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Moon Mountain eLiquid Review

When Lisa and John (owners of Koko Vapes) launched their online vape shop they had the opportunity to offer to their customers any brand of eLiquid they wanted to. They chose Halo Cigs, naturally, as well as Moon Mountain Vapor. Lisa and John love Moon Mountain juices and have spoken highly of them on several occasions. Since we, the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team had never heard of the company before we decided it would be a good idea to see what Koko Vapes saw in Moon Mountain, so we invited Koko Vapes to submit some eLiquids for review.

This eLiquid review is a bit different than the other reviews in Spinfuel because Koko Vapes acted as a sort of liaison between Moon Mountain and the team. They, Koko Vapes, are the ones that chose the flavors, and shipped us the eJuice, even the flavors they do not list on their website. Other than that, the review follows the same process we use over and over.

The Spinfuel Review Team divided up the eJuice, spent 72 hours vaping Moon Mountain exclusively, and then met up and talked about them. This review is the result of all that, well, part one I should say. Part Two will come later this week. We hope you enjoy both. – Julia Hartley-Barnes

Moon Mountain eLiquids at Koko Vapes & Moon Mountain

Moon Mountain Vapor is available at and They offer a total of 21 flavors on and eight flavors on Today we are reviewing the eight flavors sold by Koko Vapes. In our Moon Mountain Review Part Two we will review most of the remaining flavors, but not all.

Moon Mountain eJuice is available in 12ml and 32ml bottles, at $5.99 and $13.99, respectively, at and on they offer 12ml, 17ml, 32ml and 50ml.

PG/VG ratio is 60/40 across the board, providing a nice combination for plenty of vapor and a good throat hit. The eLiquids are thin and dripped easily into cartomizers and clearomizers. You won’t have any problem with atomizers or even dripping them directly. More than a couple of the flavors were considered as all-day vapes by members of the review team.

Nicotine strengths range from 6, 12 and 18mg at, and at you can also buy 24mg nicotine. Koko Vapes does not offer Moon Mountain in zero nicotine strength, but Moon Mountain does offer zero nicotine on

Confused yet?

For the review we received a two (2) 12ml bottles for each of the flavors chosen for this review and part two. The bottles feature nice long and thin needle tips for easy filling of cartomizers and clearomizers, a method we are becoming partial to more and more. It’s just so much more effective than eyedroppers.

Unfortunately the information on the bottles are sparse, to say the least. Only the nicotine strength and the name of the flavor are printed on the label. No PG/VG ratio, and no ingredients are noted on the bottles.  The bottles were not shrink-wrapped, nor were there any other method to protect the liquid inside except for a normal screw on cap. Lastly, there is no date of birth, so there is no way to tell how old, or fresh the eJuice is.

The eJuice we reviewed was fully flavored so I imagine they were prepared some weeks ago, if not a few months. Properly mixed, bottled and stored eJuice can last for several months, so we didn’t concern ourselves with the age of the product.

Flavors in this review: The naming convention is, while charming, not very forthcoming as a way to describe the actual flavor. We certainly don’t mind a little clever marketing, and in fact found the names to be a bit of fun.

Collision Course

Solar Flare

Sweet Mother of Neptune

Sweet Moth of Mercury

Set Down Delight

Light Side Lucidity

Space Suit Surprise

Apollo’s Absinthe

In Part Two we will review the following flavors:

Orbital Decay

Summer Solstice

Space Ape

Galaxy Grape

Tranquility Trauma

Earth is a Blueberry

Nebula Nectar

Moon Rock Madness

Dark Side Delirium

Vapor Trail

The Taste Test

NOTE* Because Moon Mountain labels lack some much-needed information, information we believe may very well be mandated in the coming regulations, as well as the lack of shrink-wrap or other tamper-proof bottling techniques, we are capping the maximum score to 4.75 Stars. Moon Mountain Vapor is losing .25 Star due to that missing information and non-safety caps.

Sweet Mother of Mercury – “Smooth Tobacco, Vanilla, Caramel” – Moon Mountain

 Tom: This is a really smooth and sweet tobacco with plenty of caramel and vanilla notes. I especially like the caramel; it’s the first eLiquid in a long while that actually delivers an authentic caramel taste. Overall, this flavor would make an excellent choice for Vapers that like sweet, mature flavors. A very decent all-day vape as well, SMo-Mercury has complexity, depth, and delicious flavors. 4.5 Stars

 Julia: Despite the abundant flavors of caramel and vanilla, this eJuice still delivers a nice smooth tobacco flavor. They struck a good balance when deciding how much of this and how much of that when working on this recipe. Together with a large amount of vapor and a good throat hit, this eJuice would make a good all day vape. I liked it. I liked it a lot. 4.5 Stars

 Keira: I think anyone that likes the sweet flavors of vanilla and caramel would like this eLiquid blend. With a base of mild tobacco and layers of sweetness in the caramel and vanilla, Sweet Mother of Mercury is a delightfully sweet and satisfying vape. Plenty of plumes of vapor clouds, a good throat hit, and nice delivery of various flavors, I enjoyed this eJuice more than I thought I would. 4.5 Stars

 Jason: First off, the sweet mild tobacco flavor is pretty darn good. When ample amount of sweet vanilla and a real caramel flavor are added to it, Sweet Mother of Mercury becomes a really good, generally sweet all-day vape. If they offered better packaging I would probably add this one to my current rotation. – 4.5 Stars

 Apollo’s Absinthe – “Absinthe with a Twist of Fruit and Mint” – Moon  Mountain

Tom: Apollo’s Absinthe is a lot better than I thought it was going to be.  I expected a heavy licorice flavor but it wasn’t there. Instead of heavy licorice it was a minty, fruity flavor with just a hint of what I imagine absinthe tastes like. I rather liked it; plenty of vapor and a good throat hit rounded it out nicely. I’d definitely vape this one again. 4.5 Stars

Julia: Apollo’s Absinthe is a delightful fruit and mint vape, with a deliciously light licorice flavor. I think the addition of fruit and mint was inspiring. When you combine this unique flavor with big vapor and a bigger throat hit you have an eJuice I would be happy add to my collection if certain conditions were met. This is one to try! 4.75 Stars

 Keira: Apollo’s Absinthe reminds me of this certain brand of chewing gum, the one with the horse head on the package. Fruit Stripe gum I think. Anyway, the flavor is very close to that fruit flavor, and its something I really enjoyed vaping. I agree with the amount of vapor coming from this one, and the throat hit as well. I enjoyed Apollo’s Absinthe a lot more than I thought I would. 4.5 Stars

 Jason: Absinthe is a great flavoring for an eLiquid, and Moon Mountain created a flavor that combines the best of absinthe with fruit and mint notes that any absinthe fan would love. I would have to say that this one was my favorite eLiquid in the bunch. 4.75 Stars

Light Side Lucidity – “Vanilla, Caramel, Toasted Peanut” – Moon Mountain

 Tom: Vanilla and caramel are used quite a bit in the Moon Mountain flavor profiles, so with Light Side Lucidity you won’t find a whole lot of difference in it than you would in, say, Sweet Mother of Mercury. Plenty of vanilla and caramel flavor without the base of tobacco, and a distinct flavor of peanuts, combine to make another fine eLiquid. Vapor aplenty, a mild to good throat (depending purely on rather you’re vaping with a cartomizer tank or clearomizer), and an all-day vape character, I would say LS Lucidity is a solid 4.5 Stars

 Julia: Light Side Lucidity was the first eJuice I tried for this review. I found plenty of vanilla and caramel flavor, and nice bump of peanut flavor on the ‘exhale’. I enjoyed quite a bit. Definitely a sweet vape, though not a desert vape, I could see myself vaping this one on a regular basis. 4.5 Stars

 Keira: This flavor, even more than the others, would benefit from having the list of ingredients printed on the bottle. You will taste a definite peanut flavor in this recipe and if Moon Mountain is using a natural flavoring that contains actual peanut extract then anyone with a peanut allergy could very well find disaster in vaping it. But besides that, the rich vanilla and caramel flavors combine into one sweet vape, and the peanut finish is, for me anyway, a nice touch. 4.5 Stars

Jason: Light Side Lucidity is a splendidly sweet vanilla and caramel vape with a nice peanut finish. Lots of vapor for a 60/40 PG/VG blend, and a pretty good throat hit for a 12mg nicotine blend. As for whether I liked it or not I can sum it up with saying that I ran out of the eJuice before I wanted to. I don’t always go for flavors like this, but the peanut flavor gave it that certain something extra. I’m just glad I don’t have a peanut allergy. 4 Stars

 Solar Flare – “Pomegranate and Lemonade” – Moon Mountain

 Tom: This is going to sound confusing, I just know it. I really do not like pomegranate, can’t stand the taste. And lemonade isn’t something I would normally drink either, even on the hottest of days. So you can imagine what I would think about Solar Flare. Yep, don’t like it at all. But… if you DO like pomegranate you will absolutely love this eJuice. The pomegranate tastes exactly like pomegranate should taste, and the distinct flavor of real lemonade blends exactly like you’d want it to. Solar Flare is not for me, but I bet for a lot of people it would be one of their favorites. 3 Stars

 Julia: Seeing Tom react to pomegranate is hilarious! I’ve tried a few times to get him to drink pomegranate juice by “Bom” only too see him gag over the taste. So it didn’t surprise me that he disliked Solar Flare. So what about someone that does like pomegranate? Solar Flare is a terrific flavor, with genuine pomegranate flavor and the right amount of lemon. It is also a vapor monster! Take long drags of Solar Flare and you’ll exhale vapor for 10 minutes (j/k). Good stuff. Really. 4.75 Stars

Keira: If you like pomegranate juice this is an eLiquid that will remind you why you do. Some flavor extracts are so accurate its scary, and this is one of them. I’m glad they decided to cut the flavor some with lemonade; otherwise the pomegranate would have been too much. This is just right. I wonder if it has anti-oxidants like pomegranate juice? (no, it does not – ed) Loads of vapor, and a wicked throat hit, Solar Flare is a “love it” or “hate it” flavor. Me? I love it. 4.75 Stars

 Jason: Man, you really have to like the taste of pomegranate in order to appreciate this eLiquid. Sure, they try to mute the flavor some with the addition of lemonade flavoring but the pomegranate shines through anyway. Way too strong of a flavor for me, but loved the vapor and the throat hit. If pomegranate is something that floats your boat, Solar Flare is your eJuice. 3.5 Stars

 Collision Course – “Cinnamon Danish, Cheesecake, Caramel” – Moon Mountain

 Tom: I’ve had many, many cinnamon and Danish flavors, as well as ‘cinnamon Danish’ eJuice these past many months, and more than a few have been excellent. In fact, I still have one in my current lineup. So take it from me, this one, Collision Course, is an excellent cinnamon Danish eJuice. Loads of Danish flavor, just the right touch of cinnamon, this is a sweet and satisfying juice that will become a favorite for every Danish loving Vaper out there. Plenty of vapor production, a wicked good throat hit, Collision Course will please you to no end. 4.75 Stars

 Julia: Have you ever thought about how these flavor extract companies come up with their methods of creating or replicating a flavor? I mean, how do you create a liquid that taste like pastry? Seems impossible. I have no idea what company Moon Mountain uses for their extracts, or even a clue as to what it takes to make a cinnamon Danish eLiquid, but I can say that these guys have done a great job with Collision Course. I enjoyed the heck out of it. Plenty of vapor and a strong throat hit, Collision Course is a marvelous juice. 4.75 Stars

 Keira: Vaping Collision Course with very deep, very slow drags will give you the most incredible, most satisfying vape you can get with a Danish eLiquid. Filled with the deep sweet flavor of a real cinnamon Danish, Collision Course is basically a simple recipe, but one that must have taken a long time to get this precise. With clouds of vapor and a hard-hitting throat hit, this is one I would love to add to my weekly vaping schedule. 4.75 Stars

 Jason: I don’t usually go in for flavors like this, because I find them overly sweet in the wrong sense. I like sweet vapes, but ones like this, with a pastry flavor, makes me think of cin-a-bons, and you just shouldn’t oughta vape cin-a-bons, ya know? I spent a good amount of time vaping Collision Course and in the end the only thing I wanted to do was go find a cin-a-bon somewhere and gorge on them till I was sick to my stomach. I don’t usually go for flavors like this, but this one was an exception. I want to add this to my rotation, I really do. That says something. 4.75 Stars

 Set Down Delight – “Key Lime, Cheesecake, and Lemons” – Moon Mountain

 Tom: I tried very hard to notice the different flavor components but I just couldn’t. I’m not an expert at mixing eJuice, in fact I’ve never done it, but I would think that three such different flavors would fight for dominance, but maintain their own identity, at least somewhat. Instead, Set Down Delight is one ‘new’ flavor, an original, that doesn’t taste like key lime, or cheesecake, or lemon. After several hours of vaping it I’m still unsure where I stand on it. I liked it, I enjoyed it, but I can’t tell you what flavor it is, or if I would even vape it again. Really good vapor output, and a nice throat hit, and an original flavor, makes Set Down Delight unusual, but unusual in a good way. 4 Stars

 Julia: I can’t understand why Tom doesn’t taste the distinct flavor of lime because it is there. But I do understand the lack of Cheesecake and lemon flavors, they’re just not there for me. This is a lime and ‘something’ blend, but a really good combination of tastes. Add to that a lot of vapor, a solid throat hit, and its turns out to be an excellent juice for Vapers that enjoy the taste of lime. 4.0 Stars

Keira: I can certainly taste lime in Set Down Delight, and cheesecake too. So, I would have to describe Set Down Delight as a predominately lime eLiquid with cheesecake notes, and layered in such a way that is truly unusual. I’m not sure, even after many hours of vaping, that I like it. I like the lime flavor, but that comes on the ‘inhale’ and the cheesecake comes on the ‘exhale’, and they sort of fight for the taste buds on the way out. Very different flavors, and not complementary ones at that, Set Down Delight takes the crown for being the most confusing one in this review. 3.75 Stars

 Jason: Lime is a flavor I never get tired of. I have a couple of lime flavors in my weekly rotation now, and I could see myself adding this one to it, I think. I had more than a couple of discussions with Tom over Set Down Delight, mainly because he doesn’t taste any of the individual flavors. I’m in agreement with Keira on this one, lime is the dominating flavor for sure, but there is a cheesecake flavor too. I think they go well together, but I can see why some people wouldn’t think so. 4.5 Stars

 Space Suit Surprise – “Pears and Tropical Fruit” – Moon Mountain

 Tom: Space Suit Surprise is one of those flavors people will either like a lot, or not at all. The problem, as I see it, is that tropical fruit is tropical, with its own set of characteristics, and pears are not tropical, and the flavor of a pear is particular and, let’s face it, pears taste like no other fruit. Mixing the two, in my mind, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Anyway, here’s what I taste. On the ‘inhale’ you get a hit of pear flavor, but not only pear, you get just a hint of something that tastes like Kiwi. The ‘exhale’ is almost all tropical; pineapple, banana, and so forth. It just doesn’t go together. I’m giving it just 3 Stars.

 Julia: I didn’t like Space Suit Surprise. I’ll tell you what it tasted like to me, but it’s going to sound harsher than I mean it to, but I can’t say it any other way. If you’ve ever made a fruit salad, or fruit bowl, that made you stand over the sink and peel and cut up several kinds of fruit you eventually get all the peelings and some of the fruit all piled up in the bottom of the sink. If you spend enough time preparing the fruit you begin to smell the mixture, and then taste ‘indirectly’ that mixture of all the fruit in a sort of spoiling stage. It’s slightly sickening, and all you want to do it bag it up and throw it away, or if you’re lucky, grind it all up in the garbage disposal. It sounds horrible I know, but that certain smell/taste is what Space Suit Surprise is like. 2.5 Stars

 Keira: Argh, this is tough. I can usually find something positive to say about most eLiquid flavors, even if I say that its not one I would add to my rotation or even buy again. But sometimes you get an eLiquid that is just foul tasting that it’s impossible to vape for more than a few minutes. Set Down Delight is one such flavor. Pears and tropical fruit make a terrible combination. And I love pears, and there are some excellent pear flavored eJuice out there. I also love several tropical fruit eJuices, and I have more than a few of those in my collection. But together? No, just no. 1 Star

 Jason: My fellow teammates do not like this particular eLiquid. I can respect that, and even understand it. It is an unusual blend of two very different palates. Pears taste nothing like tropical fruits, and vice versa, so they shouldn’t make a good pairing. But for me it works. Vaping Set Down Delight you get a mouthful of pear flavor dancing on your taste buds, and when you exhale you get a blast of pineapple and, I think, Kiwi, and hints of banana. (Sadly no coconut). I guess some people get all of that together, but I don’t. Set Down Delight is like vaping two different eLiquids at the same time. I don’t know, maybe I’m alone on this one, but I liked it. I liked it enough to vape it until there wasn’t any left. After hearing the rest of the team moan about Set Down Delight I can’t say how you would react; like them or me. Expect unusual flavors, but you might just like it. 4.25 Stars

 Sweet Mother of Neptune – “Smooth Tobacco with Berry and Vanilla” – Moon Mountain

 Tom: With the same mild, slightly sweet tobacco ‘base’ flavor as its cousin Sweet Mother of Mercury, Neptune is a delightful blend with ‘berries’ dominant and vanilla present only in a slightly noticeable way. Although you’ll hardly notice that vanilla it does change the overall flavor from a straight up blueberry tobacco to one that is a little sweeter, and a little muted. Another all-day vape, Neptune also offers up plenty of vapor and consistent flavor. The throat it with 12mg of nicotine is milder than its Mercury cousin though, and if I were to add this to my rotation it would be as an 18mg nicotine blend in hopes of a stronger throat hit. A solid 4 Stars

 Julia: What’s sort of strange about Neptune is that for all the berry flavor in this blend it doesn’t strike me as a “fruity” eJuice flavor. Oh, I can certainly taste the berries, and it’s a nice flavor, but the vanilla notes and the tobacco base give it a different personality than other fruit flavors have.

Some complex blends are able to introduce one flavor on the ‘inhale’, and another on the ‘exhale’, but Neptune delivers all three at the same time. As a different sort of fruity vape, many Vapers, especially those looking for an all-day vape of a different kind, could enjoy Neptune. I know I did. 4 Stars

Keira: There is nothing objectionable about Neptune, the smooth tobacco and fruity berry flavors were fine, but for me it was a bit boring. Where other flavors in this review really came at you in the flavor department, Neptune was too subtle. Not a bad flavor at all, but I kept asking myself which flavor of all the eLiquid I am now vaping would I give up in order to put this one in. The answer is none of them. I will say that if you find yourself ordering from Moon Mountain that you inquire about a sampler bottle of some flavors. If they have them, see about getting this one as a sampler. You might like it enough to want to add it to your collection. 3.5 Stars

 Jason: Sweet Mother of Neptune is first and foremost a tobacco blend, but a very mild one. The dominant flavor is certainly the berry (blueberry), with tobacco as a light base, followed by barely a hint of vanilla. This one is supposed to be a berry version of the Mercury blend, and in some ways I guess it is, but the ‘power’ of the flavor is less intense. I enjoyed the almost 10ML I vaped, but I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t order it directly. But I wouldn’t turn it down either. 3.5 Stars


Moon Mountain needs to begin adding information to their labels as soon as possible. Until that time, and until we better understand the mixing process they use, get to know their facilities, and their bottling, packaging and storing methods we simply cannot designate them as a “premium” label, as much as some of us would like to. We appreciated the flavors, the vapor production, and even the complexity of a few of their blends, but we can no longer afford to take eLiquid at face value. We need to know, you need to know more.

Moon Mountain Vapor offers an above average flavor profile, and we can see why Koko Vapes decided to carry their line. They can do eJuice right, especially with the heavier flavors like vanilla and caramel. Having said that, we have zero information on how long these eLiquids steeped before we vaped them, so we cannot tell you with any certainty that if you ordered from Moon Mountain Vapor the flavors would be the same as ours. As a reseller Koko Vapes buys eLiquids that have already been prepared by the other party, and have had a chance to steep. As the eLiquid sits on the shelf they continue to age, and the flavor gets more intense as the marriage of the ingredients come together. So, until we know more we would suggest buying them from Koko Vapes. The eJuice will certainly be ready to vape right out of the mailbox.

If you have purchased any of the eLiquids from Moon Mountain, or Koko Vapes, let us know in the comments below what you thought of the flavors. Which ones are your favorites, which ones did you not like, if any. As you add your comments to this review people that come to read it down the road will have even more information in which to make up their mind.

Until Part Two of the Moon Mountain review, have a great week!

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Keira Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride and Jason Little