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Vaping With Vapinski – Lucid Liquids

This week started out warm, but we’re in for a small chilly spell. Oh, even saw heard there was snow out there today!! That’s ok, because I am vaping some tasty liquid from Lucid Liquids! Though I am not fond of vendors using food coloring in eLiquids, I have seen the great response that Lucid has received from customers and with their unique flavor profiles, I had to give them a whirl!!LUCIDGROUP VGOD

Lucid Liquids are a 60vg/40pg blend and the vapor production was great with both eLiquids. There was a very mild throat hit at 3mg. The bottles are creative and stylish, but not very functional. I’m a dripper and I dislike tubes without droppers, but the flavors were worth my effort and careful pour onto the cotton. There was little information on the bottle itself, just the stylish Lucid name, flavor, and mg level on the cap. I, personally, like to see the ingredients and a born on date as well.

I was also sent a sample of VGOD’s Luscious, so I will be reviewing that with Lucid’s two as well. This blend is definitely heavier on the vg side, but I couldn’t find the exact ratio. The bottle is stylish, but has seen they have new labels out now. Therefore, I won’t comment about this label any further…lol. This 15ml bottle at least has a dropper. Yay!! VGOD has a huge following on Instagram, and I am talking over 80k huge. Perhaps I will have to look into this vendor a little further down the road to get to know them better. Thanks Lucid for including this as an extra!!!

Love Poison

“Love Poison is an exotic tropical delicacy with subtle hints of freshly brewed green tea leaves.”

LUCID-PINEAPPLELove Poison by Lucid Liquids is a very smooth fruity vape with a great surprise twist! The addition of the green tea flavoring really adds a nice touch to the tropical fruit blend. On the inhale, I taste the tropical fruit blend first, picking out a peach and pineapple note. At the tip of the exhale, I notice the fresh brewed green tea flavor swirling in and this makes the blend complete and delicious!! I like unique blends that work. I can picture eating some fresh fruit and drinking a nice, fresh brewed, sweet green tea along with it. This was very tasty indeed!!



Love Potion

“Love Potion is a mixed green apple flavor with a cool hit.”

POTIONLove Potion by Lucid Liquids is another delicious combination! I love that the cooling addition in this is not too overpowering. On the inhale, a nice, crisp green apple flavor that just has a slight touch of sweetness to it. As I begin to exhale, the cooling element blends in with the apple and kicks it up a notch. It doesn’t turn it into a harsh vape though; it keeps it nice, smooth, and consistent. Love Potion is packed with a great flavor and if you like green apple you should check this one out!!




Luscious by VGOD

“Luscious is a sweet melon explosion that will leave you wanting more.”

VGODLuscious by VGOD is definitely a melon vape! On the inhale, I taste more watermelon flavor than anything, but it’s a good watermelon flavor! More of the melon blend is introduced at the tip of the exhale, and then the flavor fades as I am exhaling. The clouds are decent and throat hit is mild for a 3mg as it should be. I would have like the flavor to carry through a little bit more and maybe pack a little more of a punch, but it was a good melon vape-especially if you are a watermelon vape lover.



Lucid Liquid is definitely an ejuice to try out if you’re in for a flavorful treat and I enjoyed the fruit flavor of Luscious by VGOD as well. You can follow Lucid on Facebook at Lucid Liquid or Instagram @lucidliquids. You can follow VGOD on Facebook at VGOD and Instagram @officialvgod. The Lucid Liquids come in a 15ml glass tube with a cap and retail for $12 at VGOD can be purchased at the same site and retail for $12/15ml, $22/30ml, or $70/120ml. Both lines are available in the following nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg.

My ratings are as follows:

Love Poison: 4.5/5 stars

Love Potion: 4.5/5 stars

Luscious: 4.25/5 stars