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MK Vapes Enigma Tank Review

Seeing the MK Vapes Enigma Sub-Ohm Tank prior to receiving one from Spinfuel HQ for reviewing, I thought there was no way on God’s green earth it can handle the stated 300W limit! While the tank is only a couple millimeters taller than the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast with four times the power output, I had my doubts. “Innocent until proven guilty” is something I apply to my vaping reviews so I go in with an open mind and judge an item fairly based on the manufacturers product description. Until I have my own experience and it passes or fails my in-depth testing, I choose not to judge a book by its cover.

MK Vapes Enigma Tank Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

I hadn’t heard of the company MK Vapes prior to reviewing the Enigma Sub-Ohm Tank but they are no stranger to the vaping industry. Based in California and been around since 2012, MK Vapes is well-known and respected for a wide range of products from Atomizers and Mods to eJuices and accessories. Talking with Mo, the owner of MK Vapes and the designer of the Atlantis Sub-Ohm Tank along with many other innovations, he helped me understand more about the MK Vapes name and was both courteous and professional.

Before diving into the Enigma Sub-Ohm Tank details, the first question I asked myself was what the All-Seeing-Eye logo meant. Turns out it’s referencing to the Eye of Ra, which is associated with the right eye of the Egyptian Sun God Ra. The symbolism has been incorporated with most of MK Vapes products; seen on the Enigma Sub-Ohm Tank here today and past successes like the Ra Mechanical Mod and Enigma RDA.

The packaging is a thin wood cylinder with MK Vapes and other branding burned into the wood, a nice touch for such an inexpensive Sub-Ohm Tank. Inside the cylinder sat the Bronze version (also available in Black, SS, Red, White, Gold, Pink and Blue) of the Enigma Sub-Ohm Tank, a spare replacement glass tube and a second, more low-key coil head. Measuring 22mm (22.7mm around the airflow ring) and crafted from Stainless Steel, the Enigma Sub-Ohm Tank was much smaller than I first anticipated. Reaching 300W was my enthusiastic goal with this Tank and I’ll do my best to bring you accurate feedback.

MK Vapes Enigma Tank Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Enigma Sub-Ohm Tank At A Glance

An interesting advertised feature is the ability to change your eJuice flavor without having to empty the tank or change out the coil. I tested this theory and it did surprise me on how well it worked but you’re never going to get rid of the flavor completely. The large cotton area exposed to your eJuice is the reason it’s able to cycle through the old liquid, bringing the new flavor to the surface.

Removing the large top cap with four inset Eye of Ra symbols surrounding it, you’re greeted to an easy top-fill system with a 3.6mm gap (no fill slots) between the glass and the coil to pour your eJuice into (similar to the Aspire Cleito and VGOD TrickTank). The 3ml of eJuice capacity is fair but at higher wattages, your eJuice does the disappearing act. Everything is held together strong and the build quality felt surprising good for a Sub-Ohm Tank priced around the $25 range! (The Element Vape price is $23.95) While there is a replacement glass section in the box, I didn’t receive extra O-rings. The seals and O-rings are thick and should last the life of the tank but I like to have backups just in case.

MK Vapes Enigma Tank Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The airflow consists of three 10mm x 1.6mm adjustable airflow slots and has no stoppers; it spins 360 degrees. A good amount of restriction and provided knurling helps move the airflow ring right along. With the airflow wide open I did get a slight whistle when pulling hard but didn’t raise any concern. There’s plenty of airflow being provided to support much higher wattages considering it is only a compact 22mm Atomizer. The Delrin Chuff-style drip tip (identical to the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast) measures 14.7mm at the top and tapers down to allow for a 510 compatible option. The 510 threads tightened down smooth and flush on my WISMEC RX2/3, making a solid connection with a Stainless Steel 510 pin.

Extreme Wattage – Enigma Sub-Ohm Tank

I know you’re curious about the 300W coil head but the Enigma Sub-Ohm Tank has a “normal” option for the more mellow vapers. The 0.5Ω Kanthal coil head with a 4.7mm ID coil hugged between some Organic Cotton turned out to be a great vape. The four 4.4mm round wicking holes around the bottom of the coil body provided plenty of eJuice saturation with no dry pulls throughout its duration. With zero break-in time I was given some fantastic flavor around the 70W mark, which is the coils recommended wattage limit. This was the introduction to its more powerful counterpart, the 300W coil head!

MK Vapes Enigma Tank Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Now to the star of the show, the preinstalled 300W 0.3Ω Clapton coil head advertised to run up to 300W! The first thing you’ll notice that’s different than most coils are the three large 12.8mm x 1.4mm wicking slots (MK Vapes calls this wicking style the Spiral Slit method) that provide an enormous amount of cotton surface area for more efficient wicking. Even running this tank completely dry, I never got a burnt pull. After speaking with the owner of MK Vapes, I was told that the wicking was the most important design aspect and the key to its success! I was optimistic that the 5mm ID Kanthal coil could hit astronomical power figures despite being dramatically smaller than other tanks capable of such wattages; the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast perhaps?

The first objective I tasked myself with was blasting this coil to its full potential. I understand that vaping at these extreme wattages is absurd and downright silly but I had to complete my mission so I can give you the lowdown.

Throughout the test, I took 2-3 second pulls every minute with 3mg 80/20 VG/PG ratio eJuice. I personally enjoy testing outrageous products like the MK Vapes Enigma to lay claim to the accuracy of the specifications listed by the manufacturer. The entire test took two hours, over 60ml of eJuice and some severe nicotine sweats.

MK Vapes Enigma Tank Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Starting at 50W, vapor and flavor were non-existent. Increased to 100W and already I was getting mouthfuls of warm flavorful vapor and an impressive display of clouds. The glass, base and drip tip began heating up considerably at this wattage but nothing close to excessive. Flavor really started to get bold and intense at 125W but the heat throughout the entire device was starting to worry me. My WISMEC RX200S was getting warm in my hand so I knew it was time for a break. The wicking hadn’t become an issue at this point and surprised me considering I was taking some serious blasts at 125W, fogging up my entire back patio!

After five minutes I cranked it to 150W while immediately reaching the hot territory; hot drip tip, hot glass, hot vapor but man the flavor was still great! I sat and starred at this small 22mm Sub-Ohm Tank and couldn’t believe I was chucking 150W directly at it and it could keep up with the abuse. Knowing I was reaching the upper limits of the tank based on heat alone, at 175W is where I called it quits.

MK Vapes Enigma Tank Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The cotton was drying out after one to two pulls and even after letting it rest for a couple minutes, it rapidly became hot to the point where I felt uncomfortable continuing the wattage increase. Could someone get 300W from this tank/coil combination? It’s possible… but simply impractical. Since I don’t own any zero milligram eJuice, I would’ve pushed it harder but started sweating from excessive nicotine intake (someone’s got to do it). I concluded that the MK Vapes Enigma could handle 150W (a perfect range would be 75W-150W in my opinion) without an unpleasant amount of heat, no dry or burnt cotton draws with flavor and vapor production still being on par with its competitors.

After pushing the 0.3Ω 300W coil head to its breaking point, I still got several days of outstanding vaping performance. For being an average sized coil, I kept the wattage right at 100W and kept excreting top notch flavor from it tank after tank. Expect a lot of condensation in the drip tip and some spitting once sitting idle but overall wasn’t a problem for me. Be careful and don’t just crank it up to 300W and try to vape it. Work your way up steadily and find your personal limit.

Final Grade – AMK Vapes Enigma Tank Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

“Even though it couldn’t reach the 300W like it claims, I’m very impressed with the MK Vapes Enigma Sub-Ohm Tank! For only $14.95 at VaporRange, it’s a compact Atomizer that will surprise you down to its core. It’s not the big block TFV8 but more of a turbocharged four cylinder.”

Team Spinfuel

MK Vapes Enigma Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

  •  22mm Diameter
  •  Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  •  Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Convenient Threaded Top-Fill Method
  •  Enigma Coil System – 300W Capable
  •  Spiral Wicking Slit Design
  •  0.3ohm Coil Head
  •  0.5ohm Coil Head
  •  Adjustable Triple Bottom Airflow
  •  Sloped Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
  •  510 Drip Tip Adapter
  •  510 Thread Connection

In The Bamboo Tube:

  •  1 Enigma Tank
  •  1 0.3ohm Coil Head
  •  1 0.5ohm Coil Head
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube