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Keys to the Kingdom

by Beth Neuling

Too often I see people turn their noses up at vaping, saying “it just doesn’t work“. It makes me sadder than a dog with no bone because the statement can actually be translated to one of three truths:

1) “I’m not ready to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.”

Yes, folks. Most vapers came from smoking. And every smoker had at least one friend/relative who relentlessly lectured and cajoled for a smoke free comrade. Some people just aren’t ready yet. And that has to be ok. The magic of vaping is the freedom and choices we find again – from nicotine levels to when and where and how often.

These animals are usually found in the smoking section and follow up their initial disdainful comments with “I’m no quitter!

The only proper response here is to sigh heavily in remembrance of our own slavery to Big Tobacco and wish them well. Perhaps a genuine offer to help if they ever do find themselves ready would be nice. No more. No less.

2) “I don’t know enough about vaping or I have been misinformed.” *gasp* You mean to tell me that people are bombarded with propaganda and misinformation regarding such amazing little steam engines with the capacity to save lives?! Yes. Sad, I know, but true.

These cats are found everywhere from the parking lot to Capitol Hill. Their follow up is usually “Do you even know what’s in those things?” Or “isn’t vaping worse for your health than smoking?

I like to hurl accurate and up to date information at them. It causes only minimal flesh wounds to the ego, and can turn a two into a three faster than a zombie on a paraplegic when paired with healthy doses of humor, humility, and manners (because being rude and condescending never makes for a productive day). Do try this at home.

3) “I have used the wrong devices and/or liquids and have not found the vape that works for me.”

These gems are usually found with one or more vapors and may have even been hit with some information they didn’t see coming when they were a two. Their initial disappointments are generally followed by “my friend loves his!” Or “Ive tried one or two and they just werent the same.”

A number three is my instant BFF because they can chase the vape with wild success given only a little patience and exposure.

There are four keys to the vaping kingdom for a number three. Used together they open up a world of flavors and devices that are only limited by our own imagination.

The first key is the one that is easiest to explore and get a three excited about – flavor. An analog user coming away from ultra lights would likely find a cinnamon vape overpowering and obnoxious whereas a full flavor user might find the loveliest blueberry vape quite lacking. Some flavors you will experience more as you inhale (like most strawberries and cinnamons) while others are more prominent as you exhale (such as blueberry or gummy candy). To brighten exhale notes, breathe out slowly through your nose.

Next we explore nicotine strength. Someone who was smoking full flavor analogs may need the throat hit of an 18mg/ml while an ultralight user feels most comfortable at a 3mg/ml but finds that the nicotine content doesn’t satisfy the cravings. This step takes some patience and a willingness to keep trying. The trick is to balance nicotine strength and flavor so that your vape feels like you are smoking. Flavor is secondary, you just want something that hits your throat and chest similar to an analog while your body learns to trust the new delivery system for its nicotine. Try. Everything. Then try the good stuff again! (Words to live by, if you ask me.)

The third key to chasing the vape is battery life and utility. Finding yourself with no charged device is like being stranded on a desert island with a wet carton of cigarettes and no light! While some people may do well with a simple backup if they have access to a charger in their office all day, construction Bob on the 20th floor of a high rise mid-construction would find it useless. Where CEO Stan can rock a titanium and gold plated status symbol, Blue collar Joe and his wife on a camping vacation would do better with devices geared more toward rugged functionality. The secret here is to make your vape accommodate your life, not the other way around!

Key four is perhaps the most crucial – support. Whether it is someone in the online forums you’ve come to trust, a clog reviewer that seems to vape like you do, your local brick and mortar shop, or card night in your kitchen – find the people who can help you articulate what it is you’re searching for in your cloud and how to achieve it! One of the most amazing things about vaping is that it brings people together who, in real life, might never have crossed paths or had any common ground. Suddenly granny and punk alike are discussing the latest craze with enthusiasm as conservative business men and liberal conspiracy buffs are having impromptu cloud contests.

Keys three and four go hand in hand. This zone is where sub-ohm tanks and temperature control are born – when vapers unite to solve the vapey problems of their fellow man to find the unicorn of vapes.

You have the keys to the kingdom, friends. Vape safe. Vape happy. It’s a jungle out there!


Beth is the mother of two beautiful children and a partner at Jungl-E-Juice of Louisville, KY. Beth will be joining the team with regular columns on a regular basis. Please welcome Beth to the family of Spinfuelers. – Dave