Last Updated on November 14, 2023 by Team Spinfuel

The Cold Open And The Kanger KBox

THE COLD OPEN PRESENTS… The Kanger KBox. A somewhat inexpensive box mod. The Kanger KBOX uses of an aluminum chassis for a lightweight and durable experience. It’s compact, and kind of stealthy so you can take it and use it just about anywhere. The KBox feels comfortable in your hand throughout the day. I believe it was made as a companion piece for the Subtank line.

The Kanger KBOX features a preset wattage setting that you to click a tiny button and go to  8W, 13W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 35W or 40W with a series of simple clicks. You do not dial in the wattage (power), you scale up through the presets. The KBOX can fire all atomizer coils from 0.4 ohm and up. The Kanger Subtank series work very well, but you can also get good performance from the Aspire Atlantis or Joyetech Delta 2…

The KBox also features a floating PIN, although the printed manual does not indicate it. You’ll see in the video how the PIN adjusts to pressure, giving many tanks a nice, flush, and secure connection to the device.

The Kanger KBox features a heat dissipation hole, short circuit, and over-current production. The KBOX requires an 18650 high amp battery (at least 30amps). The battery is easy to replace with the smooth threading between the battery and the end cap.

Expected street date is March 15th, give or take a few days, and will sell for $27-$39 dollars. You will need at least one battery and charger. The KBox does not have a USB port.

Look for a written review in a couple of weeks, after I’ve had the chance to use and abuse it. For now, I’d say it’s a good device, though not as inexpensive as the price indicates, unless of course you have the batteries and the charger already, then its a good deal.

John Manzione – Publisher