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Don’t Waste Your Money on the MegaTwix

The MegaTwix Clearomizer’s “uniqueness” comes from being two complete 1.8ml capacity clearomizer chambers that screw together to form one coherent device. There is a drip tip at the top, a 510-threaded screw at the bottom, and two chambers with wick atomizers in each. I got mine at VaporAlley for $12.99; replaceable heads are $1.95 each. The MegaTwix requires 2 heads in order to work and when you replace your heads you should do so in pairs. Because of the two heads (one in each chamber) it is marketed as a pure dual coil clearomizer. I think they do so a little tongue-in-cheek.

To fill the chambers you simply unscrew them from the top, add the eLiquid, screw the top back on, and then screw the two chambers back together and voila, that’s it…done. It’s a straightforward design, nothing really too complicated. The heads deliver 3.6ohm individually and together it is a 1.8ohm device. Since it is a 510-threaded clearomizer you can use it on nearly everything on the market, and with a proper adapter there’s nothing you can’t use it with.

First Impression

In the initial hours of using the MegaTwix I was excited about the possibilities, but it didn’t take long to realize it is a one-trick pony, one that I tired of pretty quickly.MegaTwix at Vapor Alley

There are other, less complicated and less troublesome ways to experience mixing two flavors of eLiquids together. One such way would be to pick up a ‘double barrel’ or ‘shotgun’ adapter that holds to inexpensive cartomizers that feeds both into a single mouthpiece, or even simpler, just few the two eLiquids together, shake up the bottle and fill a clearomizer, cartomizer, or drip the mixed eLiquid directly onto an atomizer.

Gimmicks Keep The Whole Thing Moving

In every market or industry, especially if the market is hot, the demand for new products can near the hysterical level at times. I’m not saying that hysteria applies to Vapers here in the US, Europe, and Australia. In this case it isn’t the Vapers that are hysterical, it’s the Chinese. They are burning up the world with their fevered sense of pure, unbridled communist capitalism, and they are scrambling 24 hours a day to put out new vaping gear that will bring in a few extra dollars from the millions of people that have switched from smoking cigarettes (made in the US by the way) to electronic cigarettes. How else to explain so many different products that are available to a relatively small number of Vapers? And can you deny that most of these products are redundant versions of one another?

I have no doubt the MegaTwix will sell…some, but I don’t think it will become a mainstream product. There just isn’t enough flexibility in the product, but you have to hand it to the Chinese product manager who thought it up. It’s the first one of its kind, but you can bet there will be more unless the MegaTwix is the huge flop I hope it is.

Real World Experience

I spent several days using the MegaTwix and trying to maintain a positive mindset for it. It does work, and it does produce a nice amount of vapor, and as a clearomizer that can mix together the vapor coming from two different eLiquids it works as advertised. But, having said that let me ask you one question. If you wish to answer it, and I hope you do because you may be able to point out something I am missing, please do so in the comment section.

“If you find two flavors that work well together by experimenting with a MegaTwix, would you continue to mix them via the clearomizer or would you simply combine the two eLiquids into a bottle and use the end result in any cartomizer, clearomizer, or tanks system at a much lower cost?

To illustrate my point I set up the MegaTwix with Totally Wicked Red Label Coconut and Red Label Pineapple. I attached it to my VAMO and began vaping. Since taken together it’s a 1.8ohm atomizer (dual coil) I was vaping at 4.2v, which was the maximum voltage I could get away with. It wasn’t bad.

(The combined atomizers are equivalent to 1.8ohm, which is the higher end of a low resistance atomizer. But, because that resistance is being created using two atomizers in two chambers it is a very unusual situation. Call it a dual coil all you want, it’s not exactly the same as being two coils in a single atomizer. Confused? Me too.)

Supposedly mixing the vapor of two flavors together is supposed to deliver a different ‘taste’ then mixing those two eLiquids together and vaping it as a single eLiquid. But that is not what I experienced. To me they tasted the same, so in the case of coconut and pineapple it would be wiser to mix the eLiquids together in a bottle and be done with it. And let’s not forget, in a dual chamber clearomizer there is no control over how much coconut and how much pineapple to mix, it will always put out a 50/50 vapor. Mixing it in a bottle gives you nearly unlimited mixing ratios.

So, again I bring up the whole gimmick thing and the rush to market with any new idea Chinese product specialists can think of. Just because it’s different it doesn’t make it good.

Too Many Things Can Go Wrong

If you’ve been vaping long enough you undoubtedly follow similar paths that we all follow as we gain experience. There are times in the beginning when you are experimenting with eLiquids by spending way too money trying all kinds of brands and all kinds of flavors. You amass a large collection of flavors and after a while you get a clear picture of what you like, and what you’ve spent and you see a lot of wasted money in that drawer full of barely used bottles of flavors you didn’t like. But it doesn’t stop with eLiquids does it?

If you use nothing but clearomizers that use replaceable heads and you go through a period of vaping an eLiquid for a little while then tossing it out because you don’t like, you wind up cleaning the atomizer so you can try another flavor. Every time you run that atomizer under water and let it dry you are shortening the life of the atomizer and don’t let anyone tell you different. Now imagine what can happen if you use a MegaTwix clearomizer and you try two flavors that you don’t like. Now you’re cleaning two atomizers, not one. You’ll go through twice as many heads as you would with single atomizer clearomizers. You can see where I’m going with this; it’s just too much of a waste.

Like I said above, if you want to experiment with different flavors and you don’t want to mix those flavors into one eLiquid there are cheaper ways to do it than the MegaTwix. The Shotgun adapter from Totally Wicked or the Double Barrel from MyVaporStore or TheDigitalCig, along with a couple of boxes a SR Boge or Kanger cartomizers will get the same result. Cartomizers are not only cheaper, but they are easier to maintain.

A One-Off?

No doubt that the MegaTwix is an interesting clearomizer, but it is a one-trick pony, no more, no less. If you decide to buy one then have some fun. It is not a serious device to explore flavor combinations because of its limited 50/50 vapor mix. But, it can be fun to use if you don’t mind the $12.99 price tag and the $1.95 heads…Just don’t expect it to be your favorite clearomizer, you will tire of it soon enough. I did.

Tom McBride

Note* my sincere appreciation to VaporAlley for supplying the MegaTwix to Spinfuel for review purposes. As I said in my review the clearomizer works as advertised. If that appeals to you there is no reason not to buy one. As a reviewer for Spinfuel however, it is my job to not only report to you that it works “as advertised”, but to also inform you that there are some things that cannot be ascertained until actually using one. Because I spent days with the MegaTwix I can see its strengths and weaknesses first hand. As it turned out I grew to think of the MegaTwix as a gimmick, a product designed and manufactured as some new fangled idea, but it isn’t. You deserve to know that, and you deserve the right to find that out for yourself.