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ProTank 2 Review

We (as in the Spinfuel Staff) did not much care for the original ProTank by Kanger. It’s airy draw, permanent metal drip tip, and excessive weight was too annoying. (Read Our Review of the ProTank 1 Here )We bought more than enough of them and wound up tossing them in the trash within 2 weeks. Pyrex glass be damned, if it isn’t going to provide the kind of vape we want we’re not going to use it. So when the ProTank 2 was announced, and then shipped, our hopes weren’t very high. The end result of being disappointed with the ProTank was taking our sweet time reviewing the ProTank II. Boy, was that ever a mistake.

Do Over Time

Kanger is getting a near complete do-over with the ProTank II, and just about everything we didn’t like about the ProTank has been changed. It’s still a Pyrex glass tank, but so much has been improved it’s difficult to call this a ProTank at all. It sure didn’t take very long to for Kanger to try and undo the problems of the ProTank 1.

What’s been updated?

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews The Kanger ProTank IIFirst, the ProTank II is glue-free, thank God. All the components of the ProTank 2 come apart, and can be easily replaced by purchasing individual pieces. It’s been fitted with a stronger base (and makes a great tank to sit atop the monster sized Innokin iTaste 134 by the way), and there is no more fear that you’ll tip over you PV and break the ProTank off at the base. Best of all, the metal permanent drip tip is no more! Now you can use just about any 510-fitted drip tip as your heart desires. That right there makes the ProTank 2 a major upgrade.

Standard Features

While some of us (not I) were attempting to find a way to live with the ProTank we heard that we could get a better draw from it if we replaced the coil head with the heads from a Kanger EVOD. It worked! Kanger must have thought so too because now you can use both ProTank 1 and EVOD replaceable heads with their blessing.

Naturally, it’s a bottom coil, so it wicks well, the Pyrex glass is seems to be the same thickness, it holds 2.5ML of eLiquid (a little more really), and since there is no glue to be found it looks cleaner, more polished, more “pro”.

Real World Usage

When you get right down to it, the ProTank 2 is what the ProTank 1 should have been. I still wish the draw was just a little bit stiffer, but there are plenty of people who felt the ProTank 1’s draw was fine, so this is something I’ll have to deal with.  It is better though.

Filling the tank is the same as the ProTank, EVOD, or MT3, unscrew the bottom, tilt, drip in the eLiquid, and be careful not to fill above the center post, screw the bottom back on and go.

If I’m not using a standard clearomizer I’m using a carto-tank, so the simplicity of filling a Kanger Clearomizer can’t be beat. Some advice: if you do happen to get a few drops of juice into the center post you’re going to hear some gurgling on the inhale. If you do, just unscrew it from the battery, blow through the drip tip until you can’t see or hear any juice being blown out the other side, dry off the battery connector, and screw it back on.

On two separate occasions I made the same mistake with the ProTank II that I did with the ProTank 1, I tightened it too tightly onto my battery and when I attempted to unscrew the ProTanks I didn’t keep my fingers on the bottom piece and wound up unscrewing the glass tank off the bottom and eLiquid leaked everywhere. I’m thinking they might want to maybe make the bottom ring a different color for dummies like me that forget to hold onto the bottom while unscrewing. I am truly fortunate that it happened only twice. But it was MY fault, not the fault of the ProTanks.

Kanger Atty heads last about 7-15 days, depending on how you use them, and for the past month I did get the upper number of days out of them. In my opinion the 1.8ohm burnt out just a little faster than the 2.5ohm (you can use either one), and at $1.50-$1.75 apiece that’s not bad.

Because the ProTank II can be completely disassembled you can buy replacement parts (MyVaporStore stocks them), and when I mean everything I mean everything; even the 0-Rings can be replaced. I get great seals on everything, and so far haven’t had the cause to replace anything yet, so I am very pleased with the quality of the ProTank 2.

All in all, the ProTank II is a major improvement over the ProTank and it’s finally something I can use consistently. There’s a lot of benefit to using a ProTank II over several other options, including the ability to ‘top off’ the tank without worrying about losing any eLiquid while doing so. I am picking up several more of these so that I can set up a series of my favorite eLiquids and have the option of switching out anytime I want. That is something I just couldn’t do with a carto-tank. My advice if you want to do this keep your filled tanks in a dark and cool place. eLiquid will steep fast in a tank, so if you don’t use up the eLiquid in the tanks within a week the juice will spoil. Trust me.

Spinfuel eMagazine Reviews The Kanger ProTank II

Bottom Line

If you liked the ProTank 1 you’ll have even more reason to love the ProTank II and if you didn’t like the ProTank 1 for some of the same reasons we didn’t like it, you too will be happy to see the many improvements that were made. Chances are you’ll be every bit as happy as I am.

I’ve begun working on a 100% VG eLiquid review yesterday and decided to try the eJuice in the ProTank II. It worked so well that a couple of the new ones I have coming will be passed around to the team so that they too have something that vapes 100% VG eJuice like a champ. If you’re a heavy VG Vaper you should be looking at this as the solution to problematic vaping.

MyVaporStore has the ProTank 2 in stock for $21.86. That is roughly $3 more than the original ProTank. If you’re happy with the ProTank 1 then why spend the extra money for the ProTank II, but if you were disappointed with the ProTank then the extra $3 is worth the price. The ProTank II makes up for a lot, and it proves that Kanger can react fast to unhappy reports from the vaping community. They didn’t just throw together a barely improved tank, they got a complete re-do, and they didn’t waste it.

Buying Advice? See above… but yea, it’s worth $22.

Tom McBride