Last Updated on June 2, 2022 by Team Spinfuel

Over the years, the cannabis industry has come a long way due to its legalization in several states. The demand is booming, and it is poised to get only higher in the coming years.  It is a good time for entrepreneurs to join the cannabis bandwagon. But you can expect several challenges on the startup road. Besides the stiff competition, marketing your brand may be tough because of the regulations that apply to sellers. You cannot promote your brand and products openly, but you must find a way to ensure visibility and credibility. To get Cannabis Brands out there, it’s not as easy as taking out an Ad in a local paper.

Luckily, finding a middle path is easy, provided you get creative and follow some rules. Online marketing is a savior that cannabis sellers can rely on. Here is some legit online marketing advice for cannabis brands.

Know your target audience 

The cannabis retail market is broad and covers a diverse audience. You may target medicinal consumers or cater to recreational buyers. Medicinal consumers look for education and information while choosing products for treating health issues. Conversely, recreational buyers focus on the aesthetics and entertainment value of the products. Knowing your customers enables you to create a viable marketing strategy according to their expectations. You can also follow their needs and pain points to craft engaging content for your website, blog posts, and social media posts. 

Collaborate with experts

Cannabis marketing requires more than a good understanding of digital outreach strategies. It also entails a sound knowledge of the legal and regulatory landscape, so you must collaborate with an expert who understands both. They can help you build legitimate CBD & cannabis backlinks, promote your brand on social media, and collaborate with niche influencers while being on the right side of the law. The approach is far better than hiring an in-house team because it will cost more, and you may still fall short of expertise. But cannabis digital marketing strategists can help you achieve your goals without spending a fortune.

Invest in an engaging website

An engaging website is the cornerstone of a brand’s online presence, and cannabis brands are not an exception. It is an essential investment that drives online presence, trust, and growth. Having a website is even more crucial in the new normal because customers may still prefer to buy online and get doorstep delivery or curbside pickup facilities. An engaging online presence combines great visuals and quality content that speaks to your target buyers. Ensure it highlights your values, serves information about products, and creates trust in the buying process. Go the extra mile to create a flawless UX with a fast loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and easy navigation.

Achieve organic growth with SEO

Building an engaging website is only half the work. The more important part is to secure ranking for your website as it makes your brand visible to the target audience. It is an ideal way to promote your business and offerings when you cannot showcase them through direct advertising. A site featuring on top of search rankings inherently wins the trust of the audience. Not to mention, it gets traffic that may convert and yield revenues for your business. Implement a robust SEO plan with technical SEO, quality backlinks, and website optimization. Remember to stay consistent for sustainable rankings because you cannot take a set-and-forget approach with SEO.

Ace the social media game

Nothing gets better than social media marketing when it comes to growing the fan following of your cannabis brand. But you need to adhere to platform-specific regulations and industry laws to ace the social media game. The last thing you want to encounter is a page ban due to violations of the rules. Since platform policies regarding cannabis are ever-evolving, you must keep track of them and realign your strategies accordingly. For example, Google does not allow brands to run paid ads, so do not even try running a campaign. Instead, invest in organic engagement with compelling social media posts to grow your following and build a community.

Capitalize on Guest Posting of Cannabis Brands

Expert marketers recommend including guest posting into your cannabis digital marketing plan. The tactic serves more benefits than you imagine, provided you pick authority sources within the cannabis niche. A niche relevant guest post is the best way to earn a quality backlink that strengthens your link profile. It also brings exposure for your brand as authoritative bloggers have a relevant following. Moreover, featuring on their site is as good as getting a word-of-mouth recommendation for your cannabis brand.

Cannabis branding is tricky because of the legal loopholes it involves. But you can leverage online marketing to get visibility and trust for your brand. The digital landscape has ample legit opportunities to showcase your products and connect with the target audience. You only need to find the right mix to achieve your branding goals while being on the right side of the law.