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Modefined Lyra and SMOK Baby Prince
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The Modefined Lyra 200W TC Box Mod has become one of my favorite Mods since the day I began using the Amber colored model. The Lyra arrived in the same shipment as our stock of SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince tanks, and after opening the Amber Lyra and one of the Baby Prince tanks, they just screamed to be together. As you can see in this off the cuff photo I snapped with my iPhone, the balance is magnificent. However, we can all agree that simply because a tank and Mod look good together is no reason to buy them. That said, these past 8 days of nearly exclusive use of this pairing, and the pairing of the Lyra with a few other tanks, there is plenty of love for the Modefined Lyra.


Note*While the Modefined Lyra is offered as a Starter Kit that includes their 25mm Lyra Sub-Ohm Tank, we opted to review the Mod itself because of the overabundance of sub-ohm tanks already on our Review list. Perhaps later we’ll revisit the Lyra Starter Kit.


About the Modefined Lyra 200W TC Mod

Available now at Element Vape, the Modefined Lyra Box Mod is a fully capable 200W Box Mod running off a dual 18650 (hi-amp) cell set up and achieves an output of 7W to 200W and can light up coils with a resistance down to an ultra-low 0.05-ohm. The voltage output is 1v to 8.4v with fully charged cells and has a maximum amperage output of 39A. In addition to Variable Wattage and Temp Control, the high-performance chipset inside the Modefined Lyra is capable of an adjustable TCR Mode and Bypass Mode. Oh, and there is so much more.


The Modefined Lyra’s front panel is equipped with a full 1.3-inch full color OLED display, a responsive circular fire button above this beautiful display, two adjustment buttons, plus and minus wattage and temperatures, and a third Function button that allows for fast and easy menu navigation. (4 buttons in total). For all of you that are used to the SMOK side panel fire button found in numerous SMOK Mods like the SMOK T-PRIVSMOK X-PRIV, and so on, it takes just a moment with the Lyra to get accustomed to the front panel fire button.


The Lyra features a chassis design that is certainly comfortable in the hand, but the word “ergonomic” has been severely overused in the vape industry, so I’ll just say the chassis design isn’t unique, but it’s definitely easy to hold no matter what size hand you have. The dual 18650 cells are accessed through a bottom hatched door, and the batteries sit in carved compartments to eliminate any battery rattle. Certain batteries might cause the user to have to apply a little pressure to close and latch the battery door, like the Nitecore 3100mAh 35A cells we use here at Spinfuel VAPE. On the other hand, a pair of Sony 18650 cells didn’t need as much added pressure to secure the door. The batteries can be charged inside the unit via the USB port near the bottom of the front panel. The Lyra is also firmware upgradeable through the same USB port and supplied cable.


I’ll talk about the chassis finishes in a bit, but first, the top of the Modefined Lyra has a centered solid stainless steel 510-connector with a spring-loaded nickel plated brass pin that provides optimal conductivity. Atomizer base widths can be as wide as 30mm without overhang.

In TC mode the Lyra supports Nickel, SS316, and Titanium, as well as the aforementioned TCR mode, and bypass mode. (Bypass mode basically turns the Lyra into a mech mod)


The chassis of the Amber finish Lyra is made of ULTEM,or polyetherimide.Ultem is a registered trademark for a high-strength amorphous polymer that possesses excellent heat and flame resistance. (the flammability rating of this material is 94-V-0). It is a superior plastic to such materials as Delrin. Ultem is an ideal material for a Mod chassis that requires heavy duty strength and the ability to withstand high temperatures and extreme durability. While ULTEM is available in 100% opaque finishes, the Amber Lyra that I chose for myself, and this review, is translucent, making for one handsome Mod.

Using the Modefined Lyra


We have previously reviewed another fine 200W Modefined device called the Sirius which was graded an “A” by the author of that Sirius. The Sirius is an excellent Mod and certainly deserved the grade it was given. But the Sirius had a more complex chassis design with much more metal surface than the Lyra. Its display was also much smaller at just 0.91-inches, offered some color, but is no match for Lyra.


As I indicated above, inserting two Nitecore 3100mAh cells made securing the battery door a matter of applying ‘more than I cared for’ pressure, but once the latch was moved to lock the door, it stayed locked. I never charge my batteries inside the Mods I use, so over the past 8 days I exchanged the cells at least 25 times, and never once affected the durability of the battery door or its latch. Speaking of which, the display shows both batteries in separate icons, and the battery management in this chip is excellent. I averaged more than 5 hours of heavy vaping on a single charge. (Baby Prince Tank at 60W)


Like the Evolv DNA chip, the Modefined Lyrahas no On/Off button. Inserting the batteries and securing the battery door the Lyra is fired up, but in a Locked Mode. To unlock the Mod the user presses the Fire Button 5 times. In the middle of the display is an icon of a padlock, and when it is unlocked, the lock changes to an unlocked padlock. The user can set the amount of time to put the Lyra in Standby mode, and/or to lock the Mod.

Using the Function Button (paraphrased of course)

Pressing the Function button once turns the outer spokes of display “wheel” to red. It also jumps into the settings/menu screen where the user then uses the adjustment buttons to access the modes and settings. Move the adjustment button to the mode/settings you wish to change, press the Function button to activate that mode, then use the adjustment, well, adjust. Wherever the user us while inside the menu, exiting is a simple matter of pressing the fire button. Press it and the user is returned to main display, ready to vape.


Depending on the amount of time the user has chosen to keep the Lyra active, after setting the Mod down the user may have to unlock the Mod. I have mine set to 10 minutes, which means if I leave the Mod alone for more than 10 minutes I’ll need to press the fire button 5 times in order to unlock it again. Since I am a heavy Vaper, most of the time I do not need to unlock the mod. Of course, as an advanced Mod, the user can choose to disable to Auto-Lock altogether so if the Lyra goes into standby mode, simply picking it up and pressing the fire button once readies the Mod for vaping without the need to unlock it.

The Wrap Up and Score

Scoring the Modefined Lyra

What can I say? I feel like this review has been positive from the outset. To put it simply, I’m so impressed with what Modefined can do, and the Lyra is, in my opinion, the best yet. I’m loving the translucent ULTEM chassis, its ability to output a full 200W with fully charged hi-amp cells, and the centered 510-connector makes it easy to choose my favorite tanks without worrying about overhang.

The buttons, all 4, are responsive, firm, and placed on the front panel in logical and accessible locations. Inside, the sheer number of options (see the specs below) offer any Vaper an exacting vape experience tailored to whatever experience they want.

What really surprised me about the Lyra is the price. This is a new device, with the latest technologies available to Vapers, including that all-important Function button that makes navigating all the options easy and quick. As a mid-wattage Mod, I can’t ask for more. This is a terrific Mod at an affordable price. Pop over to Element Vape and see for yourself. If you’re in the market for a new mid-wattage Mod, the Lyra has to be on your short list.


Score: A+

Modefined Lyra Specs and Contents

Modefined Lyra TC Box Mod Product Features:

  • 7 to 200W Output Range
  • Temperature Control Suite
    • Ni200 Nickel Support
    • Titanium Support
    • SS316 Support
    • Bypass
    • 200 to 600-degree Fahrenheit Range
  • 1.3-inch Full Colored OLED Screen
    • Vertical Arrangement
    • Output Temperature
    • Output Wattage
    • Output Voltage
    • Material and Mode Selection
    • Atomizer Resistance
    • Output Current
    • Dual Battery Life Indicator
    • Real Time Clock
    • Puff Counter
  • Four Button Control Face
    • Oversized Firing Button
  • Bottom Latch Battery Bay
    • Accepts Two High Amperage 18650 Batteries
      • Batteries Sold Separately
    • USB Port
      • Charging and Update
  • Stainless Steel Plated 510 Threading and Firing Pin
    • Spring Loaded Nickel Plated Brass Center Pin
  • Overtime Protection/Short Circuit/Low Battery/Too Hot/Check Atomizer

Modefined Lyra Dimensions:

  • 89.5mm by 48mm by 30.7mm

Modefined Lyra Box Mod Includes:

  • One Modefined Lyra 200W Box Mod
  • One Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual and Warranty Card