Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen Eliquid Review

Mr. Good Vape (MGV LLC) has been the creators of some of the best tasting eliquid of the last few years. That ‘tradition’ of producing high quality flavorful e-juice continues with  Baker’s Dozen. Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen is a sweet, white chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookie flavored ejuice just recently released by Mr. Good Vape. With this new release, much is different.

We last reviewed Mr. Good Vape in November 2015, a year ago, when the eliquids were reformulated for modern advanced tanks and mods. Currently Mr. Good Vape e-juice is 65% VG and 35% PG, and vapes well in low resistance atomizers and high wattage box mods. Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen uses a PG/VG ratio of 60% VG and 30% PG, bumping up the cloud production some while maintaining excellent flavor production.

Mr. Good Vape is High Profile

I don’t know a single vaper that hasn’t heard of, or even tried, an eliquid from Mr. Good Vape. The brand is certainly high profile and their reputation is stellar. While many brands of the ‘old guard’ have decided to close-up shop because of the FDA rulings, Mr. Good Vape remains vibrant, aggressive, and has no plans in throwing in the towel.

Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen Eliquid Review Spinfuel VAPE MagazineMr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen is a major departure in packaging, bottling, and pricing, and it may be pointing in the direction Mr. Good Vape is heading for the future of the brand, and of the industry.

Heading over the Mr. Good Vape’s website today you can purchase their line up in 16.5mL for $12, (72 cents per mL), 30mL for $20 (66 cents per mL) and 120mL for $65 (54 cents per mL) bottles. In today’s market these are very costly eliquids. Then there is Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen.

Packaged in a tall and sturdy box, inside sits a 60mL Unicorn bottle full of Baker’s Dozen. Purchasing a 60mL bottle of Baker’s Dozen will cost you just $22, or 36 cents per mL, nearly half the price of their other eliquids. This should be wonderful news for fans of Mr. Good Vape eliquids.

 Who is Mr. Good Vape

 Mr. Good Vape is founded by a true vape connoisseur, Mr. Gary Riddle. The company launched in 2010 to sate Mr. Riddle’s desire to create the best e-juice on the market. Today, Mr. Riddle has grown Mr. Good Vape into a large, highly respected company. With the competition fierce, and survival even fiercer, Gary Riddle is committed to continuing the good fight, and Baker’s Dozen is proof of that.

 Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen

 The official flavor profile is: “White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie topped with frosting.

 Vape Gear Used in This Review

Julia: For this 70% VG juice, I wanted to go ‘ceramic coil and Kanthal’ in my sub-ohm tank so I decided to use a Spinfuel VAPE favorite, the Freemax Starre Pure, 0.5Ω coil. I found 55-60W to be plenty for getting the best flavor out of Baker’s Dozen. While the mod didn’t have any effect on the vape experience I chose my dual battery Lost Vape Therion I picked up at Element Vape.

Tom: Reading the flavor profile, white chocolate chip, macadamia nut cookie, topped with frosting, I felt that this eliquid was going to reveal itself and all its glory if vaped with warm vapor. Not everyone will agree, but a sweet cookie vape get a better home baked taste is its vaped as warm as it can be without scorching it. For me, that meant using the SMOK Big Baby ($28.95 at Element Vape), the third TFV8 tank from SMOK. I went with the 0.15ohm V8 Baby-X4 Quad Coil that is rated for 30-70W. SMOK recommends a wattage range of 45-60W. I love this type of coil head, one that can push out ultra-low resistance but doesn’t require 100W or more to get a great vape. My sweet spot wattage for Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen was, remarkably, 51W. The mod I decided to use with the Baby Beast was the SMOK G-Priv 200W. (The touchscreen interface is so easy to use)

Kiera: I know that when we review eliquids we should try to use different tanks and mods, but my first encounter with Baker’s Dozen was with my personal, everyday gear. That gear is my Innokin Axiom tank with a 0.5Ω Kanthal, with a wattage range of 20-40W. I ran Baker’s Dozen at the full 40W and it was marvelously warm. To stay with the Innokin brand for this one, I chose the Innokin Kroma.

 Jason: With a high VG blend like Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen I don’t want to have to constantly refill my tank so I opted with the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast with the 0.15ohm V8-T8 Octuple (sp?) Coil (6.6T) – rated for 50~260W. SMOK recommends 120~180W. I could find a nice warm spot at 130W using my Lost Vape DNA250 Triade.

 The Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen Review

Julia:4.75 Stars – I have always claimed that white chocolate is, to me, tasteless. In eliquid or fresh from a Boston candy shop, white chocolate is smooth and creamy, but my taste buds have never been able to register a distinct flavor. I don’t believe for a second that there is anything wrong with my sense of taste, so it is for that reason I cannot award Baker’s Dozen the full 5 Stars.

Having said that, Baker’s Dozen is definitely an e-juice I want to have around. It is delicious, mainly because when vaped warm I taste macadamia nuts galore, and a supremely satisfying cookie flavor. Baker’s Dozen is that warm vape you crave on a cold winters night. Vape with a cup of hot chocolate at the ready and you’ll feel warm and fuzzy for the night.

Tom: 5 Stars – I can’t classify Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen as a dessert vape despite its sweet profile. I think that if you walk into the kitchen and grab a couple of freshly baked macadamia and chocolate chip cookies you’re not grabbing dessert, you’re grabbing a snack, or a treat.  Vaping Baker’s Dozen is like enjoying a treat.

Some people will want to vape Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen as an all-day-vape, and while I enjoyed it immensely, and have added it to my rotation, it’s not quite the all-day-vape for me because it’s too sweet for that. Baker’s Dozen is a fantastic hour or two vape treat, and at $22 for 60mL, an excellent buy.

Kiera:5 Stars – The dominant flavor in Baker’s Dozen changes per the type of coil and quality of tank you use. While I spent 90% of the time using my Innokin Axiom sub-ohm tank the flavor component that stands out the most was macadamia nuts, and close behind was a sweet creamy cookie flavor. For that other 10% of the time I used a SMOK Baby Beast with the 0.15ohm V8 Baby-X4 Quad Coil (I love this coil), which is rated for 30-70W. SMOK recommends a range of 45-60W, and my sweet spot for Baker’s Dozen was 55W with fully charged batteries anyway. Using the Baby Beast with a fresh coil the dominant flavor was a super creamy, almost melting in your mouth white chocolate. I get that Julia believes she can’t taste white chocolate, but I think it’s because she doesn’t understand that white chocolate is not even close to tasting like milk chocolate or dark chocolate. White chocolate tastes exactly like white chocolate; melt-in-your-mouth creaminess that tastes like nothing else on the planet. It’s strange that my beloved Axiom brings out a marvelous macadamia flavor first, whereas the Baby Beast brings out the white chocolate first, then the macadamia cookie flavors. Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen is in my rotation, and for $22/60mL, it will be for quite some time.

Jason: 4.5 Stars – A score of 4.5 means that Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen is an outstanding eliquid. With an authentic macadamia nut flavor, a real sugar cookie flavor, this Baker’s Dozen is a satisfying vape for a cold night, or sitting in front of a fireplace. But, on my last trip to Florida, or should I say “final trip to Florida” I vaped it outside with a temperature of 81 degrees. After 15 minutes of vaping it in the warm weather I felt like I needed to switch to a fruity flavor, or even a tobacco flavor, rather than Baker’s Dozen. A 5 Star eliquid doesn’t have to be an all-day-vape, but I believe that it needs to vape well in all climates. I said the same thing about Ethos Crispy Treats, a great eliquid for cold weather, a bit too sticky in warm weather.

Conclusion and Recommendation

All four of us truly enjoyed Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen. Some of us adored it, some of us had certain qualifications, like vaping it warm in cold nights, or as an all-day-vape or a limited time vape. Whatever our personal proclivities were about ‘vaping’ Baker’s Dozen, we all agreed the flavor and vapor production were outstanding.

All four also agreed that the pricing, 60mL for $22 is a price-point that Mr. Good Vape should bring to all their eliquids. For many people the marvelous flavors offered by Mr. Good Vape are just too costly right now. Perhaps Mr. Riddle should consider 60mL Unicorn bottles for the entire line, with the same attractive price of $22.00.

Mr. Good Vape Baker’s Dozen is recommended for vapers wanting a macadamia nut cookie e-juice that delivers an authentic macadamia nut experience. It is best vaped in a sub-ohm environment that will produce warm vapor.

  • White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie topped with frosting.

  • $22 – 60mL

  • 3mg, 6mg, zero-nic

Available at Mr. Good Vape Website

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, Kiera Hartley-Barnes, and Jason Little, the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team.