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Heat Resistant Vape Cotton From Kendo

by J. C. Martin, III


Kendo Vape Cotton – The Healthier Choice of Vape Cotton

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Kendo Vape Cotton – The Healthier Choice of Vape CottonWho could have ever guessed that vaping cotton can be heat resistant?  Kendo Vaping Cotton is, and it provides for the most wonderful vaping experience I have encountered, so far.  It lasts longer than organic cotton and does not burn so easily when e-juice gets lower or when I crank up the watts.  Its flavor is astounding, as there is a notable difference in this high quality cotton.  You should definitely give this stuff a try if you have not already.  It really makes a difference.  Kendo Vape Cotton is a selected Japanese organic cotton, and it is excellent.

Attributes and Specifications

  • 100% Japanese Organic Cotton
  • 100% Unbleached And Tasteless
  • Pesticide Free
  • Tasteless
  • Heat-Resistant
  • 2x Better Absorption
  • 2x Long Lasting
  • Flavor Retention
  • Ready To Use, No Boiling Needed
  • Specially Selected For Pleasure Vaping
  • Resistant To Higher Temperatures
  • Suitable For Higher Wattage Usage
  • Tested By Hardcore Vapors
  • Tested And Approved By SIRIM, Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia, a National Organization Entrusted By The Malaysian Government For Standards Of Quality
  • 0% Traces Of Pesticides Or Bleaching Agent According To MARDI, The Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute

Directions For Use

  1. Ensure that the cotton is fit snug inside the coil.
  2. Prime and soak the cotton thoroughly, allowing the cotton to absorb e-juice.
  3. Fire your mod for two seconds.
  4. Prime the cotton again.
  5. Vape and enjoy.

Photos and Thoughts

Here are a few photos I took when I first tried out this amazing Kendo Vape Cotton, my favorite Japanese organic cotton.  The photo below is of two packages and an information sheet on Kendo Vape Cotton.

Kendo Vape Cotton – The Healthier Choice of Vape Cotton

These next two photos are of a single package of Kendo Japanese Organic Vaping Cotton and an REM RDA which I used to test the cotton with.  The RDA has air holes on the top of it.  The coils installed in the RDA came with it and work great.

Kendo Vape Cotton – The Healthier Choice of Vape Cotton Kendo Vape Cotton – The Healthier Choice of Vape Cotton

This next photo shows an entire package of Kindo Vape Cotton opened with some of it installed in a steel REM RDA.  The cotton feels and works just as nice as it looks in the picture.

Kendo Vape Cotton – The Healthier Choice of Vape Cotton

These last to photos show the REM RDA.  The one on the left was a photo taken to show the top-level air feed of the RDA, and the one on the right shows the REM RDA fully assembled.  The REM RDA is an awesome device, and Kendo Japanese Organic Vaping Cotton works magnificently within its coils.

Kendo Vape Cotton – The Healthier Choice of Vape Cotton Kendo Vape Cotton – The Healthier Choice of Vape Cotton

The Word “Kendo”

“Kendo” is the ancient Japanese word for sword fighting with bamboo sticks.  It is a form of martial arts still practiced to this day, and highly resembles “fencing” in both regalia and technique, as contestants wear wired masks.  They also wear thick, protective fabric.  The expensive full-body garmentry can be seen on the Kendo Vape Cotton Website.  The bamboo swords used in kendo are called “shinai,” and the protective armor is called “bogo.”  Kendo competitions and bouts are held in many nations across the planet.


Kendo Vape Cotton is a high quality organic cotton which vapes better than other cottons.  I surprisingly like it even more than silica wick, as it is easier to work with and resists heat more.  The cotton is cultivated in Japan and is a select variety of organic cotton preferred by experience from people who are serious vaping enthusiasts.  The process which goes into the production of the high quality organic cotton renders the product to be completely safe for use.  Kendo Vape Cotton can withstand higher temperatures, higher wattage usages, lasts longer, and holds e-juice saturation better than other cottons.  If you are going to vape with some cotton, Kendo Vape Cotton is your best choice.  I vape with it and agree with the information in this review.  It really does provide for a better vaping experience and is even a great choice for macro coil vaping.

About Kendo Vape Cotton

As mentioned, Kendo Vape Cotton is cultivated and processed for vaping in Japan from a select species of Japanese cotton.  The cotton is sent from and tested by two agencies in Malaysia.  Its manufacturers are dedicated to providing the world of vaping with the best Japanese organic cotton possible, and they take pride in remaining the enthusiasts who do so.  The cotton got its name, “Kendo Vaping Cotton,” from the idea that it is tough and resistant to external forces, just as the protective “bogo” attire is from bamboo shaft blows during competitive bouts.  We are thankful for this high quality, specially selected and processed, Japanese organic cotton.  Thank you for reading and vape on.

Rating:  5 of 5 Stars