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Koko Vapes, a new online vape shop recently launched out of the state of Florida, a state which I am now convinced has the largest number of Vapers in the world, and we recently spoke with the husband and wife team who own the shop. Online vape shops are always busy operations, so I only had a few minutes to speak with them. Below is that interview. Read our review of the Ovale elips-C that was generously donated by Koko Vapes and reviewed by the lovely Keira Hartley-Barnes. – Julia

Spinfuel: What is your Mission Statement? What do you want your customers to know about doing business with Koko Vapes?

Koko Vapes: We are a pretty straightforward company.  We like to keep it simple.  Our focus is on what we like to call the “3 Ps”: Product, Pricing and Performance.  Product – providing quality product that will perform to the standards we expect; Pricing – keeping our prices competitive and in line within the market place; and Performance – We expect our product, as well as our staff, to perform.  We both come from highly service-oriented backgrounds.  We know the value of good service and how crucial it is.   We are here to serve the vaping community as best as we can.  With these three P’s in place, we are certainly on the right track.

Spinfuel: How long have you been in business?

john-n-lisa Koko Vapes - Spinfuel Interview
John and Lisa, proud owners of Koko Vapes, welcome Spinfuel readers to their new online vape shop!

Koko Vapes: We are a young business…. in our first year.  We talked about it for a long time, and took our time with the planning phases and getting the business outlined and organized.  We wanted to be sure we were doing it right before we opened our doors to the public.

Spinfuel: How extensive is your hardware line and eLiquid line.

Koko Vapes: We keep a core line of products – our iTaste MVP, Halo G6, the eVic, and eLips-C to name a few…  We know vaping is an ever evolving industry and there are always new products being introduced.  We believe in keeping up with the industry and carrying product that reflects where we are in the vaping world right now.  We don’t believe in following fads, and will not carry product we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Halo and Moon Mountain Vapors are the 2 eLiquid brands we currently carry.  They are both made in the USA, provide quality product and have a good name in the community.   We are looking to expand our Moon Mountain Vapor line-up very soon.

Spinfuel: What can you tell us about Ovale, and why did you decide to carry that brand?

Koko Vapes: We did a lot of research in deciding what brands to carry.  Ovale is really an unheralded company here in the USA, but their contributions are felt by thousands of Vapers.  In researching brands, we learned that Ovale did the up-front research and development for products like the eGo-T, eGo-C, eGo-C Twist, eCab, eRoll/eMini, and even the eVic.  Once this original R & D was completed and submitted to JoyeTech, JoyeTech made final adjustments based on best manufacturing procedures.  So, it’s all a great collaboration between some forward thinking designers and one of the best electronic cigarette manufacturers on the planet.  Essentially, when you buy Ovale, you are buying JoyeTech – it’s a combination of Ovale innovation and JoyeTech manufacturing.   We’re big fans of both companies.

Spinfuel: Is the eVic offered by both companies identical right down to the software/firmware abilities?

Koko Vapes: Yeah, pretty much.   The two are virtually identical…outside of the branding.  Both companies have their own versions of the software/firmware, and it is all operable with either brand of eVic.  If you use the JoyeTech MVR, the screen will read JoyeTech, and if you use the Ovale MVR, the screen reads Ovale.  That’s the only difference as far as we can tell.

Spinfuel:  How did you decide on Moon Mountain Vapors as one of two of your current eLiquid lines?

Koko Vapes: We met Moon Mountain Vapor at the Vapestock convention at Indian Rocks Beach earlier this summer.  We had lunch together, sampled their flavors and fell in love with their product.  Their flavors will send you over the moon!  Crisp, refreshing, full flavored and just delicious…We haven’t come across a bad one yet.  The folks at Moon Mountain make great juice and are awesome people to work with, too.

Spinfuel: Can you tell us a few of the top sellers for Moon Mountain Vapor eLiquids?

Koko Vapes: Well, our top sellers are Spacesuit Surprise and Light Side Lucidity.  Of course, we currently carry five of their twenty flavors.  MMV may have a different answer for you, but we haven’t tried one that we didn’t like yet.  We will be adding to the Moon Mountain Vapor line very shortly.

Spinfuel: You also carry Halo Cigs eLiquids and hardware. Why Halo?

Koko Vapes: We feel like Halo offers some of the best tobacco flavors out there.  I don’t always vape tobacco flavors, but when I do… Their gourmet flavors are pretty spot on.  Malibu is one of my all time favorites.  As far as hardware, the G6 is a great little starter.  We know that some folks just want the familiarity of a cig-alike model, especially when starting out vaping, and the Halo G6 is a sharp looking and functional little 808 battery.

Spinfuel: Can you tell us about some of the products you carry that may not be readily available elsewhere?

Koko Vapes: Well, Moon Mountain is new to the eLiquid market and their juices haven’t reached as widespread a market —- yet.  The eLips-C by Ovale is another item that we carry that can be harder to find.  The eLips-c is such a great, little Vaper…. it amazes us how so few in the vaping community know about it.  It’s just one more Ovale innovation manufactured by JoyeTech.

Spinfuel: How do you decide what to carry?

Koko Vapes: That’s a great question!  We spent countless hours researching products, name brands and designs.  We wanted to have a little something for pretty much everyone and wanted to be sure the items we offered were worthy products.  That is how we will continue to do things.  It goes along with the idea that we will not sell what we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Spinfuel: Can you tell us about your customer service? How quickly do you ship orders? What kind of guarantee or warranty do you have on products you sell?

Koko Vapes: We are all about Customer Service.  Without them, we wouldn’t be here, and we know Vapers have countless choices as far as purchasing goes.  We are grateful that so many choose to purchase with us time and again.

Our orders typically go out within 24 hours; weekends and holidays excluded.  We strive to get our orders out of our doors and in our customer’s hands as quickly as possible. As far as guarantees or warranties go, we honor all manufacturers warranties on damaged or malfunctioning products – which happens very rarely.

Spinfuel: Is the Ovale eLips-C selling?

john-n-lisa Koko Vapes - Spinfuel InterviewKoko Vapes: It’s our top seller right now!  This little Vaper hasn’t received the attention it deserves and we have been doing our best to make people aware of it.  It has decent power with its 350mah battery, gives a good throat hit, makes plenty of plume, and has a nice sized tank.  It’s easy to carry around in your pocket or purse because let’s face it, we can’t always walk around with our eVics and MVPs – it’s not always practical.  This is a great little product for stealth vaping.

Spinfuel: Can you divulge a little about what’s coming up soon?

Koko Vapes: Right now we have our MVP priced at $54.90.  We will be expanding our Moon Mountain Vapor eLiquid line really soon and we are consistently adding new product to our inventory.  We will also be running weekly deals – selling items at discounted prices and including free shipping. Should be fun!

Spinfuel: Is there anything else you’d like to let our readers know about Koko Vapes?

Koko Vapes: Well, we think it’s really important to be involved in supporting the e-cig community and most importantly, the future of it.  That’s why we are members and supporters of CASAA, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association, and why Koko Vapes has and will continue to donate a portion of its profits to this worthy cause.

Spinfuel: Thank you for talking with us today, we look forward to checking out your new products.

Koko Vapes: No… Thank you.  We are fans of Spinfuel and appreciate the opportunity to share what KokoVapes is all about with others.


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