tron tank (with Ni200 coils) that comes with the new eVic-VTC 75W as well as our old standby, the Kanger Subtank, with their vertical dual coil 0.3-ohm OCC’s.

Characteristics Shared By All Flavors

Now teeming with plenty of the best Vegetable Glycerin, the Mr. Good Vape line not only produces a denser, more aromatic vapor, the flavors in each were presented fuller, smoother, more fully realized than before. There is no sense of artificiality in the flavors, no sharp edges to the various layers of flavors, and with denser vapor comes a deeper satisfaction. Mr. Good Vape has always been a special brand with exceptional standards, and now this new formulation brings these high standards to vapers using high wattage, low resistance vaping instruments.

Spinfuel Choice Awards

More than 2 years ago my team set up the parameters for an e-liquid that can be awarded a special Choice Award. These parameters included; an overall excellence in e-liquid artistry, the quality of the ingredients, a lack of artificial flavor characteristics (not to be confused with artificial flavorings, which are fine), and theSpinfuel Choice Award Winner sense of satisfaction while vaping an e-liquid. Two years ago it was difficult to find e-liquids that didn’t throw off an artificial flavor, a slight burning on the tongue, a slap of a throat hit instead of the thump, and many (most?) e-liquids failed to produce a sense of satisfaction. E-Liquids have come a long way since then, and this years swing to high quality High VG and better flavorings are providing opportunities to the ‘better’ brands that weren’t possible before.

As always, our team could award the full 5 stars to an e-liquid they didn’t particularly like the flavor of, as long as the quality of ingredients and the lack of artificial tinges of flavor made it clear that vapers who DO like any particular flavor would find the e-liquid a superb choice. For instance, I may not enjoy tobacco flavored e-liquids during my personal vaping times, but I can tell whether a tobacco e-liquid is a high quality e-liquid that lives up to its description.

It is for this reason that you will see many Choice Awards in this review for Mr. Good Vape. The e-liquids below that are awarded are exceptional flavors with very high quality ingredients, and are accurately described. Most of all, they were immensely satisfying. We can only hope that our readers, and non-readers, can take comfort in knowing that an e-liquid that is awarded a Spinfuel Choice Award has incredible flavor, thick and satisfying vapor, and absolutely no sense of the artificiality that comes with cheap, profit-motivated e-liquid brands, of which there are plenty.

Kanthal vs Nickel & High VG e-Liquids

For this review we tried something a little different. Each member filled two tanks for each of the flavors. One tank used Nickel coils, one used Kanthal. Each of the devices we used were Temperature Control capable, so we pushed the e-liquid through various temperatures and various wattage. We are happy to report that both Ni200 and Kanthal coil heads produced identical flavors, making the Nickel coil heads ideal for preventing dry hits and/or warming up the vapor. In other words, we enjoyed the e-liquids with both types of coils, so feel free to use the coil wire you prefer, knowing that your flavor experience will be the same.


High VG – DABBLE DOOYAH – $ 20/30mL glass bottle

 Tart Granny Smith apple pie laced with cinnamon and drizzled with vanilla crème anglaise.”

Julia: 4.5 Stars – The first flavor to come at me is the granny smith apple, and it does deliver a slight tartness to it. If you like granny smith apple flavor this will do it. However, on the exhale, where I expected to be greeted with a nice cinnamon and vanilla crème anglaise I was underwhelmed. You won’t taste much apple on the exhale, and what creaminess is there is slight. The cinnamon flavor is only hinted at. Had the cinnamon been more pronounced then this would have received the full 5 stars.

Kiera: 4.75 Stars – Dabble Dooyah almost took the 5 stars from me, but missed by a hair. On the inhale you will taste a tart green apple but nothing more, and on the exhale I can taste the crème anglaise, which is very different than a cream or custard like flavor, but sadly there was not enough spice, or cinnamon to the exhale. Still a wonderful vape, with thick vapor and all the trimming, but without the cinnamon touch it doesn’t do all it is supposed to do.

Tom: 5 Stars – I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would. The tart apple flavor was spot on, and the crème anglaise was a prominent flavor on the exhale. My only concern for this truly remarkable flavor is that a lot of vapers may not like the anglaise flavor profile. It completely takes over the cinnamon, and for that matter keeps the apple flavor missing from the exhale, but the overall satisfaction of this e-liquid is worthy of the 5 stars.

Jason: 5 Stars – This e-liquid came alive for me at very warm temperatures. A warm vapor releases all the complex flavor notes you expect here; a tart green apple, a strong anglaise flavor, followed by a wisp of cinnamon at the very end. Without the warm vapor you could miss that cinnamon moment, and it is just a moment, but it gives it a nice complexity.

High VG – Karma Cream – $20/30mL glass bottle – Spinfuel Choice Award

Fresh peaches with a smooth custard-like vanilla bean ice cream.”

Julia: 5 stars – Karma is a perfect all-day-vape, and the perfect blending of the various flavors are amazing. You definitely sense a delicious fresh peach mingling with a vanilla flavor with custard characteristics that combine to form a very satisfying vape.

One thing I should mention, and it concerns all the flavors in this review; we used new coil heads for each flavor, and in so doing we realized that because of the thickness of the e-liquid the full, open flavors did not appear until at least an hour of use was put into the coils. They all tasted fine after a couple of minutes of saturating the coils, but after an hour or so resting in the coils the flavors unlocked fully and what was a good e-liquid before turned into an amazing one after. RDA users won’t have that problem.

Karma Cream is an excellent example of what I mean. During the first several minutes of vaping the peach flavor was overwhelming the vanilla custard-like flavor, but after an hour, maybe less, that same vanilla custard-like flavor opened up and changed the e-liquid into something that I couldn’t get enough of. A mouthful of creamy peaches with a deeply satisfying character left me wanting this one long after my 30mL bottle was gone. Definitely adding this to my rotation

Kiera: 5 stars – Karma Cream is that special e-liquid that you know in an instant will be a favorite for a long time. It is an instant hit with anyone that loves a peach flavor engulfed with a silky smooth vanilla custard. That said, the vanilla custard is not a heavy one, it gives body without knocking out your taste buds. This is a perfect blend, and the aromatic vapor, as thick as clouds, gives a level of satisfaction I didn’t think was possible for a peach-centric blend.

Tom: 5 stars – It’s weird, when I first started vaping Karma Cream in my Kanthal tank I was tasting a fresh peach that was, I hate to use the word, delightful, and after a few minutes of deep lung hits I was tasting a marvelous blend of peaches and cream that just made me want more. Before moving on to the next e-liquid I vaped two tanks of this one, I just didn’t want to stop. Vape warm, with deep lung hits, for the full effect. Added to my rotation after the first vape session with it.

Jason: 5 Stars – Karma Cream was directly responsible for me turning in my notes a full day late. When I started to vape this bottle I was using my Subtank at 35w and I enjoyed it a lot. Then Tom recommended I switch to the Nickel coil and turn up the temperature to 550+ degrees, then take it as high as I can. After getting the vapor very warm it maintained the same character but it was fuller, and creamier than at normal temps. The satisfaction level went through the roof, and that can only happen with certain flavors. Karma Cream is an interesting twist on peaches and cream, so interesting I vaped the whole bottle before I moved to the next. When everyone was discussing the flavors on Skype I was busy typing up notes I should have completed the day before. Crazy!


“Fresh apple and grape candy melted into a splendid richness of subtle sweetness.”

Julia: 5 Stars – With a name like Heaven’s Candy Mr. Good Vape has a lot to live up to. The name gives it a universal appeal, doesn’t it? I mean, really, any candy that is worthy of Heaven has to be the best in the world. So, is Heaven’s Candy the best ‘candy’ e-liquid? Is it worthy of sneaking a few bottles of it to the pearly gates? The answer is so clear, it depends on how much you like grape and/or apple candy.

It’s interesting to note that Mr. Good Vape uses the term “subtle sweetness”. ‘Subtle’ means ‘difficult to perceive, hard to detect’. So while you might expect Heaven’s Candy to be one of the sweetest flavors on the market, it is definitely not. The grape flavor is more grape preserves than grape jelly, the apple flavor is more applesauce than apple jelly. The blending of the two allows you to taste both, without a tartness that a real grape or an apple would have. Remove the tart from a fruit and what’s left is the sweet. In my mind, Heaven’s Candy has a natural sweetness that comes from removing the tangy/tartness of both fruits.

Add to this natural sweetness and grape/apple flavors a ‘thick, flavorful’ vapor and you have a unique opportunity to taste something so satisfying that you just might want to try and sneak some into heaven.

Kiera: 5 Stars – Having enjoyed Heaven’s Candy last year, along with the famous Honey Baby, I can tell you that this reformulation has changed the flavor profile in significant ways. No more plum flavors, no more cotton candy, Heaven’s Candy is streamlined, less decadent, and better.

The grape and apple flavors are more prominent now, and the overall sweetness, while still plenty sweet enough, has been toned down. This is now an all-day-vape with tons of vapor and a soft vape experience that can last day in and day out. A sweet flavor combo that naturally sweet, not artificial, and yet at the same time carries a certain candy quality that you might find in a jar of hard candy.

Tom: 4.5 Stars – This Heaven’s Candy has flavor notes that would not be my first choice in an e-liquid, however there is a professional artist quality to how the flavors are layered and how they interact with each other. This is a gentle and sweet formula that combines the essence of grapes and apples in way that defies a fruity category without being overly sweet like other candy rich flavors.

This thick e-liquid produces a lot of very rich and flavorful vapor, and each of the flavor notes are there in both the inhale and exhale. I think the only reason I withheld half a star in my score is that it doesn’t fit in the fruity or ultra-sweet category, and I’m not even sure it should fit in either. This is the kind of e-liquid I would never turn down, but it isn’t an e-liquid I spend money on either. Then again, would you expect a tobacco/coffee vaper to buy this kind of flavor? If you like grape or apple e-liquids presented in a candied-type ‘shell’ you would probably love it.

Jason: 4.5 Stars – Tom and I like a lot of the same e-liquids, but with Heaven’s Candy we are divided. There is something about how this grape and apple flavoring is mixed with a sort of sweet glaze that has me vaping it like crazy. The sweet side of my tastes wants to give this one a 4-star rating because the sweetness is totally natural, no sweetener added, but the part of me that enjoys some fruits wants to give it 5 stars because the grape and apple blend so well. My only option is to give it 4.5 stars, and the added advice of vaping this one warm. The warmer the sweeter, in my opinion.

High VG – BAHAMA MAMA – $20/30mL glass bottle – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Savory coconut complemented with tropical pineapple, and fresh banana.”

Julia: 5 Stars – I remember vaping Bahama Mama once before, as a 60/40 PG/VG blend. It was good, but not award worthy. The reason was the pineapple, it was edgy and tart. Today, in this Higher VG formula that same pineapple is now sweeter, with no edges and no tartness. What comes at you in abundance is a delicious coconut milk, so creamy and so tasty, followed by that sweet pineapple. The added banana flavor, a sweet full bodied banana makes this e-liquid about the best tropical blend I’ve had all year, at least.

So many e-liquid artists don’t know how to use coconut wisely, I guess not realizing how creamy coconut can be, but Mr. Good Vape knows how to deliver a well balanced tropical vape with a rich layer of coconut and big banana finish.

Kiera: 5 Stars – It’s a little funny that Jules first flavor detected in Bahama Mama is coconut. For me it was definitely pineapple. Though I do agree that the pineapple in this blend is not the tart pineapple we’ve seen so many times before. The coconut, however, makes itself known after the pineapple, not before.

The subtle banana flavor notes happen on the exhale, and it is just enough to warrant a banana flavor. Together, these flavors do combine into a hugely enjoyable tropical vape. For the best flavor I would recommend shaking the bottle, opening it, and allowing it to air for a few hours, overnight is you can. That’s the best thing for any pineapple blend, and in this one not only does the pineapple become a little sweeter the coconut becomes fuller. The banana on the exhale will stay about the same, subtle but natural.

Tom: 4 Stars – There isn’t very many pineapple flavors that I can get behind, but that is no reason to down score an e-liquid if the quality and ingredients are high. I think we can safely say that all Mr. Good Vape e-liquids are all high quality, masterfully mixed blends. Still, I can’t see myself awarding Bahama Mama 5 stars. The reason is the lack of banana flavor in the exhale. It just isn’t enough to overcome the pineapple, and it should be. All that being said, if you don’t expect much banana flavor then this becomes an excellent Pina colada tropical vape. Delicious blend of pineapple and coconut, and more vapor than most of the others in the lineup.

Jason: 4.75 Stars – Bahama Mama really is a terrific tropical blend. There isn’t a lot of banana in this blend, but the pineapple is sweet and the coconut is a good bottom layer for the pineapple.

I can see a lot of tropical blend vapers using Bahama Mama as a nice all day vape, mainly because the pineapple doesn’t overwhelm the whole flavor profile. I don’t have a pineapple blend in my rotation, or in my collection, and I don’t believe this one will make it either. For those that do enjoy pineapple flavors this is a great choice.

High VG – HONEY BABY – $20/30mL glass bottle – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

 Fresh honeydew with tropical guava, Madagascar vanilla, and pure honeysuckle.”

The Review of Honey Baby from 2013 Is Here –

Julia: 5 Stars – You can read our extensive review of last year’s 60/40 VG/PG blend of honey baby to get an idea of just how much we enjoyed this special blend. Now however, Honey Baby is better than ever.

Recreating Honey Baby as a High VG e-liquid brings out more full-bodied flavors than ever. The vanilla bottom layer is more pronounced, the honey dew is sweeter, and there is more of it, while the exhale is a combination of both with small notes of guava at the tail end. If you think Honey Baby couldn’t get better, try the High VG version in your favorite dripper or sub-ohm tank.

Kiera: 5 Stars – While the VG is higher here the flavor is roughly the same as before. Honey Dew is still the major draw, although the flavor seems ‘deeper’. The vanilla is still a sweet Madagascar vanilla, but mango seems to be gone and in its place is a guava on the exhale. I vaped a lot of Honey Baby in the past, and I’m sure I’ll continue vaping this higher VG blend.

Tom: 5 Stars – Honey Baby as a High VG blend is better than last year’s but it still won’t find a home in my rotation. Honey Dew isn’t one of the best flavors for me, but otherwise the expert blend, the thick luscious clouds of vapor are definitely worth trying if you liked the Honey Baby of yesterday.

Jason: 5 Stars – Last year I stocked up on Honey Baby, all 18mg nicotine. When we switched to 3mg nicotine and High VG blends I had 3 bottles left. I gave those away, and I suppose after several months of vaping it I’d kind of had my fill.

Now Honey Baby is back, and I’ve been vaping this High VG blend at 3mg and I know that it will once again be in my rotation. Unlike Tom I love honey dew, and Honey Baby delivers the best honey dew flavor I’ve had to date. Of course, that hard hitting throat hit of last year isn’t a part of the equation anymore, but throat hits are so 2013 anyway. If you haven’t tried Honey Baby yet, this is the time. Best served with warm vapor.

High VG – DREAMSICLE – $20/30mL glass bottle – Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

Rich vanilla ice cream coated with a frozen layer of sweet and tangy tangerine…

Julia: 5 Stars – Dreamsicle is extraordinary! This is a smooth vanilla ice cream bottom layer with a sweet non-tangy tangerine that combines to become a real dream vape. The enormous clouds of rich flavorful vapor twirls with a low exhale from a deep lung hit and the sense of calmness that comes from a flavor so delectable consumes the stress from a heavy work day.

While this delicious creamy vape would make a fine all-day-vape I’m going to keep it in my rotation as a special evening vape. That’s how special this one is.

Kiera: 5 Stars – Wow, I never thought I would enjoy a tangerine or orange flavor as much as this one. And the funny thing is, seeing the word tangerine in the description I was ready to count it off as a high quality e-liquid that just wasn’t for me. Instead, I found a new one for my rotation. That’s the best thing about doing these reviews, discovering e-liquids you never knew you could love.

Tom: 5 Stars –  I wouldn’t have believed anybody is they told me that you could get a delicious e-liquid by combing a vanilla ice cream flavor and tangerine. Dreamsicle starts with a simultaneous delivery of a creamy vanilla and tangerine in equal measure. Through both the inhale and exhale these flavors stay nicely combined in a vapor so thick that you can’t see in front of you during an exhale. Warm or room temperature, Dreamsicle is an e-liquid from Mr. Good Vape that must be experienced to be believed.

Jason: 5 Stars – Amazing creamy vanilla ice cream creates this huge ball of flavor on the inhale, and injects a sweet, non-tangy tangerine flavor into the middle of it that comes streaming out during the exhale. I don’t know that I would say that it tastes like that orange/vanilla ice dream bar, but it does taste incredible. Best of all, the flavors are so even that as an all-day-vape it’s a no brainer.

The Bottom Line

Mr. Good Vape made a good decision reformulating their main flavors as High VG blends. Many vapers who have moved on to sub-ohm tanks and RDA’s and had to leave Mr. Good Vape to the past will be delighted in the news that these great flavors have ported out even better than expected. I think this also gave Mr. Good Vape the opportunity to refine some of their flavorings as well. Whatever the case, it worked.

A total of six e-liquids were reviewed above, and four of those earned, or re-earned the Spinfuel Choice Award. While all six were fun to vape, some stand out more than the others. Dreamsicle was a huge hit for the team, followed by Dabble Dooyah, but rest assured that this is a brand that prides itself on quality.

The new bottles feature new labels and a full-body shrink wrap. (remove the shrink wrap from the bottom of the bottle, its much easier than trying to remove from the cap). The prices are the same as last year, and we once again recommend at least 30mL size at $20 per. There are certainly less expensive premium e-liquids out there, and more expensive as well, but overall I would have to say that the flavors you enjoy in this brand are worth the money.

There are 13 flavors in Mr. Good Vape line, all reformulated to the High VG blend. Blended specifically for sub-ohm tanks and RDA’s, these flavors will be among the favorites for high wattage, low resistance vapers. Visit Their Website To Pick Up These New e-Liquids Here

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