Halo Cigs delivered a 30ML bottle of their latest creation, Kringle’s Curse in an order I placed for batteries. An unexpected pleasure, I thought I’d share with the staff to get their unbiased impressions.

Rather than hogging it for myself I shared it with everyone on our excursion down to Miami on Saturday afternoon and into Saturday night. We were all using Halo G6 and Element batteries with cartomizers.


I’ll go first: I’ve tried many, many peppermint flavored prefilled cartomizers. Honestly, the prefilled cartos had a lot of menthol flavoring, more like peppermint menthol with hints of tobacco. I wasn’t confident that I would like it based on my previous encounters.(although I have enjoyed some peppermint eJuice from American eJuice companies)

Halo Cigs describes the new flavor asa delightful peppermint flavor with immense vapor production and a solid throat hit. The refreshing taste of this exquisite blend has no underlying tobacco taste, and will leave your mouth tingling for more”…

I think they hit the description spot on. Very little menthol, and in fact I would say that the word “Menthol” is the wrong word to use. Peppermint, by its very nature, is a sweet tingling candy, not menthol coolness. For the first time I was vaping a real peppermint candy flavor.  I’m usually vaping some sort of true tobacco flavor, and sometimes an eJuice with banana and/or coconut, but really, I plan to keep some Kringle’s Curse around for those times I want a sweet peppermint vape. This is a 5 Star flavor. Try it.

Julia: I really loved it. Driving down to Miami on a hot, humid, muggy day, I wanted something cool to vape. Kringle’s Curse was a Godsend in that regard. I agree with John, this is a sweet and delicious flavor and another hit for Halo Cigs. 5 Stars!

Tom: Before loading up a carto of Kringle’s Curse I was vaping an intense tobacco flavor and I didn’t really want to change it up. But I played along to get along and joined in. I’m glad I did! Menthol holds no appeal for me, it can be either too cough syrupy or harsh, like ripping the filter off a Kools cigarette (which I’ve done once or twice in my youth), so I was amazed that Halo was able to develop a flavor that delivered a cool vape without being menthol-y.

The Halo Cigs description of this flavor is perfect, it’s a great vape for those looking for an intense experience, an excellent throat hit and more vapor than you can shake a stick at. For someone that doesn’t go for sweet flavors I have to admit that Kringle’s Curse was excellent. 5 Stars

Jason: This probably isn’t the place to say this but the main reason I left Spinfuel after the first month was that I was tired of vaping rebranded Chinese eJuice starter kits. I mean you try one you’ve tried them all (IMHO). I came back because Spinfuel was getting into serious vaping and serious hardware and eJuice.

I’ve been exploring all these eJuices in July for our month-long eJuice celebration and I was having a ball trying new flavors everyday, so trying this new one was a lot of fun. Kringle’s Curse is an amazing peppermint flavored eJuice that I plan to keep in my rotation. 5 Stars!

Chelsey: The first two things to hit me with Kringle’s Curse were the true peppermint taste and the vapor that wouldn’t quit. Now all I want to vape is this stuff, I can’t stop. Such intense flavor, sweet without being overly sweet, and very very satisfying! 5 Stars Please!

Lisa: I’m vaping Kringle’s Curse as I type this. I love it! Poor John doesn’t have much left now. I can honestly say that this is the first true peppermint flavor I’ve ever tasted, all the rest were menthol vapes with some peppermint flavoring. Kringle’s Curse is the real deal. 5 Stars!

Final Word:

We weren’t asked to review this, in fact we weren’t told anything. It was just in the box with my batteries and cartomizers. I thought it would be a good idea to do a short review so that our readers can get a quick assessment of what we all think is a great new flavor from Halo Cigs.

Remember, Halo Cigs creates their own eJuice; they do not have another company create it for them. They use 100% American made ingredients, including the nicotine, so you can trust it. You won’t find this eJuice anywhere but Halo Cigs. It’s an original, like Halo Cigs themselves. You owe it to yourself to pick up a bottle of this great new flavor if you enjoy peppermint. Just don’t expect a peppermint menthol vape, this is like crushing up a peppermint candy and shoving it into a cartomizer and vaping it.

John Manzione, with Julia Barnes, Tom McBride, Jason Little, Chelsey Laney, and Lisa Johnston