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Má CBD Vape Pen Review

Má CBD Vape Pen Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine


The Má CBD Vape Pen (WEBSITE) is one of the newest CBD products on the market. It uses a VG base for the CBD oil, rather than the largely PG make-up of other prominent CBD vapes. As well as this, it has a more contemporary image, with a sleek stylish design that is targeted at young consumers. But how does it match up? Read our review below to find out.


Before reading this article or purchasing a CBD vaporizer, you should be aware that CBD-based products might not be legal in your state or country. For example, CBD is a Schedule II drug according to Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act meaning possession, distribution, import, export and production is prohibited. We strongly recommend you find out the status of CBD in your location before ordering. Although most CBD vape pens have a very low amount of THC, usually just 0.2%, if your line of work means you are tested for drugs, such as schoolteacher or police officer, you may give a positive reading for cannabis on the tests. Be careful.

Who Are Má?

Má are a UK-based company with strong links to the USA. Whereas most CBD companies extract CBD from hemp grown in European countries, Má sources its product from organic providers in the USA. If you’re based in America and want to support your country’s home-grown industries, this is the one for you. They bill the Má CBD Vape Pen as ‘a brand new way to unwind’, focusing on the relaxation elements of CBD rather than specific health benefits.


Má CBD Vape Pen Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Má CBD Vape Pen comes in two different varieties, and I was sent both items to review. There’s the premium ‘Má Chill’ starter pack, which is the high-end model. This includes a high end steel and glass vaporizer tank, a small bottle of CBD juice, charger and rechargeable battery.

The second model is the ‘Má Karma‘. This is the ‘all-in one’ disposable CBD vaporizer pen and last for approximately 400 tokes. It doesn’t need charging and comes ready to use.

Má Chill Starter Pack:

  • Má battery
  • Má USB charger
  • Refillable vaporizer tank
  • Bottle of Sweet Basil CBD e-juice (1ml, 30mg CBD)

Má Karma:

  • All-in-one disposable CBD vape pen (Sweet Leaf flavor)


Both items are sleek, stylish, and extremely well-designed. The Má Chill has a quality feel, with a stainless steel mouthpiece and glass tank. The battery section is slightly chunky but has a satisfying matt coating. The CBD oil comes in a cute 1ml bottle. The tank could have easily arrived with the CBD juice already inside, but the use of a separate bottle helps to keep the juice fresh, as well as making for a useful way to demonstrate refilling to new vapers.

Má CBD Vape Pen Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Má Karma is the standout CBD vape pen when it comes to looks. A simple black tube, it’s slimmer than the Má Chill and much more appealing to look at due to its matt black finish and uniform design. A silver cap on the end glows red when inhaling – a much better look than the gaudy blue LEDs of similar sized e-cigarettes.

Both products come in attractive but simple flip-boxes. It gives an impression of quality and luxury, without seeming over the top.

Má CBD Vape Pen – The Vape

The CBD oil Má uses with these kits is heavily VG based, with a tiny amount of PG used for the flavorings. Most CBD e-pens use a PG base, which tends to give off a raspy, harsh throat hit. Má’s use of VG suggests their products should provide a smoother, more enjoyable inhale. And happily it does.

First off, the Má Karma, the disposable CBD pen. This has a creamy warm hit, with a luxurious mouthfeel. While some disposable e-cigarettes and CBD pens tend to have a dry dusty taste, this is moist and satisfying and never a chore to vape. The flavor is Sweet Leaf, a subtle herbal taste with a pleasant sweetness. It’s by far the best tasting vape out of all the CBD pens out there, and also the smoothest.

Má CBD Vape Pen Review – Spinfuel VAPE MagazineThe Má Chill is more of the same. The juice used in this is Sweet Basil, which is a similarly sweet, slightly herbal taste that’s just different enough to be interesting but not so unusual that people might be put off by it. The battery seems more powerful on this item, meaning you get a stronger hit of CBD and flavor, but also means if you draw too hard and take consecutive hits too quickly, it can give a harsh, slightly-burnt taste. This doesn’t happen often but it’s worth keeping in mind. Take short puffs with breaks in between for best results.

The Má CBD Vape Pen Experience

This CBD e-liquid has 30mg of CBD per 1ml, which is enough to get a strong dose of CBD while vaping. I spent a few days using the disposable Má Karma and had excellent results. My mood was notably elevated after an hour or so of usage, and more importantly I noticed it helped a great deal when trying to drift off to sleep in the evening. It had positive effects on stabilising my appetite, and an overall enhanced feeling of well-being.

The following week I used the Má Chill, averaging 100 draws a day over four days. Again, the effects were positive. The more powerful battery meant a higher intake of CBD with each draw, and as a result the relaxing effects were quicker to take hold.

You won’t find dramatic, world-changing results, but a subtle improvement in motor skills and relaxation is certainly evident. If I’m brutally honest, I preferred the disposable pen. The hit from each draw is smoother and more enjoyable, and the all-in-one design makes it a better looking product than the tank and battery set-up of the refillable Má Chill.

In their promotional literature Má focus on the relaxation elements, rather than any impact on physical health, and indeed I did feel markedly more relaxed when using this item than other CBD pens. It settles the mind and makes clear-thinking possible, allowing for simple tasks to be completely quickly and easily, and complex tasks to be attacked with zeal.

Má CBD Vape Pen Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Má CBD Vape Pen Value

Like all CBD vaporizer kits, Má CBD Vape Pen isn’t cheap. The smart choice is the refillable kit, as the juice can be bought separately and the tank and battery reused over and over again. However, in terms of physical pleasure I would recommend the disposable. The hit is more pleasant and therefore more relaxing. The best option would be to try out the disposable Má Karma first, and if you get positive results upgrade to the refillable Má Chill. Both products taste pleasant and have a smoother hit than other CBD products, but the disposable pen has a slight edge over the rest.


  • Smoother vape due to VG base
  • Best designed CBD vape pen
  • Exceptional flavour
  • Good for those allergic to PG


  • Harsh hits occasionally on the Má Chill


CBD vaping is becoming more popular every day, and companies like are pushing CBD products to new heights. These are by far the best looking CBD e-pens, and with their superb and unique flavours this is the one to buy if you’re looking for CBD vaping as a lifestyle choice. It’s geared for 20somethings looking to wind down after a heavy weekend, and on that basis it ticks every box. It’s an excellent way to relax, and the aesthetic of Má products is very easy on the eye.

There aren’t massive differences between the disposable Má Karma and the refillable Má Chill but if push came to shove, we’d recommend the disposable e-pen. It last for over 400 tokes so will last a while, and the mouthfeel and throat hit from each draw is slightly smoother and more relaxing. Also, if you’re completely new to vaping the Má Karma is easy to use as all that’s required is to remove it from its box and vape away. No need to charge batteries or fill tanks.

Also, while most CBD products come from European sources, Má extract theirs from high-quality organic hemp grown in America. If you want to support American manufacturers, Má would be your CBD vape company of choice.

Compared to Kanavape and MediPen CBD products, Má vapes seemed to have a more relaxing, laid-back effect, and were especially useful when trying to wind down after a heavy weekend.

Overall, the Má CBD Vape Pen line is a high quality product that has superior design and taste when compared to rival CBD vapes. It’s expensive, but that comes with the territory when dealing with CBD vaporizers. As ever, don’t expect it to totally transform your life but used wisely it can be a useful tool when it comes to relaxing and especially if you need help falling asleep.

Want to order this CBD Vaporizer? Head on over to their website!

Ian Jones