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Kanger TOGO Mini AIO Starter Kit Review

Kanger TOGO Mini AIO Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The most difficult aspect of this job as a Reviewer of Vape Gear is the actual shifting of gears. Using a 4x cell 350W box mod (SMOK GX350) and an ultra-low resistance powerhouse Sub-Ohm tank (TFV12 Cloud Beast King) in my everyday life, and having to downgrade to a mod/tank that is drastically less powerful can be demanding. And when you specialize in writing reviews for high wattage, low resistance pieces of vape gear, it takes a huge amount of discipline to not dismiss something like the Kanger TOGO Mini AIO Starter Kit out of hand. ($29.99 Vapor Authority)

I am in no way being disrespectful to the Kanger TOGO Mini, or the people that are attracted to devices like this, far from it. Anyone kicking the tobacco habit can use any mod and tank they want and still come out lightyears ahead. It’s just hard to keep the performance between a powerful setup and one designed for new vapers separate in my head. But, spending two weeks getting to the know the Kanger TOGO Mini (not exclusively of course), I’ve come realize that not everyone needs a high wattage mod and low resistant tank in order to enjoy a very decent vape.

About the Kanger TOGO Mini

The Kanger TOGO Mini is a new, very affordable All-In-One Starter Kit with an internal tank capacity of 3.8mL, and is engineered to use a direct voltage output method to power to coils in the tank. The built-in battery has a milliamp rating of 1600, but can be recharged at 1A for a fast recharge cycle.

The Direct Voltage Output is based on the resistance of the coil and charge level of the battery, and can power a minimum atomizer resistance of 0.15 ohms. The Kanger TOGO system displays the battery life to user from a small LED screen consisting of five LEDs in a vertical arrangement.

Kanger TOGO Mini AIO Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The internal tank of the Kanger TOGO Mini is placed next to Kanger’s chipset. The user fills the tank through a threaded top-fill system (removing the entire head of the tank at the drip tip). The coil is the based on the CLOCC coil family that shipped with the CUPTI AIO devices. The TOGO ships with a 0.5Ω SS316L coil and a 1.0Ω NiChrome MTL coil. I’ll get into the flavor fidelity and vapor production later.

The Kanger TOGO Mini is very compact and simple to use. There are no adjustments to be made, all the user needs to do is fill the tank, allow it to saturate the coils, and vape.

Feature Highlights

I expected the tank to be a high-grade plastic and was surprised to see that it was glass. Not that anyone could easily shatter the glass, Kanger includes an extra glass tank just in case.

Direct Voltage Output is automatically adjusted when the onboard chip reads the resistance of the coil. In the case of the Joyetech UNIMAX 22 and 25, the tank can use a lot more power than the battery allowed, causing our Reviewer some disappointment in the performance of the battery part of the UNIMAX Starter Kits. When I learned that the Kanger TOGO was powered by the same method I began to wonder if Kanger would fall prey to the same underpowered method. Thankfully Kanger got it mostly right. (I’ll get to performance in the Real World section below)

Kanger TOGO Mini AIO Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The Kanger TOGO Mini was designed with simplicity in mind, and for users that do not care about the intricacies of customizing a vape. It is here where Kanger succeeds. The Kanger TOGO is a terrific starter kit to give someone who has begun to think about giving up smoking. It doesn’t get any easier than the TOGO.

The Kanger TOGO Mini uses the Top-Down coil system, meaning that the e-juice reservoir is in a cup-like tank, eliminating leaking. But the atomizer coil comes down from the top of the unit, and to refill the tank the user will need to remove the entire piece, from the drip-tip down. When refilling the user removes the entire top and fills to the line etched into the body next to the glass tank. Filling beyond that line guarantees an overflow of eliquid, so be careful.

The adjustable airflow control is also at the top of the device. By rotating the airflow wheel clockwise or counter-clockwise, the user can increase the volume of air or decrease it.

Real World Report

After fully charging the battery and making sure the 3.8mL tank was full and the coil saturated I took my first Direct Lung hit using the 0.5Ω SS316L coil. The flavor was better than I hoped it would be (for stainless steel), and the vapor production was shockingly good. After a couple of good ‘hits’ I was duly impressed. The urge to hand out a grade of an A+ was right there at the tip of fingers, but I held back, and decided to see what happens moving forward.

Kanger TOGO Mini AIO Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Never let your first experience with a mod, tank, coil, or eliquid dictate your final decision. Good or bad, the initial experience will likely be different after some proper usage. The Kanger TOGO starts off with a bang, but because the Direct Voltage Output is affected by the battery charge level, so as the battery loses power, the voltage output changes. Simply put, the vape from the Kanger TOGO is damn satisfying while the battery has at least 80% of the charge, and as time goes on the size of vapor clouds and the dense flavor will lessen.

With the 1Ω NiChrome coil I was forced to use a Mouth to Lung vaping style, much the way cigarette smokers smoke; inhale in the mouth, then inhale again into the lungs. Even with the airflow wide open the 1Ω coil creates a tight draw that won’t allow a Direct Lung hit. I don’t enjoy the flavor from NiChrome wire and I certainly don’t enjoy MTL vaping, so I spent as little time as possible with this coil. If you are a smoker and picking up the TOGO to try it out, use the 1Ω NiChrome coil first to replicate the feel of smoking, then after a few days switch it out to the 0.5Ω coil and try Direct Lung vaping, it is more satisfying.

Battery Life

With the 0.5Ω Stainless Steel coil and Direct Lung vaping I could vape for about an hour or so before the performance was too poor to continue. The recharge time was also about an hour, so that evened out.  No matter how you slice it, the battery is just 1600mAh, if someone is telling you the battery lasts all day they either vape incredibly sparingly or are simply not telling the truth. If the same person tells you the quality of the vape stays the same throughout the battery charge they must be taking split-second hits from the drip tip, or lying.. We have to be real here, this is not a powerful mod, nor is it meant to be. The Kanger TOGO is a starter kit for people just starting out.

Kanger TOGO Mini AIO Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Vapor Authority sells the Kanger TOGO for $29.99, a minor investment to be sure, and the cost is affordable to any smoker paying $7 a pack for cigarettes. It is also affordable as a gift for someone you know that is still smoking, an incentive to get them to try vaping. Once they see that vaping can be more satisfying than smoking ever was, and 95% safer, they will soon upgrade to something with more power, and something with a longer battery life, or better yet, replaceable batteries. WISMEC Reuleaux Mini Kit

Bottom Line

The Kanger TOGO is a beginner’s box mod, no more and no less. I can see some advanced vapers keeping one around for times when a stealth vape is a must, or even as a driving mod. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been vaping with my high wattage, low resistance vape gear and blinded my windshield with vapor so thick it scared the hell out of me, so yea, in certain situations a mod like the TOGO makes sense.

For what the Kanger TOGO Mini is, I would grade it as a solid B+. As an all-in-one device, there are far better ones out there, but they cost a little more and are usually larger then this tiny palm-sized box.

Grade: B+

“The Kanger TOGO is a good-looking beginner’s all in one box mod. The glass tank is a pleasant surprise, and the top-down coil structure keeps spitback to a minimum, though it can, and does, spit back at times. For a “first mod” it’s not a bad buy. As a backup or driving mod, it’s a good buy. It is what it is, know that before buying one and you’ll be fine.”

Kanger TOGO Mini AIO Starter Kit Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Kiera Hartley-Barnes

Kanger TOGO Mini Features:

  • All In One System (AIO)
    • Side by Side Design
    • 1600 mAh Integrated Battery
      • 1A Micro USB Charge Port
    • Direct Voltage Output
      • Output Based on Resistance and Battery State
      • On and Off Capable
      • 15 ohm Minimum Atomizer Resistance
    • Minimalist LED Battery Life Screen
      • Five Vertical LEDs Display Battery Life
    • Dual Adjustable Top Airflow
      • 10mm by 2mm Each Air slot
    • Threaded Top Fill System
      • 8ml Tank Capacity
      • Removable Tank Section
        • Convenient Cleaning and Maintenance
      • CLOCC Atomizer Family
        • Vertical Coil Structure
        • SS316L Heating Element
          • 5 ohm
          • 15 to 40W
        • NiChrome Heating Element
          • 0 ohm
          • 7 to 15W
        • Single Button Operation
        • 9mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip
        • Zinc Alloy Chassis
        • Low Resistance/Low Battery/10 Second Overdraw/Over-Temperature Protection

Kanger TOGO Mini Kit Includes:

  • One Kanger TOGO Mini Starter Kit
    • One 0.5 ohm SS316L Coil
    • One 1.0 ohm NiChrome Coil
  • Additional Glass Tank Section
  • One Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual


Kanger TOGO Mini Kit Specifications:

Manufactured by: Kangertech

Body Material: Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Blend

Tank Material: Pyrex Glass (Borosilicate)

Battery Capacity: 1,600 mAh

E-Juice Capacity: 3.8ml

Available Colors: Black, Red, Orange

Height: 3.01 Inches (76.5mm)

Width: 1.73 Inches (44mm)

Depth: 0.88 inches (22.5mm)