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Mad hatter – Two New Flavors

I Love Popcorn and Cream Pop

mad_hatter_-_logoEach time Mad Hatter releases a new ejuice flavor the Spinfuel team always gets excited to see what the innovative and creative mixologists over there come up with. We’ve learned that, more times than not, what is created by Mad Hatter is a real achievement in flavor department. I Love Popcorn and Cream Pop are two examples, though very different from each other in just about every way.

Officially, the names of the two new e-juice’s are; I Love Popcorn, and Cream Pop. Trust me when I tell you, both these new flavors are real knockouts, but for different reasons. Both are totally original, completely innovative, and guaranteed to shake up your vape world.

Mad Hatter blew up the eliquid world when their first creation in the “I Love” series, called I Love Donuts was released a year ago this month. If you haven’t yet read much about the company I recommend reading our in-depth review for I Love Donuts, which includes an interview with one of the founders of the company.

The New Flavors

 I Love Popcorn


Get It Poppin’ with the newest flavor from Mad Hatter Juice, I Love Popcorn! This amazing blend of crisp, fresh popcorn covered with sweet, melted butter is your favorite popcorn jelly bean in a bottle!

Guaranteed to transport you straight to the theater, your movie experience will never be the same with this new all-day-vape.

Mad hatter – Two New Flavors Popcorn and an Orange Cream Spinfuel eMagazine

I Love Popcorn brings the perfect balance of flavors together without overpowering your taste buds, let your imagination run wild with this new all day vape by Mad Hatter Juice. Each I Love Popcorn 60ml bottle comes packaged in a one of a kind Popcorn box with a custom sticker and Mad Hatter Juice Unicorn bottle to complete the experience”


  • BOTTLE SIZE: 60ml
  • NIC LEVEL(S): 0, 3, 6 mg

Julia – 5 Stars – When I was first given the bottle of I Love Popcorn I had no idea what to expect. Popcorn? Buttered Popcorn? Now that is a weird flavor to attempt to turn into vapor. And the claims by Mad Hatter, that I Love Popcorn was an all-day-vape? No way!

The next thing I did was open the bottle to smell it. I’ll be damned if it doesn’t smell

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exactly like movie theater popcorn. The only thing left was to fill a tank and get ready to spend “some” time with it. If I hated it, it wouldn’t take long to move on to the orange flavored Pop Cream.

Using the Atom Vapes Metropolis tank and a brand new gClapton coil head I was ready. This was going to be another fantastic eliquid from Mad Hatter or a real misfire. If I had to bet, I would have said it was going to be a misfire. We’re talking about corn folks, and butter. If this is to be any good at all it had better taste like POPCORN with Butter, and not Corn.

The verdict? – I couldn’t believe it, but I Love Popcorn tastes like buttered popcorn! And, in addition, the vape is so smooth (39w for the gClapton coil head), that I spent the entire first day vaping nothing but I Love Popcorn.

I have to admit that there were rare times when I tasted corn, or more likely, a cornbread flavor on the inhale, but I estimate that this flavor appeared 1 out of 100 pulls on the Metro tank. The other 99 pulls tasted exactly like buttered popcorn.

 Tom –  5 Stars – I made the decision to give I Love Popcorn the best opportunity to show off what it really tasted like. So, my mod was the Lost Vape Triade DNA200 and the new Crown II by Uwell. (review coming soon). The Crown II comes with 3 different coil heads, and the one I used is the .25-ohm SS316 dual-coil, rated at 30W-100W. Since I Love Popcorn is heavy on the VG, I began my vape at 50W, and found the best wattage at 70W. 70 watts produced thick, warm vapor, and incredible flavor.

I do love popcorn all of kinds, from buttered popcorn to Kettle Corn, so I was hoping that Mad Hatter was able to produce a real buttered popcorn flavor. The few first hits from the Crown II tasted a lot like corn, not popcorn. Then, on the 5th or 6th long lung hit that unmistakable flavor of movie popcorn with lots of melted butter popped on through. From then on, it was popcorn and only popcorn.

After getting this real sense of buttered popcorn I wondered how long I could vape it before wanting to switch it out the other Mad Hatter flavor, that orange creamsicle ejuice, the one I thought I had a much better chance of enjoying.

I started vaping I Love Popcorn at 10AM, and I had no desire to switch out until 6PM. I would say that Mad Hatter is correct in their marketing description that I Love Popcorn is indeed an all-day-vape.

If you like popcorn, buttered movie popcorn, then you will love I Love Popcorn. Even if you think that a popcorn flavor might be disgusting in vapor form, you should check it out, because it is one delicious, vapor heavy ejuice… a flavor I never believed could be created.

Jason – 5 Stars – Julia wanted us to say what vape gear we used on both new Mad Hatter ejuice flavors. For me it was my new eLeaf iPower (review coming), and the Kanger Protank 4. Using the ceramic coil head in the Protank, I Love Popcorn shined at 48-watts. This setting produced enormous vapor from this High VG ejuice, and a deep, rich flavor.

I will say that without a doubt I Love Popcorn is very much Popcorn, and it was delicious and I had no trouble enjoying it for an entire day. That’s not the weird part though. The weird part is how much it tastes like real buttered popcorn, not some artificial mockup. How in the world does a liquid, turned to vapor, tastes like buttered popcorn?

The recipe and the flavorings used must have taken Mad Hatter months to perfect. I would think that perfecting such an unnatural flavor would be extremely difficult, near impossible. Other flavors in the natural world, fruits, custards, tobacco, bakery, and so on have been perfected by flavoring companies, but buttered popcorn? That’s hard to believe.

Even harder is creating the flavor in such a way that the Vaper can spend all day with it and not get Vaper’s Tongue. But that’s exactly what happened.

Kiera – 5 Stars – The night I spent with I Love Popcorn I rented a movie on Julia’s and I’s AppleTV (10 Colverfied). I figured that vaping a buttered popcorn eliquid while watching a movie on a 65” flat screen, in the dark, would create the environment to test how real the flavor was. I Loved Popcorn passed with flying colors. Yes, the buttered popcorn was vapor, but it was remarkably satisfying as munching on Popcorn would be (almost).

Julia and I talked about how Mad Hatter was able to create a complex flavor that was also smooth, producing dense vapor, and never losing the flavor to Vaper’s Tongue all night long.

If you like popcorn, and if you think your popcorn should be available as a thick vapor, then you’ll love this. But, if you don’t like movie buttered popcorn, the movie butter from years back, don’t bother trying it.

I Love Popcorn is an unusual flavor, but one that is good enough you don’t even have to spend time acquiring a taste for it.


“This delightful blend of creamy, vanilla bean ice cream and orange sherbet tastes like it’s straight from the ice cream truck!” – Available at Element Vape!

Mad hatter – Two New Flavors Popcorn and an Orange Cream Spinfuel eMagazine

Julia – 5 Stars – This flavor is not out on the market yet, nor is I Love Popcorn, and we don’t even know if this flavor will be called an “I Love…” flavor. The cool packaging only says 120 Cream Pop. The 120mL bottle is a gigantic Unicorn Bottle, and the flavor is an orange creamsicle flavor.

The VG level in Cream Pop is lower than I Love Popcorn, I would guess that it is 60% VG, 40% PG.

For Cream Pop I used the Atom Vape Metropolis again, but this time I used the gCeramic coil head. The wattage setting was 46 watts. I used my Procyon mod from ProVape for this one.

I have vaped a few similar flavors, orange creamsicle flavors, and over time I would

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say half are excellent and the half are all wrong. For me to like an orange flavored eliquid it has to be a sweet, smooth orange flavor, not a hard hitting orange. Orange Creamsicle flavors also have to have a smooth, sweet creamy flavor in order for it to taste like a real creamsicle.

Like I said, half of the time the eliquid maker gets it right, the other half doesn’t. So how did Mad Hatter fare?

Cream Pop delivers a wonderful orange cream flavor, very much like a real creamsicle. The orange flavor hits on the inhale, but it is a gentle orange flavor. As soon as lung hit is complete the creamy flavor, a sort of milky cream flavor, instantly mixes with the orange and together, on the exhale, it’s like vaporizing an orange creamsicle. In addition, on most exhales, there is a very short burst of coolness, but this cool burst doesn’t come forth at all until the very end of the exhale. At first I thought I imagined it.

Cream Pop is most definitely an all-day-vape unless you spend a lot of time in the summer heat. Cream Pop is best vaped indoors, even with its nano-second ending of some type of cool burst.

If you’re looking for the next delicious creamsicle vape, Cream Pop is it.

Tom – 5 Stars – Cream Pop took a while to reach that 5 Star status. Any Vaper will definitely taste an orange Mad hatter – Two New Flavors Popcorn and an Orange Cream Spinfuel eMagazinecreamsicle, but instead of a flavor profile that uses orange as the most dominant flavor Cream Pop goes half and half. The orange flavor and the cream flavor are equally present, and at first I didn’t think that should be the way a creamsicle should taste. After a while I realized that it was this mix of flavors that provided an all-day-vape.

For Cream Pop I used a Protank 4, ceramic coil, and my eLeaf iPower. The wattage I found to work best was 45 watts.

The VG ratio is lighter with Cream Pop than I Love Popcorn, but the vapor production wasn’t that much less. In the end, Cream Pop is an excellent creamsicle eliquid, and anyone that likes this kind of flavor will find it one of the best in recent years.

Jason – 5 Stars – Unlike I Love Popcorn, Cream Pop is a flavor Vapers would expect. After all, creamsicle flavors have been around for a while. Mad Hatter’s attempt, however, is (I think) to create a luscious creamsicle, one that melts in your mouth with flavor, one you want to vape all day and into the night. I couldn’t get enough of it to be honest.

Although not as heavy on the VG as I Love Popcorn, I have no complaints with the amount of vapor coming from my Vaporesso ORC tank (ceramic coils), sitting atop my iStick 200W TC. Wattage was around 32-34 watts, and the flavor and vapor was excellent.

As for Cream Pop being an excellent new eliquid, that’s easy, it is. However, although I enjoyed it immensely, I cannot say it’s the best orange creamsicle I’ve ever tasted. It might be, but it did not knock me back, it wasn’t “unbelievable” or “astonishing”. It was an excellent eliquid, and an excellent reproduction of an orange creamsicle.

Keira – 5 Stars – Once I started vaping Cream Pop I didn’t stop until it was all gone. Cream Pop is one of those flavors that are both delicious and satisfying. A perfect blend of sweet orange and sweet creaminess, both flavors swirl around the tastebuds and on the exhale that final touch of a gentle coolness.

While vaping Cream Pop I used the new Crown II (Black) with the .25-ohm SS316 coil head. Since this coil head is rated up to 100w I grabbed my white iStick 2002W TC and vaped for a while in wattage mode and a while in SS316 TC mode. While the flavor from both setting was nearly the same, in TC mode I was able to create a really warm vapor without having to overload the wattage.

Cream Pop is nowhere near as different as I Love Popcorn, but as an orange creamsicle flavor I’d say that I’ve never tasted a better one. When Cream Pop is released and it comes in just the 120mL size I would have to say that the reason is because once you start vaping it you’ll want it around for quite a while.

In Conclusion – Spinfuel Choice Award Winners!

Mad Hatter has a knack at releasing great tasting, great performing e liquids that become “event releases”, with good reason. All the I Love flavors are special, one of a kind flavors, and they have yet to miss the mark.

We apologize for not having any information as to price and availability. However, these e liquids arrived more than 2 weeks ago, so I think it’s safe to say that their release is imminent.

Julia and Keira Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride and Jason Little, the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team