The Legal Stuff at Spinfuel

Spinfuel eMagazine is a professional e-cigarette news and review website, staffed and operated by people that purchase, use, and enjoy electronic cigarettes. As such, we receive sample products for the purpose of review, though more than 50% of the products reviewed are purchased by Spinfuel. We do not receive any sort of compensation from vendors, manufacturers, or anyone else for writing reviews, commentary, or guides.

We spend at least one week with every product we write about, and we test every product in ‘real world’ scenarios. That means that our staff use the products reviewed in the same manner consumers use them. During most review ‘periods’ our staff will use the product exclusively, unless otherwise noted. When reviewing a new mod, atomizer, or vaping accessory, the staff member assigned to review the product(s) will use only that product during the review period, unless otherwise noted or unless the product is being compared to another product.

E Liquid reviews are performed by a staff of four (4) individuals designated as the Review Team. The team spends 48-72 hours using the e liquid under review exclusively, though the amount of time spent with each flavor of eliquid in the review can vary. Read more about our e liquid protocols here.

The outcome of each review will depend on the experience of the reviewer while using the product under real world conditions. We will never give a product an inflated review under any circumstance.  We are never compensated in any manner for a review, nor do we accept affiliate commissions. We will always maintain a strict ‘no interference’ policy from vendors and/or manufacturers.

Warrants – Recommendations

While electronic cigarettes are not considered a smoking cessation device, we will often make remarks in a review, commentary, or e-cig guide that using e-cigarettes is an effective and legal way to stop smoking. Electronic Cigarettes are not marketed by vendors or manufacturers as a “stop smoking product”, but the success rate of smokers breaking the tobacco product addiction through the use of e-cigarettes is unprecedented, and it is the opinion of the publisher that ‘vaping’ can and does work effectively as a smoking cessation tool, and is infinitely safer than smoking. Naturally, there is no magic bullet for kicking the smoking habit, however, because e-cigarettes are shown to be safer than tobacco products, they are obviously the best alternative to tobacco addiction for many people.

The information found in the reviews contain both fact and opinion. Features and specifications claims are reproduced from information received by the manufacturer and is considered factual until proven otherwise.

Using the product in a real world scenario provides opinionated information as to the value of the product being reviewed.  The ‘opinionated information’ in our reviews is just that; opinion, based on usage. We make no claims that the buyer of any product we review will form the same opinion as the writer. We are not liable for any harm caused by the information contained on our site. We make no warrants as to the validity of the claims made by vendors or manufacturers.

Users of electronic cigarettes must assume responsibility for their actions, and we encourage our audience to read the manuals, abide by safe practices, and to be careful when using any electronic product or e liquid containing nicotine and other substances.

Updated April 2016