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Kanger Arymi Gille Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Kanger Arymi Gille Sub-Ohm Tank

Kanger released their Arymi line of vape products in the summer of 2016. While the Arymi Gille Sub-Ohm Tank isn’t their first atomizer under the new subsidiary name (check out Julia’s review of the Arymi Armor Tank), the new re-wickable EOCC coil structure and unique quad airflow construction shows a ton of promise. There are only a few successful vape products from Kanger that have gotten routine use in my daily vape endeavor such as the DripBox 160 Squonker Kit so I wasn’t jumping out of my chair about the Arymi Gille Tank. Seeing the design and the new EOCC (Ease of use Organic Cotton Coil) coil, I was reminded of the Digiflavor Espresso GST (Genesis Sub-Ohm Tank) with a similar coil design but a failed attempt at best. I was expecting a better vape experience from the Arymi Gille Sub-Ohm Tank. Is it any better or just another innovative failure?

Kanger Arymi Gille Sub-Ohm Tank - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Observing the familiar Kanger packaging, I came upon the first Red Flag of the review. On the back of the Arymi Gille Tank packaging reads, “Caution: Do not vape the GILLE more frequently.” Excuse me? So Kanger is telling me to moderately vape this new Sub-Ohm Tank I just purchased? Confused but optimistic, I opened the Gille Tank with an open mind. One of the standout traits I was constantly coming across is the Arymi Gille Tank produces 99% less condensation than most tanks. Surprisingly, this statement is accurate based on overall vape time with the tank; over 3 weeks. The way the vapor reaches the drip tip (through two slots versus straight from the coil), I haven’t had any condensation issues whatsoever.

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The Arymi Gille Sub-Ohm Tank by Kanger is 22mm in diameter and breaks down into six total pieces, which makes cleaning every square millimeter a breeze. Available in Black, Silver and the one I received White, the paint feels durable and should last you for many sessions to come. The 510 threads are smooth and tightened down on the few Box Mods I used (mainly the SMOK KOOPER Mini 2 Box Mod since it’s White) and haven’t had any problems with connectivity.

The Arymi Gille Tank is technically a top-fill that was confusing during my initial examination. The User Manual does a horrible job explaining how to use and properly fill the 3ml reservoir but that’s what I’m here to do; figure things out for our readers! Unscrewing the Top Cover (both the Top Cover and Coil Cover have knurling so removing is a piece of cake) that holds the drip tip in place, there are two decent sized crescent-shaped fill slots which serve no real purpose except when priming a brand-new coil. Unscrewing the Coil Cover removes the coil with it giving you access to the base. Just dump your eJuice right into the hole up to the Max line indicated on the Coil Base housing. I’ve filled the tank completely full several times and never got any gurgling or leaking. I originally thought removing the coil while doused in eJuice would cause a mess but the coil fits snugly into the base and squeegees itself when taking it out. All the threads feel smooth and I never had any hesitation when removing or tightening any piece on the Arymi Gille Tank.

Kanger Arymi Gille Sub-Ohm Tank - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The four 2.5mm airflow holes that feed air through four individual pipes aiming directly at the coil creates a turbine-cooling property. The airflow is super smooth even with it being non-adjustable but the top section does and will get very hot when vaping heavily. Unfortunately, the flavor doesn’t get good until the coil and tank heat up after several pulls. The vapor is lackluster when sitting idle but once warmed up, the coil and cotton get warmer improving flavor and providing denser warmer clouds. The 13.5mm Delrin drip tip is press-fit and held in place by a single thick O-ring (it is not 510 drip tip compatible). Spit back is non-existent since you’re not exposed directly to the coil under the drip tip. Instead there are two small slots carved out in the Top Cover that the vapor comes through.

The EOCC (Ease of use Organic Cotton Coil) coil heads that come included with the Arymi Gille Sub-Ohm Tank utilize a non-threading compression system that relies on compressing the coil down to ensure a stable connection. Having such a large heating element allows for enormous cotton surface area touching your eJuice which essentially improves flavor and vapor production. With the tank at or below room temperature, flavor falls way behind a typical Sub-Ohm Tank coil head. It takes some heat for the cotton to expand, the coil gets broken in and flavor starts to get much better. I don’t get any spit back but I do get some eJuice in my mouth when taking stronger pulls.

Kanger Arymi Gille Sub-Ohm Tank - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

The preinstalled EOCC Kanthal 0.2Ω NotchCoil (two extra coil heads are also included) is made of very thin, extremely flimsy material but decent for such a low-price point. The diameter of the coil is 5.4mm, is 23.8mm tall and has a NotchCoil built into the structure towards the top which is where the airflow tubes point to. With a ton of cotton exposed for maximum eJuice exposure and a power rating of 20W-40W, the vapor I was exerting out was impressive. Anything under 40W, the vapor production was scarce and the flavor completely muted. It was almost like vaping tasteless high-VG eJuice! The 40W maximum is dead on since even a watt or two above gives me a cottony burnt taste.

The saving grace for the 0.2Ω Kanthal coil heads is they’re re-wickable. After removing the preinstalled cotton that was stuffed tightly into the coil structure, I use some premium Native Wicks Platinum Blend cotton and made sure it had some room to breathe. It’s very easy to wick since the diameter is almost twice the size of the standard 3mm coils I normally build with and vape. Just trim each end so there’s no extra cotton left hanging out and it’ll make a connection no problem. The flavor did improve after re-wicking it not so tight but still doesn’t compare to the 0.5Ω NiChrome coil heads you can purchase additionally. With the right size drill bit or coiling rod, you could possibly create your own coils that’ll work in this type of tank. I’ll do some experimenting and if I’m successful I’ll post my findings in the comments below; a 20-wrap Clapton coil might do the trick.

Kanger Arymi Gille Sub-Ohm Tank - Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

Spinfuel HQ also sent along a 5-pack of the EOCC 0.5Ω NiChrome coil heads. I can honestly say these coil heads are ten times better than the included 0.2Ω Kanthal variations. They are a 4.7mm diameter coil that are about 22.5mm in length consisting of a spaced 22-24 gauge 20-wrap NiChrome coil. They come pre-wicked but can also be re-wicked. Nowhere on the box or the pack itself does it state the recommended wattage range but I thankfully found it on several vendor websites (25W-60W). Even though Kanger claims the coils are durable, you need to be careful because there’s no structure holding it together. If you pinch it one way or bend it another, it won’t fit properly in the base of the tank. After dropping the coil in place, screw the Top Cover down which compresses the coil, makes a solid connection and holds everything in place. Starting at the same 20W as the first round, I got no action until I reached closer to 40W. With a maximum recommended 60W, the coil head loves to snap, crackle and pop but provides enormous clouds of vapor. But that was also my sweet spot with large plumes and above average flavor. Comparing flavor to other 22mm Sub-Ohm Tanks (like the SMOK Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank), it really doesn’t come close.

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A major selling point for the Arymi Gille Sub-Ohm Tank by Kanger is the price, available under a $20 bill! No matter what coil head you choose to use, they can be re-wicked many times before having to replace them. Besides the flavor not comparing to other competing 22mm Sub-Ohm Tanks, I did find two different versions of the Arymi Gille Tank. The one I received came with shorter airflow tubes, knurling on the top sections, three 0.2Ω coil heads and no vape bands. The other version some are carrying comes with a different airflow tube design, no knurling, three 0.5Ω NiChrome coils and two vape bands. I was told one is a pre-release version and the other the final draft. But multiple vendors are selling either one or the other with no explanation. Also, the User Manual is horribly written and really doesn’t explain how to properly use the tank. Being a multi-million-dollar company, please hire someone else to write your manuals Kanger.

Available at MyVaporStore for $17.95

Final Grade – C+

“A great entry level Sub-Ohm Tank that brings something new to the table. Innovation aside, the flavor can’t match up to the more established coil designs we see with most Sub-Ohm Tanks. For under $20, the Arymi Gille Sub-Ohm Tank by Kanger will provide a fun, new vape experience; if you don’t mind just average flavor.”

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