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Legal Cannabis… Taxed.

A committee approved a Bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that would legalize and tax cannabis at the federal level and would also give a tax break to cannabis businesses. I’m sorry, but has it ever been more clear that the United States is truly TWO nations?

In one nation (the insane one), harmless vaping of flavored e-liquids is killing Americans every day. Before long the population of the US will drop below a thousand. Vaping is equal to suicide. Never mind that the Lung Illness is caused by the a active ingredient in Cannabis, THC, and a deadly mixture of Vitamin E acetate, which is NEVER used in e-liquid, vaping is the death of America.

By God, flavored e-liquid must be banned because banning flavors magically removes THC Cartridges with Vitamin E acetate from young people’s hands. Magic! You can see it happen nearly every day, insane clown posse politicians banning flavored e-liquid in an attempt to stop THC Cartridges with Vitamin E acetate. The Bizzaro World.

Legal Cannabis

The other nation, we shall name, The World of the Stoned, is all for legalizing marijuana. The real, nasty bit of insanity between these two worlds is that in many states, these two worlds overlap. Vaping Flavored E-Liquid is deadly, but smoking pot is fine. Encouraged even. Massachusetts is one such overlapped world.

In New Hampshire, MY home state, people that Vape can buy mods, e-liquids, in all types of shapes, sizes, and flavors. The Governor, a smart man, did not fall for the crazy shit that was being carried by the corrupt media. He knew there had to be more to the story.

However, in Massachusetts Cannabis is still legal, for BOTH medical reasons and recreational reasons. You read that right; you cannot vape a flavored e-liquid, but you can light up you dope and smoke away. Does this make any sense?

Legal Cannabis? Sure. Plus a Tax Cut? Why Not?

Making Sense of Legal Cannabis and Illegal Flavored e-Juice

After 10 years of vaping without a single illness or death, suddenly illness and death spike. The idiot corrupt politicians call for an immediate Ban on ALL vaping, while the “slightly-less-crazy” corrupt politicians call for an immediate ban on Flavored E-Liquid. I don’t know about you, but how in the world does one go from zero deaths to a sudden spike and blame your Strawberry and Cream e-liquid? I don’t know, I don’t care anymore.

But, on November 20, the House Judiciary Committee approved a Bill that would legalize cannabis at the federal level and allow states to decide whether they will permit legal sales within their borders. From a tax perspective, the most attention-grabbing provision in the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act is a new 5 percent federal tax on sales of pot. I got to be honest, 5% isn’t bad.

Though Congress will need to take several factors into consideration before selecting a tax rate (5% is a starting point) to be applied to cannabis. Among those factors are promoting public health, raising revenue, achieving parity with other “sin taxes,” and hastening the decline of the illicit market.

Legal Cannabis, Illegal Flavors

Okay, we at Spinfuel Vape agree on this, if the tax rate is sensible. 5% is sensible, but we don’t expect it to stay 5%. We think a federal level legalization of pot is a smart move, and will drop the cannabis cartels a hydrogen bomb. But, at the same time, several states are still in a panic over THC cartridges cut with Vitamin E acetate, which is only available by Bootleg counterfeiting by the way.

Don’t you think that before these greedy corrupt politicians push aside our right to vape flavored e-liquid and get to legalizing pot on the federal level, they should put our issue to bed? Flavored e-Liquid has NOTHING to do with bootleg THC cartridges laced with Vitamin E acetate, can’t we please come to terms with this undeniable fact first?!

Look, if you want to legal pot on the federal level, then do so. Want to set a tax, do it. Want to give special tax break to Cannabis Dispensaries? Have at it. But for the love of God, can someone at the federal level stand up and demand that the Bizzaro World of states banning flavored e-liquid for no other reason than to screw with its citizens, stop the madness?