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Incredibly Maximizing Your Autoflower Yield

Autoflowers cannabis strains have a reputation of low harvests and poor quality. Conversely, those days are over thanks to the efforts of breeders and gardeners.

There are several methods to assist in the maximum autoflower yield in reaching their maximum potential in addition to their hard work. When asked how to maximize autoflower yields, the answer revolves around training, superior genetics like dragon breath seeds, nutrient intake, and environment.

Tips and Methods to Maximize Your Autoflowering Yield

Here are some tricks you can use to achieve the maximum results with your autoflower yields:

Grow Your Autoflower Cannabis Plants Indoors

Indoors is the greatest place to develop a high-yielding autoflower. Growing your Purple Runtz strain inside ensures that you have total environmental control over their circumstances and, ideally, production. Growing inside limits the number of variables that might harm your crops, such as infections and accidental pollination, while optimizing for temperature, humidity, and wind resistance.

Don’t Overfeed Your Auto Plants With Nutrients

Overfeeding your autoflowering plants can cause nutrient burn, slowed development, and decreased yields. Because these plants have a shorter life cycle than photoperiod weed plants, they have less time to recover from overfeeding. Use a gentle touch regarding nutrition, starting with a lesser amount and gradually increasing it as needed. High-yielding Auto strains thrive without nutrient burn, lock-up, or other shortages caused by feed issues. Furthermore, monitoring the pH level of the plant in the watering runoff is critical to guarantee efficient nutrient absorption and defect prevention.

Plant Your Autoflowering Seeds in the Same Pot You Harvest Them In

Starting with a big pot to allow the full plant’s development is recommended for the highest-yielding autoflowering strains. A tiny pot may limit plant development, resulting in lesser yields. Furthermore, moving the plant from a small to a large pot might create unneeded stress, delaying development and decreasing yields. Starting in the final pot also promotes greater root development since the roots can extend and form a strong foundation for the plant.

Train Your Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Training your autoflowering plant can increase productivity by increasing light exposure, optimizing airflow, and enhancing bud development. However, because autoflowers have a short life cycle and are highly agitated, not all training methods suit them. Low-Stress Training (LST) is beneficial; however, pruning or defoliation, topping, FIMMing, and super cropping are not suggested since they can create needless stress and reduce yields.

Low-stress Training Techniques for the Maximum Autoflower Yield

Experts advocate low-stress training regarding creating bigger buds on autoflowers since it allows plants to thrive without fear of shock slowing their growth. The two finest LST techniques for autoflowering plants are ScrOG and SoG. ScrOG is a preferred training strategy since it entails tying down the branches to expose more buds to light while expanding the canopy to allow for greater airflow. This is the most effective way to train your autoflower and will provide you with the most accurate response to how large autoflowers grow.

High-Stress Training Techniques for the Autoflower Yield

Experts advise against using high-stress training techniques on your autoflowers. HST causes too much shock in an autoflower since the plant does not have enough vegetative time to recuperate, resulting in poorer yield and quality. HST is usually required for photoperiod plants when you want to influence specific parts of the plant while giving it adequate time to recover.

Use Correct Nutrients and the Necessary pH

Understanding when to incorporate nutrients into the plant’s feeding cycle is critical for establishing a high-yielding autoflowering plant. Nutrient feeds are labeled with NPK, which stands for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. During the vegetative phase, the cannabis plant requires a feed that is high in nitrogen but low in phosphorus and potassium, but during the blooming stage, the opposite is true.

Use Airy Growth Mediums for Autoflower Yield

Airy grow media, such as coco coir, provide for improved aeration and drainage, ensuring that the roots of your plants receive adequate oxygen. Therefore, development is faster, and yields are higher. It is critical to use a high-quality grow medium that is particularly created for cannabis and has the nutrients required for optimum development. Also, it is essential to remember that airy media demand more supervision because they drain faster, so plan on giving your plants many daily feeds.

The Highest-Yielding Autoflowering Strains

Autoflower cannabis plants are widely recognized for having a specific genetic profile that may distinguish them in every way that matters to a cannabis fan. The following are well-known strains for being among the highest-yielding autoflowering strains on the market:

Blue Dream Auto

Blue Dream Auto is a Sativa-leaning hybrid strain developed by crossing Blueberry and Haze. As you inhale the sweet, fruity smoke, you will experience a euphoric rush that will raise your mood and leave you feeling cheerful and focused. Blue Dream cannabis has a sweet and fruity flavor with traces of blueberry and haze. It’s a mellow smoke that’s easy on the lungs, with a lovely scent that lingers in the air. You can expect to have nice blueberry undertones and delicious berry perfume. The flavor is earthy and herbal, with some consumers noting a subtle spice or pine flavor.

Chocolope Auto

Chocolope Auto is a full-bodied, nearly 100% Sativa with a rich flavor and fragrance. DNA Genetics produced this extremely aromatic gemstone of a cultivar. They crossed Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze to get a chocolaty Sativa. These unique autoflower weed seeds are ideal for starting your day because of their stimulating and motivational features, which will get you off to a good start.

Gelato Auto

Gelato is a well-balanced hybrid with a slightly Indica lean, derived from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Gelato Auto strain has a high THC level of 21-25% and has anti-inflammatory characteristics that are quite effective in medicine. This stunning plant produces massive sage-green colas with gleaming white trichomes and vivid orange pistils, resulting in a stunning and readily smokable bud.

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