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The MediPen CBD Vaporizeris one of the original CBD Scientific Evidence Proving CBD’s Benefits. It bills itself as the world’s first all natural cannabis vaporizer, due to its use of organic VG(derived from coconut oil) and is completely legal in the UK and certain

other countries. Although the promotional material says cannabis, this isn’t strictly true. The MediPen allows you to legally vape cannabidiol. Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is one of the active ingredients found in the cannabis plant and is said to have numerous health benefits. It does not have any psychoactive effects. The ‘stoned’ feeling from cannabis use comes from THC, a completely different ingredient that is illegal in most countries. Don’t buy this expecting to get ‘blazed’. But what does it do? Read our in-depth review to find out more.

CBD-based products might not be legal in your state or country so before placing an order check on the legal status of CBD in your location. At time of writing, the MediPen CBD Vaporizeris only available in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Also, though CBD vape pens have a very low amount of THC (approximately 0.2%) this can sometimes be enough to give a positive reading for cannabis on drug tests. If your line of work means you are tested for drugs, be careful when using these products.

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MediPen CBD Vaporizer Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Who Are MediPen?

MediPen are a UK based company who use high quality CBD oil sourced from the UK and Netherlands. This CBD oil is combined with pharmaceutical grade coconut oil. Quality of ingredients is a priority for MediPen and they state that they use only the best quality hemp available. Whereas other CBD oil manufacturers use inferior parts of the hemp plant (such as trimmings, stalks and seeds) which in turn contain a weaker amount of CBD, MediPen pride themselves on creating a CBD rich formula made from the best quality hemp produce.

MediPen CBD Vaporizer

The MediPen CBD Vaporizer starter kit is a classy medicinal-looking product. There are no buttons, you simply draw through the mouthpiece and an LED at the end of the battery lights up as you inhale. Despite its size, the battery is fairly powerful, lasting for approximately 500 pulls before needing to be recharged by USB.

MediPen CBD Vaporizer Starter Kit:

  • MediPen battery
  • USB charger adaptor
  • 1ml MediPen cartridge (unflavored, 20% CBD)
  • Bonus 1ml MediPen cartridge (passion fruit flavor, 20% CBD)
  • Metal carry-case

The MediPen CBD Vaporizeris at heart a vaporizer pen with replaceable cartridges, similar to the devices that dominated the market a few years ago. It comes in an attractive brushed-metal tin and the pen itself is a slim stylish item split into three sections: a sleek black battery; a 1ml cartridge containing the e-liquid; and a slender mouthpiece. This isn’t aimed at recreational pot-smokers, it has a serious pharmaceutical air.

The MediPen CBD Vape

The starter kit comes with a 1ml cartridge of unflavouredoil. This might sound measly but it’s intended to be used in moderation. This liquid is a blend of CBD and VG derived from coconut oil. It is described as ‘delicious, silky smooth vapour’, but the unflavored CBD oil can be harsh if inhaled too rapidly and and has a neutral, although not unpleasant, flavor. Thankfully, flavored cartridges are available, and the passion fruit version is notably better, with a sweeter taste and more gentle throat hit.

The feeling is certainly nothing like smoking cannabis, but then again it doesn’t claim to be. Despite numerous studies testifying to the effectiveness of CBD it has no regulatory or medicinal status in the UK, which means MediPen CBD Vaporizerare not legally allowed to make any specific health claims. This seems overly harsh as my own experience, and those of many others, show that CBD has numerous health benefits. Key amongst these is relaxation.

After using for a while, I can sense a notable degree of well-being, that doesn’t muddy thought processes, unlike normal cannabis. There have been reports that CBD can help with Alzheimers, acne, anorexia, obesity and much more. Although I can’t substantiate all these claims, I can confirm that it had a positive impact on my diet, encouraging me to eat healthily and in moderation. The CBD stops me from snacking and encourages me to eat healthier items, such as fruits and homemade soups.

When it comes to psychological effects I noted a calming effect after a few inhalations, and a distinct increase in focus. It is more of a subtle feeling than an overwhelming sensation, and could possibly be due to a placebo effect but after extended use I would argue these sensations were genuine and with legitimate health benefits.

While I wouldn’t call it a wonder-drug, it did have numerous beneficial effects on my day-to-day life and I intend to keep using it, particularly during stressful times and when I need enhance concentration and focus. Another bonus is that I noticed it can help combat the paranoia and anxiety caused by THC in standard cannabis use.

The Value of a MediPen CBD Vaporizer

CBD vaping isn’t cheap and the MediPen CBD Vaporizer is no exception. While effective, it isn’t something to use daily, but can be very useful when needed. It’s a medicinal product and should be treated similar to vitamin supplements, when you need a boost to your day.

 MediPen CBD Vaporizer  Pros

High quality CBD content

Stylish and sleek design

Helps with calming and focusing the mind

 MediPen CBD Vaporizer Cons:

 Sometimes has a harsh vape

The MediPen CBD Wrap Up

It’s clear that vaping can be used for much more than a smoking substitute, and items like the MediPen appear to be the first part of a new wave of medicinal vaping products. With this item, the passion fruit flavoured CBD oil is by far the superior cartridge, combining a pleasant flavor with a smooth gentle inhale. I noticed a number of subtle cognitive effects that I found very useful, and I intend to incorporate CBD vaping into my normal routine. While it’s not something necessary in my day to day life, at times of intense stress CBD vaping can ease this, and allow me to get on with things smoothly and easily.

MediPen CBD Vaporizer are particularly good when it comes to customer service, replying promptly to mails and being one of the few companies to feature user reviews of their products on their social media page. This shows faith in the effectiveness of CBD vaping, and indeed, the overwhelmingly positive comments show that plenty of people are getting great results from the MediPen.

While it’s not a cheap product, it’s one of the better CBD vape pens on the market and if you’re lucky enough to live in a country where the MediPen CBD Vaporizer is legally sold we recommend giving it a go. Vaping alone is relaxing, but CBD vaping takes it to the next level.

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