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Julia Hartley-Barnes Reviews The Aerotank Mini


After getting a decent supply of Aerotank Mini’s from VaporAuthority (thanks Guys), I’ve been using one fairly steadily since. That being the case, how can I not sit down and write a dedicated review for the Mini? Look around, we never did one!

The Kanger Aerotank Mini is just one of 3 Aerotanks currently on the market (the Aerotank 2, which we just received, is considered a replacement for the Aerotank 1, so there are still 3 models)… the Aerotank, the Aerotank Mega, and the AeroThe Kanger Aerotank MINI Review Spinfuel eMagazinetank Mini. All three feature airflow controllers, which I believe is the future of all glassomizers.

Airflow controllers are hot right now for a reason; they improve the vape experience in a big way. Using a glassomizer or tank with an airflow controller means never having to complain about the “draw” again. In the past we’ve read, and written, about clearomizers with draws that were too loose and draws that were too tight. The problem is that without the controller you’re stuck with it, you can use it, give it away, or toss it in the trash. Not anymore.

Of course, Kanger doesn’t own the airflow controller feature. Today there is the Aspire Nautilus and sooner rather than later the new Joyetech Delta. You can even buy airflow controllers to use with your old ProTanks and other clearomizers/glassomizers so just about anyone can begin using this great new technology.

Kanger Aerotank-Mini clearomizer

Updated in Kanger Aerotank-Mini:

– Airflow control Ego base

– Food grade Stainless steel body

– Pyrex tank and Stainless tube, both replaceable

– Glue Free: All parts are now replaceable

– Can be fitted with just about any 510 Drip tip

– Coil works with Protank-3, Aerotank Mega, and EVOD glassomizer




– Replaceable Atomizer Heads

– Bottom Dual Coil 1.5ohm

– Pyrex Glass Tank and Stainless Tank

– 1.3ml eLiquid Capacity

Our friends over at Vapor Authority sell the Kanger Aerotank Mini for $25.99. Here’s what you can expect in the package:

1 x Kanger Aerotank Mini (Pyrex tank, top cap, bottom cap and Airflow control Ego base)

1 x 510 Drip tip

1 x Stainless Tube

1 x Glass Tube

2 x Dual coil 1.5ohm

The Kanger Aerotank MINI Review Spinfuel eMagazineUnlike the other Aerotanks, which include the v2 regular version and the Mega, the Aerotank Mini is not a 510 glassomizer. You’ll use this with eGo/Spinner batteries, or with an adapter for your larger mods. I know there has been some confusion with newer vapers believing that because the Aerotank they’re using is a 510-threaded glassomizer the Mini would be as well…that would be wrong. 😉

Although the Aerotank Mini has eGo threads instead of 510-threads keep in mind that many of the larger mods and APV’s are built to handle both 510 and eGo clearomizer/glassomizers. If your mod features eGo threads around the 510-thread you’ll be able to use the Mini more often than not. Some 510 devices that have outer eGo threads won’t be able to use the Aerotank Mini due to the depth and width of the well wall around the threads, so check that first before buying one if you intend to use it on a device larger than an eGo or Spinner battery.

Stainless Steel Tube and Glass Tube

I love where the whole glassomizer/tank tech is headed. The prices of all these high-tech devices are pretty high, but when you consider all the features and the performance, the prices are not that bad. Consider the Mini’s contents that include both a stainless steel tube to give you that “Look at me, I’m using a rebuildable!” and Pyrex glass for a transparent look and the no-worry attitude about using whatever eLiquid you want, including the highest and hottest cinnamon based eJuice and high citrus eJuice. I prefer the glass tube to the stainless steel, but should I ever feel like surrounding my eLiquid in steel I have that option… or if by chance I break the glass tank I can switch out the stainless steel until I can get a replacement Pyrex tube. (All the parts can be replaced.)

The Stainless Steel Drip Tip

I was certain that one of the first things I would do after getting my Aerotank Mini up and running would be to swap out the metal drip tip for a plastic or wooden one. Like most of the other Spinfuel Staffers metal drip tips ruin my vape experience. Well, it turns out that not ALL metal drip tips do that. Surprisingly the drip tips on all the Aerotanks are this matte-like finish stainless steel, and not only does it not bother me, it performs well and feels good. All along it was the chrome drip tips that caused me to dislike metal drip tips.The Kanger Aerotank MINI Review Spinfuel eMagazine

Also like the other Aerotanks the stainless steel drip tip is push type, so you push it into the end cap of the tank, and once it’s in, it’s in securely. The O-Ring does a nice job of creating a seal that not only keeps the drip tip on tightly, but also prevents any leaking that might occur.

Dual Coil Improvements

If you have any experience with past Kanger ProTanks you’ll notice right away that the coils have changed a lot in the Aerotank Mega and Mini. These Bottom Dual Coils have a thicker base, the wicks are virtually invisible, and the screw-into-the-base threads prevent gurgling and leaking better than ever. That’s not to say you’ll never experience leaking or gurgling sounds, but if you do it will be a rare occurrence. Because it is a bottom coil you can unscrew the base, lift out the coil head and check it to make sure it’s tight, or change it out altogether, even if you have a full tank of juice. Unlike the Aspire and X.Jet, as well as the forthcoming Joyetech C3, Kanger still features the atomizer post that slip up and into the center post of the tube. But the performance is every bit as good as the Aspire coil heads.

Real World Usage Report

I picked up a couple of Aerotank Mini’s because I’ve switched over to Aerotanks and Nautiluses full time, yet I still love to use a Spinner battery when I’m out and about running errands or shopping, or at a party. The Aerotank Mini provides all the performance improvements, including the airflow control and dual coils that I enjoy with the larger atomizers when using an eGo threaded battery. And let me tell you, an Aerotank Mini on a Spinner 2 looks great. It looks even better on the Joyetech eCom-C Twist or eGo Twist (because they are thinner than the Spinner 2).

The Test

The Kanger Aerotank MINI Review Spinfuel eMagazineI used the Aerotank Mini for a couple of days and loved the true flavor and powerful vapor production. When I told Keira about the performance and how, in my opinion, it can go toe to toe with the larger Aerotanks we decided to test it and see. Keira put an Aerotank Mega atop a ZMAX while I used my Aerotank Mini on a Spinner 2 and we ran some comparisons.

Both of vaped the new, reformulated Mountain Oak Vapors High-VG Chai Tea Latte in our test. We both vaped at 3.3v and again at 3.8v. The result was identical amounts of vapor and throat hit. We switched devices several times, Keira using the Spinner/Mini setup and me using the ZMAX/Mega setup and we both agreed that even the flavor was identical in both setups. And that makes perfect sense.

The bottom line is the only things that changed with the Aerotank Mini and Mega are the sizes of the tanks. Even the coil heads are the same model. (The regular size Aerotank uses a slightly different coil head, it’s the one used with ProTank 3, EVOD 2, and EVOD Glass.)

I know many people believed that when the Aerotank first came out it was nothing more than a Protank with an airflow controller. It took a couple of months before a lot of vapers understood that the Aerotank had several different specs and features they improved both the flavor and vapor output over any ProTank.

Buying Advice

You won’t catch me, or anyone else I know, buying a Protank ever again. The Aerotank line is a much better glassomizer/tank then even the best of the Protanks. The Protank 3 sells for $16.49 at Vapor Authority, and it has a capacity of 2.5ml of juice. The Aerotank Mini is almost $10 more and holds less juice, but I would still reach for the Aerotank over the Protank every time. In terms of real performance, leaking, and all the rest, the Aerotank is far superior. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Kanger decided to kill off the Protank line in favor of the Aerotank.The Kanger Aerotank MINI Review Spinfuel eMagazine

Final Words

When you spend good money on a glassomizer/tank you want to not only enjoy the vape, but you also want it to last. The high-quality stainless steel, the no-glue construction, and the ability to completely disassemble and clean all the parts, you’ll pay for a Aerotank once and used it for many, many months and never notice any degradation. All you’ll need to do is replace the coil heads every 10-days to 2 weeks and you’re good to go.

No matter which Aerotank you decide to buy, the Aerotank v2, the Mega or the Mini, you’re purchase will be money well spent. For me, the Mini makes perfect sense for the times when I’m using a Spinner or other eGo-threaded device, and the Aerotank and Aerotank Mega make perfect sense for larger batteries and mods.

Julia Hartley-Barnes