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It is not uncommon for frequent cannabis users to have a favorite strain combination. Some feel when you mix certain strains together it can give you a completely different experience than if you were to consume each strain by itself. Both recreational and those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes combine different strains for different reasons.

Mix and Match - What's the best way to mix strains?

Every person who enjoys cannabis products likes consuming a top of the range strain of dense bud, but mixing two high-quality strains can bring you to the next level. Mixing two or more strains together is known in the cannabis world as “making a salad”.


Strains of Cannabis

Mixing weed with other strains has become increasingly popular in areas that cannabis is legal. In countries like Canada and certain states throughout America, marijuana dispensaries have a wide range of high quality cannabis for sale. Most of these land-based or online cannabis stores provide a lot of information on each of the different strains they have for sale, which makes it easier to decide which ones to combine. This is great for those who are new to using cannabis, as it helps guide them to decide what strain they should purchase, while experienced users can use this information to help them understand what strains they should mix together. In the past, very few details were provided when a person wanted to buy marijuana products. For more information on high-quality cannabis, check out the Weed at CannaSweets.


Does it make much of a Difference?

There are two major differences when mixing two strains together. The first is that you are making the most of the cannabinoid mixture from each strain, and the second is that you will find out how two separate flowers combine together. It will differ, depending on how much strain you put into each joint or whatever you are using to consume marijuana.


Many people claim that the high is much better when mixing two high quality strains together. However, if you find one strain that you really enjoy, but you feel it is too strong, perhaps you want to consume it during the day yet you are worried that you won’t be able to do anything afterward. However, you have a different strain that is slightly weaker. By mixing the two, you might find that it reduces the strength of the really powerful strain that you enjoy so much. This allows you to enjoy the weed, but you are still able to remain constructive and get on with your daily tasks.


Even with all the details provided by cannabis dispensaries, cannabis affects everybody differently. You might mix buds together and find the mixture really weak, while others might find it very powerful. Mixing marijuana can make a huge difference, however, don’t expect everybody else to agree with you.


Some People Mix Cannabis to Help Save Money

If you are a frequent cannabis user, you have probably spent a mini fortune on pot over the years. If you incorporate rolling papers, bongs, vape pens, lighters, etc. into the mix you might be shocked how much you have spent in total. Most dispensaries have a wide range of cannabis products for sale. Sometimes, the best quality and most potent cannabis can cost a lot of money per gram. Often is the case that less potent cannabis sells for a fraction of the price of really good weed. Some people like to mix both together, so they can still get the effect of both strains, without having to use so much of the more expensive strain.


However, in most dispensaries in countries like Holland, the USA, or Canada it’s difficult to find low quality cannabis. Yes, it is easy to find cheaper weed but it seems most of the cannabis products found in a dispensary in any of these countries seem to be top-notch! Don’t expect to find dry “bush weed” with lots of seeds in any of these stores.


Experimenting can be lots of Fun

There are no rules to mixing weed. Feel free to mix whatever strains you like together. There are plenty of websites, forums, and message boards on social networking platforms where cannabis lovers post information on the different mixtures they have experimented with. These sites might be a good way to find out details on what mixtures work best and what type of effect you can expect to get.


But you can mix whatever you like with whatever strain you like. Even if you have a very strong weed from an Indica plant and a powerful, hard-hitting Sativa strain. The only thing worth remembering is that you might not be able to handle the high. Make sure you have nothing important to do after you consume the mixture, and consider filling the kitchen full with snacks, just in case the munchies kick in!


Should you Mix Hash and Weed Together?

People have been mixing hash with buds from a marijuana plant since pot first came on the scene. Some people like to mix hashish with tobacco, which was especially popular in certain areas of Europe in the 1990s. Back then there were very few people growing indoor cannabis, however, due to the health risks involved and good quality cannabis flooding Europe, very few continued. Putting hash into a pipe is another very popular method of smoking, but mixing hash into a joint rolled with marijuana is by far the most popular way of consuming it. It allows people to get high from both weed and the hash.


The only issue that some people find, is that the taste of the weed is overpowering and some find it difficult to taste the hash. Just like cannabis, some hash tastes and smells incredible, which is sometimes one of the reasons people prefer consuming hash in comparison to consuming cannabis. If you get a strong tasting bud, there is a good chance that you will barely notice that you have hash inside the joint.


Find your Mix

It might take you years until you find a mixture that you really enjoy, however you are bound to have plenty of fun experimenting. However, before you become a cannabis cocktail bartender and start mixing all different types of weed together, there are a few things you should keep in mind.  First of all, try the mixture at home or in an environment where you feel safe. Perhaps the same place you consume marijuana frequently. There is a good chance that you might feel things that you haven’t felt in the past, so being somewhere safe is important. Being in a place that you are comfortable with will give you a chance to really experience the effects, which will help you explain to others down the line.


The second thing to remember is that you probably shouldn’t overdo it if it is your first time experimenting with a new mixture of strains. Be patient, and wait for the effects to kick in. Also, make sure you are not mixing with alcohol. Although a lot of people love to combine alcohol and consuming marijuana, you must have your wits about you. If you are mixing two strong strains together and drinking alcohol at the same time you could find yourself in deep trouble!