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Lick Brand E-Liquid

Update on Lick Brand – The US FDA has put them out of business. We wish the owners well.

Lick – The Epitome of an All Day Vape

It has been a while since we last visited a Lick Brand Vapors eLiquid. Our first review was so well received that it remains our most commented on review in the history of this publication. (Read the review for pricing, sizes and nicotine options) I’m sure it helps that Lick sponsored a giveaway when the review was published, but still, people did take the time to read and comment on the review in numbers that are surely record breakers.

Today we’re going to tell you about their latest eLiquid. Juicy Chew is the name, and it is a rather simple, sweet, grape/bubblegum vape with one supremely predominant feature; it is undeniably one of the best all-day-vapes you can buy.

Lick Is The All Day Vape

Before we get to our individual impressions of Juicy Chew I’d like to get into what makes an all-day-vape an all-day-vape. After vaping some 500 eLiquids in the past 3 years we know that a real, honest to goodness all-day-vape is actually a rarity.JuicyChewBottle

Here’s Why…

First impressions are everything. It doesn’t matter if the first impression is applied to people, places, food, clothes, whatever… our first look, taste, feel, or smell of, well, anything and everything sets the tone for the remainder of our interaction and relationship with whatever ‘it’ may be.

At times we can overcome a first impression, but often enough it’s no easy task. When it comes to eliquid a first impression can sometimes kill any hope of adopting that eLiquid and bringing it into the fold. So, when we take our first vape of a new eLiquid all our expectations, our hopes, are tied to that first bit of vapor we take into our lungs. Unfortunately, we sometimes fail to recognize the value of an eLiquid based on that first impression, and it’s one of the basic reasons we conduct our reviews the way we do. (Protocols) We often fail to take into consideration many extenuating circumstances surrounding our first encounter with an eliquid.

Most vapers, ourselves among them, want our first vape of a new-to-us eliquid to bring us ecstasy. We want a flavor that can make us weep with joy. We look to be swooned every time. And if we’re not the disappointment is immense. We are always looking for the next great tasting eJuice and that first pull of the trigger is supposed to be the defining factor in that exploration. How flawed…

The truth is that there are dozens of factors that must be taken into consideration before accepting or rejecting a new eLiquid into our rotation or collection. Everything from the time of the day we first vaped it, to what we were vaping before it, or what, if anything we had eaten before that first vape, to name a few. Yet many vapers make that decision on the spot and will often PiF the bottle to someone else, or toss it in the trash… and many times for the wrong reasons.

Lick Flavor And The All-Day-Vape

To elucidate a real all-day-vape I need to use a couple of examples, but bear with me, I’ll be brief but it will illustrate what I mean.

The very first time I vaped Country Bumpkin by Rocket Fuel Vapes I nearly wept it was so good. This autumnal masterpiece plied my taste buds with a deeply luscious flavor of pumpkin spice balanced perfectly with certain notes that seeped into my very soul. It possesses the exact proportions of nutmeg, ginger, cloves and cinnamon, and while I vape it I imagine myself back home in the fall, at the peak of the fall colors in the leaves of the beautiful trees I’m surrounded by in my old backyard. I am never without a bottle of Country Bumpkin, but as much as I adore the flavor, and the vapor production, it is nowhere near an all-day-vape for me. After maybe an hour I have to vape something very different from Country Bumpkin or suffer the consequences.

The same can be said for some of my other all-time favorites like Mountain Oak Vapor’s Chai Tea Latte, or Ginger’s eJuice Gingerbread Chai, or even Hurricane Vapors Mango Milkshake. I love them all, and I will always vape them at least weekly…but none of them work for me as all-day-vapes.

An all-day-vape must consist of a good flavor and offer good vapor production, but the flavor must possess a difficult characteristic; it must resist acclimation.


We humans can acclimate taste and smell fairly quickly. Ever walk into a bakery and get hit in the face with the overpowering smell of fresh baked bread, cakes, cookies, and other magnificent treats of the baker, yet 5 minutes later you no longer register the smell? Or perhaps grabbed a gallon of your favorite ice cream out of the freezer, sat down on the sofa and consumed so much of it that by the time you stop you can no longer taste it? You’ve acclimated to it, and it no longer has you in its grip.

Hare And Turtle

Using the analogy of the race between the hare and the turtle, some eliquids are fantastic as they burst forward out from the gate but they eventually lose to eliquid that starts off with even keel and maintain that position throughout the ‘race’. The ‘out of the gate’ flavor may not make you weep with happiness, but it satisfies from start to finish, leaving you with the same level of enjoyment and satisfaction that you felt in the beginning. An eliquid that can do that is, by its very nature, an all-day-vape.

Juicy Chew

Which brings us to Juicy Chew. Lick Brand Vapors describes Juicy Chew as “Fresh and candied grapes layered in a classically sweet bubblegum” and that is not just an apt description, it is the perfect description. If someone handed you a clearomizer full of Juicy Chew and asked you to describe it, without knowing its name or reading the description, you would probably describe it the same way Lick does.

There is nothing luscious about candied grapes and bubblegum, nonetheless it’s a very good flavor. With 40% Propylene Glycol and 60% Vegetable Glycerin, and infused with 18mg (1.8%) nicotine it is also a hard-hitting flavor with a throat hit that maintains its strength throughout the day.


Vaping Juicy Chew is not like vaping that eliquid that does to you what Country Bumpkin does for me. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 representing barely any flavor and 10 representing an overpowering flavor Juicy Chew is a solid 5. Using the same scale to describe its vapor production Juicy Chew is a solid 6.

There is something about the formulation of Juicy Chew created by Cassia (Lick Brand Vapors Mixologist) that provides you with the same numbers on the scale throughout the day. Juicy Chew doesn’t get better as the day wears on, and more importantly it doesn’t get worse as the day wears on. It is one of the very few eliquids that you can fill up a gigantic tank, like an Aerotank Turbo (6+ ML) and not concern yourself about wanting to ditch the eliquid before the tank empties.

Juicy Chew and the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team

When I presented a bottle of Juicy Chew to Tom, Jason, and Keira they all agreed that its main attraction is its all-day-vape characteristic.

Tom: A nicely done bubblegum vape that tastes good in the beginning and doesn’t lose its flavor like real bubblegum. Definitely an all-day-vape.

Jason: A sort of sweet bubblegum flavor that reminds me a little of Bazooka Joe, but unlike Bazooka Joe I didn’t toss aside after a few minutes. In fact, this is the kind of juice that belongs in a large tank and vaped absentmindedly all day long.

Keira: They did a great job recreating a bubblegum experience in vapor form. The strangest thing about it was that after I had formed my opinion about it, that it was a nicely executed eliquid with good flavor and vapor and an exceptionally pleasant throat hit, I didn’t bother to put it down or switch to another flavor, instead I just continued vaping it. Not because it was unbelievably delicious, because its not, but because it was pleasant enough to vape for hours and hours. Hell, switching to another flavor didn’t even occur to me after I had decided to continue using it.

Vapers Tongue – Vaping most eliquids long enough will leave you with a case of vapers tongue that can last an hour or several hours. Vapers Tongue is a condition that dulls your taste buds; I describe it as causing Goosebumps on the surface of your tongue, which prevents you from tasting much of anything. Vapers Tongue stops you from enjoying everything from a cup of coffee to a Delmonico steak (the most flavorful cut of beef in my opinion). For all intents and purposes vapers tongue kills any desire to use your tongue for anything. Like biting the inside of your cheek, you put up with this tremendous annoyance because you know there is nothing that can be done until it leaves you on its own accord.

The easiest way to get a case of vapers tongue is to vape eliquid you absolutely love of the taste of for too long. Unfortunately most of us don’t recognize the onset of vapers tongue until its too late. The best ways to avoid vapers tongue is to either vape your favorite eliquids over short periods with plenty of downtime in between, or choose an all-day-vape like Juicy Chew when you know you’re not in a position to switch flavors easily, or you just don’t want to.


Whether or not Lick Brand Vapors deliberately set out to create an all-day-vape with Juicy Chew, the fact remains that it is, above all else, an all-day-vape…and a very good one at that.

The flavor of Juicy Chew is good, the vapor production is good, and the throat hit is exceptionally good. Whether you should pick up a bottle or two should be decided by two factors; do you like bubblegum as a flavor for vapor, and would a true all-day-vape fit into your vaping desires.

The four of us have decided that Juicy Chew will become a member of our rotations. Not because it’s a flavor we can’t live without, but because it’s a flavor that lasts all day long without having to worry about developing the dreaded vapers tongue.

If we gave awards for “All Day Vapes”, Juicy Chew by Lick Brand Vapors would earn one in a New-York-Minute. Perhaps we should look into that.

Julia Hartley-Barnes, with Tom McBride, Jason Little, and Keira Hartley-Barnes.

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