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Mochi Strain

Ah, the Mochi Strain!  Like the well-known Japanese delicacy for which it is named, the Mochi strain is fruity and creamy. When inhaling, you’ll detect a richness reminiscent of gelato; on the exhale, you’ll pick up hints of fruit and tropical intertwined with peppermint and lavender.

It’s perfect for de-stressing and letting your thoughts wander. Its sedative effects make it popular for those with anxiety and sleep problems.

Mochi is a kind of rice cake popular in Japan that is baked from mochigome, a type of japonica sticky rice. After pounding the rice into a paste, you may shape it into anything you choose. Originating with the monarchs and nobility of ancient Japan, Mochi has become a staple of the Japanese New Year celebration.

The origin of the term “Mochi” for a particular kind of marijuana is debatable. The THC content is rather high for such a new mix. Like Chicken & Waffles and Birthday Cake, it is considered a high-end variety in the United Kingdom.

Mochi Strain Ancestry

Mochi comes from the same genetic stock as the Gelato variety. It is a hybrid between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC. Although its effects and growth rate skew more toward Indica than sativa, this hybrid is surprisingly well-balanced. Sherbinskis, a breeding collective, is credited with popularizing Mochi, additionally known as Mochi Gelato and Gelato 47. Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbert are two more of their fan-favorite creations.

Sunset Sherbert is made by crossing Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies. Many in the cannabis business consider it the natural successor to GSC, which has attracted a sizable cult following. The phenotype of GSC, known as Thin Mints, has also seen explosive growth in popularity.

In addition to being a popular parent strain, Cookies ganja, which has a hint of mint in its flavor, has propelled it to the top of the GSC rankings.

Mochi Strain’s profile

Mochi’s true brilliance is in its essence rather than in the conventional Gelato strain with which it shares ancestry. Check out some of its characteristics below:


Mochi’s delicious, sugary aroma is one of life’s greatest pleasures. If you were to smoke this cannabis in front of someone who didn’t know any better, they might think it was an incense candle.


The aroma of Mochi is mirrored in its flavor. It will remind you of inhaling a fruit cocktail or other tropical treat, then exhaling it. You won’t be able to put this weed down. The aroma is sweet and tangy, with a hint of creaminess. Likewise, peppermint, earth, and lavender aromas emerge on the exhale.


At harvest time, the buds of this strain will have developed a deep purple hue in certain areas and will be covered with sparkling trichomes. It’s perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing types of weed you’ll come across. A fully developed Mochi plant gives away its potency immediately. The resinous nugs are perfect for joint rolling since they crumble once broken apart.

Growing the Mochi Strain

If you’re starting cannabis cultivation, you may want to put this one on hold. The seeds of the Mochi strain are notoriously hard to come by and challenging to produce. It would help if you took advantage of each chance to gather these seeds since they are exceedingly hard to come by.

You can grow Mochi seeds inside or outdoors, provided you keep them in a warm, humid climate. The plants have robust buds and bushy, short leaves. This plant requires a lot of care, but its compact footprint means it won’t take up much room.


Around the ninth to tenth week, flowers will appear on an indoor Mochi plant. Nighttime temperatures should be between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit for several days before blooming. This will highlight the rich purple color of the buds.


If cultivated outside, you can harvest the Mochi plant between the end of September and the beginning of October.

Effects of the Mochi Strain

When it comes to making an impression, Mochi is an absolute need. But fair warning: this is no ordinary inspiration. Within 15 minutes of lighting up, you’ll be transported to a surreal realm that even Alice in Wonderland would seem tame.

When you realize how intricate your mind is, the world outside your head ceases to be boring. The magnifying effect of this heightened mental focus allows you to work more quickly and effectively on complex activities.

On the other hand, it induces a state of complete physical relaxation, which may profoundly affect those who suffer from sleeplessness or exhaustion. Mochi’s anti-inflammatory characteristics help alleviate the chronic pain that might result from several medical disorders.

Take advantage of this potent mix by letting your senses do the heavy lifting. Relax on the sofa with the most violent, colorful film you can find; experts suggest this will help you relax and focus.

Mochi Strain’s Potential Health Benefits

Mochi is widely used as a therapeutic strain. Its effectiveness implies it may be used to treat fibromyalgia and other illnesses characterized by persistent pain. Insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, and exhaustion are among the conditions that may benefit from its usage.

Use it moderately throughout the day, and then take a bigger dosage in the evening to help you sleep.

Negative Effects of the Mochi Strain

The THC content of the Mochi strain may reach 29%, making it very strong even for seasoned cannabis consumers. If this is your first time, you should know that mild hallucinations and paranoia are possible side effects for certain individuals.

Knowing your limitations and ensuring you feel secure and comfortable is important since elements such as your surroundings, THC tolerance, and dose may all contribute.

Ensure you have food on hand if you want to smoke a lot. Consuming a large quantity causes an immediate need to snack. Flushed cheeks, throbbing temples, and lightheadedness are all symptoms of a head rush. Likewise, as may be expected from such a powerful strain, dry eyes are a telltale symptom. It will help if you get a bottle of eye drops.

Mochi is a top-tier strain that has come out in recent times. Not only is it a very effective strain, but it also has an attractive appearance and a pleasant aroma and flavor. However, since it requires so much care and clones are so difficult to come by, Mochi is not the best strain for a beginner grower.

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