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Review: Kayfun Lite by SvoëMesto – Courtesy of VapeRev

Its not every day that I find a vaping product that impresses me. This day is different. Not only did I find one that I’m impressed with, but I found one that I’m willing to tell everyone about. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the Kayfun Lite by SvoëMesto.

I received the Kayfun lit from Spinfuel eMagazine, my place of employment. (I’m the Spinfuel Forum Admin). It was obtained from VapeRev. When it arrived it was in this plain white box not much bigger than the device itself. A plain white box! In a day where vendors are starting to use elaborate packaging, SvoëMesto chose to use a plain white box. Inside this box however was a beautiful brushed stainless steel RBA (rebuildable atomizer).

I like the idea of an RBA. They have such great potential.  But notice I said ‘like’ and not ‘love’. I only ‘like’ them because most can be a pain in the rear to build, and for no more than better than average output. I would ‘love’ them if building them were a little easier to build and if they put out a bit more than they actually do. Don’t get me wrong, most RBA’s put mass production tanks and clearomizers to shame, but when you consider the money involved I think they should perform a bit better than they do.

As I pulled the RBA from the box I noticed was it was all gorgeous stainless steel. But Hey, where’s the glass tank? Where’s the-why don’t they ever include instructions? After doing a search on the Internet I came to find out that the Kayfun Lite does not always come with a clear tank. I also found an instruction video on how to set it up. (Note* – Dave did not send the glass tank because it was misplaced. Sorry about that. – ed.)

Time to dive in to the nitty-gritty of this RBA. The Kayfun Lite breaks down into 8 pieces, including the replaceable drip tip. This is a well-built, solid device. The threads on each piece are smooth as butter. Setting it up is a breeze, if you can wrap a coil. The Kayfun Lite has two screws that are used to attach the coil. One of the screws is the positive and the other is the negative. They are easy to reach and even easier to attach to. I know what you’re thinking, “Big deal! It’s another rebuildable atomizer! What makes this one so different that you are compelled to write about it?”

I am glad you asked.

The Kayfun Lite uses silica wicks to hold the juice in the vaporizing chamber. It does not use the wicks to actually wick the eLiquid from the tank. What it does do is use is two small channels cut in the bottom of the tank. When you take a drag of the Kayfun Lite it creates a vacuum. This vacuum pulls eLiquid through these two small channels. The eLiquid is then passed to the silica wicks, thus creating wicks that are never dry.

After having the Kayfun for a few days, and using it exclusively, I have had only one dry hit. The one dry hit was completely my own fault because I had let the tank run dry. This brings me to another point that I should mention. Since the Kayfun Lite uses a vacuum to move the juice, it can be a mess when filling. The vacuum is the only thing holding the eLiquid in place. If you break that vacuum the eLiquid will drip out of the air hole. If you’re a neat freak, the Kayfun Lite may not be for you.

With every tank, cartomizer, or RBA that I get I test it out with my DIY black licorice eLiquid. I always make my own eLiquid very strong, due to the fact that many devices mute the flavor way too much. After building a 2.2ohm coil and filling the tank, I placed the Kayfun Lite on my ProVari. I set it to 4 volts. I took a 4-5 second pull and was amazed at the plume of vapor it produced. What amazed me most was the taste. With the Kayfun Lite I actually needed to tone the taste down. I am pretty sure that after just a couple pulls I had lost some taste buds. It’s a dang good thing I have spares.

In the end, I have found the Kayfun Lite to be an easy-to-build atomizer that produces better than average results. Way better.

Well constructed
Easy to rebuild
Better than average vapor production
Better than average taste
Replaceable drip tip
Price. The two site I found stocking these list the price at $110
Uses vacuum seal. (Can get messy if seal is broken)

Given the price the Kayfun Lite ($110) may not be for everyone. I would recommend it to anyone who has extra vaping allowance or is looking for that one favorite RBA that they would want to use all the time.

I love my Kayfun Lite and will continue to use it often, or until I find the next best thing…and there is always “the next big thing”.

Steven Kaderabek