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The Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod/RDA Kit

The Lone Wulf Kit was provided to Spinfuel by Minty Vapes – Our sincere appreciation goes out to Minty Vapes

Lone Wulf Kit

Say what you will about all the fancy new box mods hitting the vape scene these days, when it comes to real subohm vaping, the kind of vaping only a true RDA can provide, the mechanical mod is still the best way to go. That’s not to say that I don’t own a couple of box mods, I do, but it’s more out of convenience than anything else. A mech mod and RDA combo isn’t the easiest device to carry when you’re out on the road. But for the best vape, look to the mechanical.

The Lone Wulf is an American-Made Mechanical Mod vaporizer from Wulf Mods that has great styling, solid components, and delivers one wicked vape. Made of high-grade aerospace copper (or aluminum, mine is copper) shell it weighs more than your average bear, but produces top quality vapor when combined with the marvelous, and matched, Lone Wulf RDA.

Before I get into the mod and RDA itself, I have to say something about the packaging. The mod and the RDA come in two cardboard tubes with the logo and name plastered all over it. Inside the mod and the RDA were sealed in a plastic ‘bag’ to prevent any physical damage during transit. Now I know packaging is not relevant to the actual product, but I liked the tubes. Okay, with that out of the way, lets get it.

Every Lone Wulf Mod features a smooth-action concaved firing button on the bottom for an easy pull and the confidence that when sitting up on a table you’re not going to accidentally fire up the device.

The bottom-firing button is not a favorite feature for many vapers, but you cannot deny that it’s the most effective position to fire from, and the concave design provides the safety you need with a smooth elegant design. You can adjust the button up or down to your liking.Wulf RDA

The Lone Wulf mod offers copper contacts that ensure terrific connectivity and very low voltage drop off. Battery choices include a wide range of 18650’s. I’ve used both the Samsung 25R and the Sony VTC4 with great results.

Advanced Vapers Only Please…

The Lone Wulf is a mechanical mod that was made to appeal o to advanced vapers. Like most mechanical mods you need to know about battery safety and Ohm’s Law (check out our Knowledge Base for more) so that you are confident in its use and are as safe as possible. The Lone Wulf is fully adjustable and the kit (mod and RDA) runs right about $179, and if you’re into mechanicals you’ll recognize the cost is right in line with the quality and performance of this kit.

Lone Wulf RDA

The Lone Wulf RDA is a rebuildable atomizer with the easiest to use deck I’ve ever worked with. Removing the wall and the top of the RDA reveal a 4-post deck that would allow any size fingers to work with all the posts with ease.

The deck of a RDA lays out the four-post design with positive posts in the middle. You’ll have options galore with any number of coil builds, as well as allowing you to center your coils more easily. If I was going to teach someone how to build coils this is the deck I would use. Single coil, double coils, whatever you want to do is simple because each post is easy to get to and large enough to work with no matter the size of a builders fingers. I love to build on it. The O-rings on the RDA fit tight, and in all the time I’ve been using it (daily for 3 weeks now) I haven’t witnessed any leaking. Though when the O-rings do go they will leak unless you change them out.

The airflow is fully adjustable. You can dial in just the right amount of air to perfect the vape you want. The pins for the battery and the matching RDA are both adjustable, making for a nice tight fit no matter what you’re using.

mech modEverything about this big, competitor RDA is a cloud chaser’s dream. Air hole slots that are huge, and a wicked wide ‘bore’ drip tip is exactly the kind you need for cloud chucking. The Lone Wulf RDA and mod is all copper and while but it could tarnish easily (I haven’t had it long enough to know), the low voltage drop off with double-plated copper make it a real workhorse.

Lone Wulf Mod

The body is two pieces of copper, one piece on the inside, and an outer layer of copper with an anodized coating that doesn’t tarnish. Mine is black, and it is one mean looking machine. The lone wulf logo is laser etched into the metal. Although the other copper parts might tarnish, I think with a little bit of care this mod will last a lifetime.

I will admit that the top cap on the mod took me a few minutes to understand (I don’t read manuals until I have to). The cap is adjustable in two ways. You adjust one screw for the atomizer, which allows you to adjust the height of the atomizer, and you can adjust the second screw for battery rattle. Once you know that creating a rattle-free, error-free mod and RDA is simple, and secure. When I realized how that worked it was face/palm/slap time.

The Lone Wulf Mod is available in 3 styles: Classic Black, Arctic White, and Copper on Copper. The mod by itself is just $139.99, with the matching RDA it goes up to $179.99. The best place to pick one up is MintyVapes, Engraved serial numbers allow the owners to know that the mod is an authentic Mod.

Bottom Line

The Lone Wulf mechanical mod and RDA is a great mechanical mod kit. It is a tad pricey at $179.99, but it is definitelylonewulf-logo a high quality device with great machining quality, smooth threading, and a very efficient design that allows for a tight fit no matter what battery you’re using. Naturally, the RDA in the kit is a great one, but you can use any RBA/RDA you want. I didn’t have the means to measure the diameter of the device, but a friend who has one and loves it told me it is a 23mm mod, and most RDA/RBA’s are 22mm. It just may be, but really, does 1mm make a difference?

Lastly, the Lone Wulf is a heavier than normal mechanicals. With double-plated copper and anodized finish, it would have to be. I felt the weight added value to the device, but if weight is a concern, maybe you might want to find one at a vape shop first, just to be sure.

If you are looking for an authentic and unique mod, one that will last you the rest of your life, look no further. Mechanical mods are simple devices really, the value comes from the materials used and the precision of the parts, and it is there that Lone Wulf shines.

The other day John walks in and shows me his new Vapor Flask, and for him it’s a great fit. But for me, its mechanicals, and the Lone Wulf is one I am proud to have reviewed.

Tom McBride