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Kind Juice Review – Tobacco Ridge – sub-Element – eNectar

It has been a more than a year since we last visited with Kind Juice, and their marvelous organic vape juice.  Spinfuel has reviewed and personally enjoyed many of the Kind Juice vape juice, and our written reviews four times so far, should tell you how much we support this idealistic company that puts quality above profits . This is now Spinfuel VAPE’s 5th review. Smokenjoey reviewed them as well, and his video review can be found here as well.

Kind Juice have legions of loyal vapers. Vapers from all over the world come to Kind Juice for pure, organic, vape juice because they care about what they vape. However, if this is your first time reading about a totally organic vape juice, there are some things you need to be aware of.

Organic vs Artificial

Organic vape juice flavor profiles are somewhat different from artificial concentrate flavor profiles. These flavors do possess a very slight organic taste, unlike most lesser quality ejuice brands that we’re used to. That said, the Kind Juice Tobacco Ridge line tastes like pure, aged, and smooth rich tobacco. Tobacco Ridge is quickly becoming the hottest selling organic tobacco vape juice in the US and beyond.

When we say, “Lesser quality”, it doesn’t mean that non-organic eliquids are somehow worse than organic vape juice. Given the choice when buying fruits and vegetables, most people would want to buy organic over food factory possessed products, but artificial flavors and ingredients in today’s foods have a now familiar flavor profile due to generations of factory farming where the quantity of food is more important that the quality of foods.

Organic products are healthier alternatives and the flavors are brighter, richer, more authentic, but not always the most appealing to today’s population raised on artificially possessed foods.

When it comes to vape juice it’s the same thing. We are used to vaping artificial ingredients and flavor concentrates and our palates have adapted to them.

Many of today’s Vapers get confused about organic eliquids. If an eliquid reviewer tells you that ‘this organic vape juice’ or ‘that organic vape juice’ tastes just like this artificially flavored eliquid isn’t telling you the whole truth.

There are Vapers, perhaps yourself, that do not like organic flavors you might have vaped a few years back, but things have changed thanks to Kind Juice and their amazing technique of creating organic juice.

There are thousands upon thousands of Vapers that adore organic vape juice flavors. If you’ve vaped organic eliquid before and hated them because they have a unique flavor profile, don’t mistake a well-earned Spinfuel Choice Award to mean that non-organic Vapers are going to enjoy Kind Juice any less.

For a team that has reviewed hundreds of eliquids, we consider organic flavors to be the natural flavors, whereas artificial flavorings are not. That said, we  enjoy dozens upon dozens of artificially flavored vape juice as well, but for some flavors, organic is better.

For fans of organic vape juice, Kind Juice is the authority, the #1 brand that people look to for purity, and 100% organic ingredients. While there are a few organic brands left in the community of eliquid creators, they ‘pale’ in comparison.

Why is that? Because some, not all, combine organic and artificial ingredients in order to appeal to Vapers that want to vape organic, but they want their vape juice to taste similar to their artificial favorites. Kind Juice is committed to 100% organic, and they just won’t compromise.

Today’s review ventures into three Kind Juice lines, their Tobacco Ridge, their sub-Element line of eliquid ‘gels’, and their e-nectar line. As different as they are, they remain 100% organic.

Tobacco Ridge Vape Juice

Tobacco Ridge is a new line from Kind Juice that is made with naturally extracted nicotine from tobacco leaves. The vape juice is “brewed” (steeped) for 2 months, followed by 4 months of aging . Finally, Kind Juice then filters the vape juice again and allows another 3 weeks for further aging once the juice is filtered.

Three “flavors” from Tobacco Ridge Vape Juice are reviewed below. Created with organic vegetable glycerin, organic flavor ‘extracts’, and tobacco extract. We should also note that the Tobacco Ridge line reflects more of an N.E.T. flavor profile than an organic one.


Sweet Carolina – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

This Blonde Canadian flue-cured tobacco leaf is our brightest leaf with taste as sweet as the Carolinas.  We finish this delicate leaf with a touch of honey that was harvested from bees who pollenate orange blossoms.”

Julia: 5 Stars – Vapers will definitely taste the tobacco component of Sweet Carolina, as well as the natural honey component. This matters because Sweet Carolina needs to be vaped warm in order to beat down that honey flavor and reveal more of the tobacco flavor. Doing that will reveal a sweet tobacco all-day-vape that is truly out of this world.

Sweet Carolina had a major hurdle to overcome for this reviewer; the N.E.T. (naturally extracted tobacco) factor. I’m not fond of many tobacco eliquids, particularly the N.E.T. eliquids, at least not like Tom or Jason, so I was concerned that Sweet Carolina could be too foreign for my taste. Even if it turned out to be a palatable flavor, the chances of it being an all-day-vape for this girl here, impossible. Needless to say, I was stunned when Sweet Carolina turned out to be an exquisite eliquid that I do indeed vape all day. In a word, Sweet Caroline is “unbelievable”.Spinfuel Choice Award 2016

Tom: 5 – Sweet Carolina is a magnificent eliquid that lives up its name. Sweet, rich, and satisfying, this ejuice lays on the excellent flavors of a real NET that has been tamed with just the right amount of sweet honey and their organic processing to make it an easy all-day-vape. I could not put this one down, I swear.

I’ve gotten away from nearly all my tobacco eliquid this past year and all 3 Tobacco Ridge flavors was a major reminder that maybe I shouldn’t have. Sweet Carolina delivers a honey-sweetened tobacco flavor with clouds production I found hard to believe from an organic ejuice.

Kiera: 5 – It’s bizarre how much I enjoy Sweet Carolina. An NET tobacco flavor with honey is strange enough for my palate, but to create a flavor that I would easily vape all day long is outright strange. Very satisfying, very delicious, and very much deserving of the Spinfuel Choice Award.

Jason: 5 – Here’s the real lowdown on Sweet Carolina. If you make the mistake of trying to vape this flavor with lower wattage you will not like it, unless you love honey/floral flavors. Sweet Carolina needs enough power to the atomizer to break down that honey so that it functions as a sweetener, not an overwhelming flavor component on its own. If you want to get to the good stuff, i.e., the NET tobacco flavor, you’ll need to power up your mod/atomizer. When you do you’ll be greeted with massive clouds of vapor, a sweet tobacco flavor profile, and an all-day-vape you just won’t believe.


Viva La Libertad

Cigar enthusiast rejoice, long live liberty! This broadleaf Havana Tobacco leaf is grown from Cuban seed and sure to make even the toughest critics appreciate this unique e-liquid.”

Julia: 4.5 – I struggled with Viva La Libertad when it came to deciding on the score. I just do not like cigar flavors. Cigars are awful things, like concentrated cigarettes. For that reason, I vaped as little as I could get away with. In the end, I decided on 4.5 stats because the quality is unbelievable.

Tom: 5 – Viva La Libertad is very much a cigar vape, with a unique organic twist. I’ve had many artificial cigar eliquids over time and they all seem to go right for the jugular when it comes to mimicking the taste of a stogie. Viva La Libertad is not a cheap cigar flavor. It is as close to a genuine very expensive, hand-rolled cigar. How do I know? Because the 6 months out of the year that I live in Florida I am able to enjoy a real Cuban cigar. Cuban cigars are rich but delicate, full of real tobacco flavor and unlike all the cheap cigars most people have to live with. I don’t know how Kind Juice was able to recreate a Cuban cigar, but they have.

Kiera: 4.5 – I’m not sure why, but for some reason I expected all three Tobacco Ridge eliquids to taste similar. They are anything but. Sweet Carolina is an awesome sweet tobacco experience that I can vape all day without the flavor disappearing on me, but Viva Le Libertad is much, much stronger. Vapers that love deep tobacco vaping will love it, but those of us that do not vape tobacco flavors this one will knock you down. Excellent quality and execution, just not a flavor I want to vape.

Jason: 5 – Tom and I agreed on every aspect of Viva La Libertad. When a smoker lights up a cheap cigar they know in an instant that they are smoking a cheap cigar. For some people that’s fine, it’s what they are used to. But when a cigar smoker can get ahold of a real cigar, a Cuban cigar, they know very well that this is what a real cigar should taste like. There is no harshness to an expensive cigar, there is no assault on the tastebuds. A Cuban cigar is silky, rich, and enters the lungs on an invitation, not as an invading force. Viva La Libertad is not exactly a Cuban Cigar experience, but considering that it is an eliquid, not an actual hand-rolled Cuban, it comes pretty damned close.


Liberty Bell – A Spinfuel Choice Award Winner

“Liberty starts with American air-cured burley tobacco that is not too dark and not too light.  We pair this whole-leaf with cocoa, dark coffee, and black cherry to give this tobacco a deliciously unique flavor.”

Julia: 5 – Looking at the flavor components in Liberty Bell you should expect a dark, deep tobacco flavor, with a just hint of fruitiness. It is complex, layered, and exquisite. This is an eliquid you experience on the tongue, like a fine wine. Slow inhales, and even slower exhales allows you to experience all the flavor notes, and if you have a keen set of tastebuds you will taste them all. A wonderful mixture of flavors, with a sweet burley tobacco as the base. Flavor is one thing, vapor is another, and the vapor clouds produced with a good sub-ohm tank, especially a ceramic coil tank, the vapor clouds are full of aroma, and thick as heavy fog. Not quite an all-day-vape for me, but it is a taste experience I adore.Spinfuel Choice Award 2016

Tom: 5 – Without a doubt, Liberty Bell is the most complex eliquid of the three, and the best tasting. Kind Juice has done something very few brands can do; they layered the flavors in a way that you can actual experience them all. Once the flavors begin to appear, at the tail end of the inhale, the burley tobacco covers the tastebuds with a silky rich tobacco, then one by one the cocoa, coffee, and finally the black cherry reveal themselves in ways that will send your tastebuds soaring. Liberty Bell is the best organic tobacco eliquid I’ve ever had, and one that will remain in my rotation for as long as Kind Juice continues to make it. Superb!

Kiera: 5 –  Liberty Bell is such an awesome eliquid that I wondered more than once just how in the world this blend was created. I can imagine the mixologist wanting to start with a burley tobacco, it’s a natural tobacco strain that a lot of tobacco eliquid creators work with; but how were the other flavors chosen? Was it months of working out the recipe, or was it something deliberate? How did the creator know that cocoa, dark coffee, and a black cherry flavoring would mix so well with a burley tobacco flavoring? Then, after several hours of vaping this amazing tobacco blend I decided I didn’t care; all I wanted to do was enjoy it. This is a must try eliquid, truly.

Jason: 5 Stars – Trying to decide which eliquid I enjoyed more, this one or Sweet Carolina is impossible, but for very different reasons. Sweet Carolina is rather simple when compared to the complexity of Liberty Bell, but Sweet Carolina is an eliquid I could vape from top to bottom without taking a break. Liberty Bell is not. Liberty Bell offers a rich burley tobacco and a layering of chocolate, coffee, and cherries, all of which can be detected in a good sub-ohm tank. Both create huge clouds of vapor, but Liberty Bell needs to be vaped will less aggressiveness. It has a need to be absorbed into the tastebuds, whereas Sweet Carolina throws that rich and sweet flavor all over your tongue. I guess it can be best said this way; both Sweet Carolina and Liberty Bell has earned a spot in my rotation.

Sub Element – Sub-Ohm Gel

 “Kind Juice Pro-Series E-Gels offer a symphony of complex flavors. Hobbyists or competitors seeking to increase their vapor production, will experience dynamic sub-ohm performance by having the right vape juice that can handle low ohm builds. It’s the best vape juice for sub-ohm builds.” – Kind Juice



 Visit a Zen state of mind while Sencha Green Tea, Honey, and a touch of Lemon create inner peace.” Made with USP Grade Certified Organic VG, Sencha Green Tea Extract, Lemon Extract, Honey Blossom Extract

Julia: 4.5 Stars –  Okay, first, “gel” is kind of a misnomer. This line from Kind Juice is very thick, but they are not gels. That said, as far as throwing clouds of vapor you have to experience this line to believe they are as capable as they are. The problem for me is that this flavor, Enlightenment, tastes far too much like a New Age lemon/honey concoction that I just can’t vape for very long.  That being the case, for quality and vapor this is an excellent line of juice, but for flavor, it’s not my thing.

Tom: 4.5 Stars – Vaping these ‘gels’ in ultra-low-resistance sub-ohm tanks and drippers will definitely tell you just how good your tank is at chucking clouds. If you compete this is the line you want to use. But, for everyday vaping, I’m not so sure. All I could taste in Enlightenment is the lemony flavor and a honey/floral flavor. Not the best flavors for this guy. Great quality, something vapers looking to test their tanks with, but not an all-day-vape.

Kiera: 5 Stars – I vaped this one eliquid in my Council of Vapor Wraith and about died when I saw how much vapor this juice creates. If you want to impress friends with the massive clouds your tank can produce, then you need to have a bottle of this stuff at the ready. As for flavor, Enlightenment has a nice blend of tart lemon and sweet honey, with just a hint of floral notes coming from the natural honey. I don’t think I would vape it every day, but for times when I need huge clouds to hide myself in, and I need a fresh palate flavor, I would turn to Enlightenment.

Jason: 4.75 Stars – Enlightenment caused the most rancor in our discussion of these eliquids. Strong opinions are good, and despite total agreement on the enormous amount of vapor this line can put out in a good sub-ohm tank, it was the flavor that divided us. Lemon and honey are good flavors to have in a cough drop, but not in an eliquid. Unfortunately for some, that’s what Enlightenment tasted like, lemon/honey cough drops. But not me, I taste that lemon and honey, but the flavor tastes natural and clean. I loved it. I’m not about to add it to my daily rotation, but yea, I’ll keep a bottle around for times when I need a fresh vape.


The Lazy Iguana

After rummaging through our garden and having its favorite treat of vine ripe strawberries, tasty kiwis, and tropical guava, this Iguana crawls back up the tree and basks in the sun.” – Kind Juice

Julia: 4.5 – I so wanted to love this e-nectar! Kind Juice line of e-nectars are fantastic, and the flavors are so creative and delicious. But as I have said many times before, Kiwi and guava are not flavors I can enjoy at all. Unfortunately, the Kiwi and guava are very much present, and they overtake the organic strawberry flavor from the get-go. Great name, great quality, and if you like Kiwi and/or guava flavors, this one is a must. If you don’t, well, you’ve been warned.

Tom: 4 Stars – Kind Juice never has a quality issue, no matter what eliquid they are working with. Quality is a given. But I have to question their selection of flavors in the lazy iguana. Strawberries, Kiwi, and Guava? I’m sure some people will love it, but it’s such a niche flavor I can’t see it as ever becoming a major player in their lineup. Their e-nectar line is full of great flavors, but the lazy iguana is too selective for me.

Kiera: 4.75 – I agreed with Tom and Jason that Kiwi’s and Guava are limited in their appeal to a wide audience, but if Kind Juice were in this business to reach as many vapers as possible they might not be in the organic eliquid business at all. Organic eliquids are not every vaper’s cup of tea, and further limiting the appeal using exotic fruits like kiwi or guava isn’t the best way to build a flagship flavor. Then again, there are Vapers like me, Vapers that enjoy the exploration of exotic flavors. The Lazy Iguana isn’t going to be a massive hit with everyone, but the scrumptious combination of fresh strawberries, lively kiwi, and earthy guava is a beautiful ‘road less taken’ flavor that I plan to vape often enough to keep a bottle in my collection.

Jason: 4 – Eliquids like The Lazy Iguana serve to remind me that this team of eliquid “connoisseurs” might not be all that much true connoisseurs. When it comes right down to it, we are all more apt to enjoy every-day eliquids, organic or not. Fine, Kiera really does love strange flavors, and Julia will venture into the unknown as well to a lesser degree, but kiwi and guava mixed with strawberry is too far for me to go.

After spending about an hour with The Lazy Iguana I ditched the tank and grabbed both Sweet Carolina and Liberty Bell and remained with them for the rest of the review period.

Vape Gear Used

Julia: Reuleaux 2/3 – Freemax Starre PURE – .3Ω

Tom: Lost Vape Triade – Starre Pure and SMOK TFV8 – 0.18Ω

Kiera: eLeaf iPower and Aspire EVO tank – Council of Vapor Wraith

Jason: Lost Vape Halycon DNA200 Squonk –

Kind Juice Vape Juice Pricing

The is no easy way to say it; Kind Juice 100% Organic vape juice e-Nectars is expensive. 15ml bottles are $13.99, 30mL are $24.99.  Tobacco Ridge is sold only in 30mL bottles and are priced at $25.99. The sub-Element line starts are $26.99 for 30mL and $39.99 for 60mL.

Is the pricing for Kind Juice Vape Juice justified? That depends. If you don’t care if the eliquid you vape is 100% organic then no, it’s not worth the cost. Save a lot of money and buy from budget eliquid producers like Vapor Soul. We know a lot of Vapers that enjoy Vapor Soul, and the cost of vaping this highly artificial and less than USP grade ingredients, the cost is less than a fifth of Kind Juice.

But if you do want 100% organic, then the pricing is definitely worth it.

The Tobacco Ridge line, though expensive at $25.99 for 30mL glass bottles, is in our opinion very much worth the cost. These are wicked expensive vape juice to produce, contain pure N.E.T.’s which is itself a very expensive process, and aging and filtering and storing takes money. The process, if you care about it, is worth every penny. As you have seen, the two Choice Award winners are eliquids we will have no problem paying full-boat for.

However, it must also be said that while the entire team enjoys most of the Tobacco Ridge line, the $25.99 cost for this pure organic vape juice makes it too costly to vape all day, every day. Tobacco Ridge is a line of vape juice we take out and enjoy like many people save their 20 year old scotch.

Kind Juice Vape Juice Conclusion

Had this review been restricted to the Tobacco Ridge line there would be more Spinfuel Choice Awards given. The Tobacco Ridge lineup is a spectacular direction for Kind Juice, and two out of the three flavors are wonderful and very gratifying. Looking at the rest of Tobacco Ridge the only clunker I see without vaping them first is the clove flavor, Indonesian Clove. The others, they sound fantastic, as the reality was for Liberty Bell and Sweet Carolina. All of us are delighted that Kind Juice went down this particular tobacco road.

Enlightenment  vape juice is definitely something cloud chasers should try, as well as the other flavors in the Sub Element line. But, for flavor, it was hit and miss.

The Kind Juice e-Nectar line are best sellers, and have been since the company launched. We’re fans of many of the flavors in this line, but The Lazy Iguana didn’t do well, except for Kiera, who is always pushing the envelope on the exotic vape juice.

There was never any doubt that Kind Juice is a superb vape juice creator. The ingredients are always the best of the best. The expensive labeling, glass bottles, and the rest that make up the presentation of Kind Juice Vape Juice adds to the entire vape experience of Kind Juice.

The best takeaway from this review is our strong recommendation of the Tobacco Ridge line. If you enjoy tobacco flavors you will love Sweet Carolina and Liberty Bell. You might even love their Cuban Cigar flavor, Viva La Libertad. If we all enjoyed that rich, luscious Cuban Cigar flavor it too would have been awarded with the Spinfuel Choice Award. It was close.

Kind Juice Vape Juice is available in many fine Vape Shops, and online at

Julia Hartley-Barnes, Tom McBride, Kiera Hartley-Barnes and Jason Little, the Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team