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It’s been yet another mix of weather, but mostly RAIN here in PA this week. Mod Fuel has helped my days to all seem sunny! I was excited to dive into their five blends. The makers of Mod Fuel started mixing back in late 2012 with the idea of getting people off of cigarettes with our house line of juice back when CE4 clearomizers were the tanks to have. As the market evolved and became more informed, so did they.Mod Fuel Review Vapinski

They invested in an ISO 6 Class 1,000 Cleanroom while implementing and creating many other industry standards that you see today such as child resistant caps and batch numbers on the labels. This was when Mod Fuel E-liquid was born. People wanted better quality and we gave it to them. “We are very happy with our brand name. Mod Fuel made so much sense! You can FUEL your MOD with our E-Liquid.

We used a MOD launching into space as the focal point of our design because we see it as the constant progression of our E-liquid. Each flavor takes place in its own galaxy for easy recognition of our 5 amazing E-Liquids. The names of our flavors were inspired by famous rockets of the past.” The Mod Fuel line is Max VG meaning the only PG that they add is in the nicotine and the flavor concentrate itself. Their flavors fall between 75-85% VG. Having this high VG/PG ratio allows people to fuel all of the newest high wattage tanks and even drippers. Let’s get to the JOOSE…


A smooth creamy blend of sweet cinnamon sugar.”

CINNAMON-TOAST     Thorad is a smooth cinnamon sugar vape. On the inhale, I taste a nice, smooth cinnamon sugar blend that is balanced well. It reminds me more of a cinnamon sugar toast than a creamy blend though on the inhale. I get a hint of cream on the exhale, but not much. I don’t mind though. Thorad is flavorful, has a mild throat hit, and has a great vapor production. I used my Mad Modder OKL with a Popeye RDA and a .4ohm coil build. I liked this best around 30-40 watts.



A fresh apple infused with delicious berries.”

     Skylark is a nice fruity vape. On the inhale, a really nice apple flavor hits me first before the berrySKYLARK flavor starts dancing in prior to the exhale. I taste hints of raspberry, blueberry, and even strawberry. On the exhale, the apple and mixed berries really blend well together. The total blend is pretty nice and it isn’t overly sweet which is great. If you like apple flavored vapes or fruity ones, you should check Skylark out. The throat hit is mild and vapor production is great. I used my HexOhm V2 with the Production RDA and a .3ohm coil build and liked this best around 30-40 watts.



     “Creamy Vanilla custard smothered in caramel.”

     Apollo is a lightly flavored custard. Apollo is a very smooth vape, but very subtle on flavor. I am enjoying how smooth the inhale is and the creaminess is there, but the flavor is just a little too light for me. I would like a little more of a punch. I can taste a subtle hint of caramel right at the tip of the exhale. The exhale is full of a light vanilla custard flavor. This isn’t a bad flavor at all, just light and for many-that’s all it takes-so it may be perfect for you!! The vapor production is still really good and it just has a mild throat hit. I used my HexOhm V2 with the Production RDA and a .3ohm coil build. I liked this around 40 watts.


Tart lemonade inhale bursting with a fruity exhale.”

     Javelin is almost a little too tart and lemon-ey for me, but I see many people who chase after a LEMONADEgood, tart lemon flavor. On the inhale, I get the tart lemon flavor right away. The fruity flavor is introduced in the exhale and it blends into a fruity lemonade flavor which is rather nice at the end. If you like sour, this one if for you to try for sure. There is a nice touch of sweetness that blends in at the end, but that sour punch is still there. I like it for a nice change, but it’s not something I could vape all day. There is a mild throat hit and great vapor production with Javelin as well. I used my HexOhm V2 with a Production RDA and a .3-ohm coil build. I liked this best around 40 watts.


“A flavorful burst of vine ripened watermelon.”

WATERMELON     Redstone is my favorite in the Mod Fuel line. It just bursts with the best watermelon flavor that I’ve found in an eliquid to date. On the inhale, a sweet watermelon flavor that tickles my taste buds. It wakes them up and makes them happy to be honest. I’m not a huge fan of fruity vapes and don’t carry many around on a daily basis, but this could be one that would be an exception. The flavor lasts throughout the exhale and lingers on my tongue, and not in a bad way. It’s a very pleasing taste. If you like watermelon vapes, this is a MUST try. I used my HexOhm V2 with a Production RDA and a .3 ohm coil build and liked this best around 40 watts as well. The vapor production is super and throat hit is mild.

Finding Mod Fuel

You can find Mod Fuel for sale at for $11.99/15ml or $21.99/30ml. The nicotine levels available are: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg. Follow Modfuel on Facebook at Mod Fuel E-Liquid and on Instagram @MOD_FUEL. I really like that they have added the 1.5mg option between the 3mg and 0mg. There are very few vendors out there who have an nicotine option below 3mg. You can also contact them at [email protected] if you are interested in carrying the Mod Fuel line! I’ve really enjoyed reviewing the Mod fuel line.

My ratings are as follows:

Thorad: 4.25/5 stars

Skylark: 4.25/5 stars

Apollo: 4/5 stars

Javelin: 3.75/5 stars

Redstone: 5/5 stars