Last Updated on March 13, 2016 by Team Spinfuel

Apollo eCigs, (Lafayette, CA 94549) has done more in one move than most eCig vendors have all year; they are ponying up 1,000,000 (one million) FREE disposable eCigs to anyone who wants one. (Must be 18 or older of course). The catch? There isn’t one. This is the real deal folks.

Apollo eCigs - SpinfuelOver the past months the position of Spinfuel eCigs Magazine has been that if you could get a good quality, great tasting eCigarette into the hands of every smoker in the US you would see the sales of Tobacco Products drop through the floor. Despite what others say, including the FDA, eCigarettes are NOT tobacco products and are 99.999% safer than ANY Tobacco Product. Now, a million smokers can get the opportunity to see, taste, and feel, what a good tasting eCigarette is like.

Not only has Apollo eCigs made history here, they’ve struck a big blow to Big Tobacco. Once these one million smokers taste these babies, they are going to want to make the switch to become a non-smoker. They will want to become a Vaper instead.

We have a link to the Apollo website here you can sign up to receive your FREE eCigarette, and provide Apollo with a name or email address of a smoker you may know who can have the opportunity to get a free disposable as well.

Apollo eCigs is a sponsor of Spinfuel eCigs Magazine. By doing things like this, by giving up the profits of 1 million disposables (retail price? $9.95!) you can see why Spinfuel is proud to have such sponsors. We hope you know a smoker out there that could use a good, great tasting disposable eCigarette and that you’ll point them to the Apollo website.

The Spinfuel eCigs Magazine Team