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myvaporstoreFee-Fi-Fo-Fum – The Aerotank Giant



Before I begin in earnest let me get this out of the way first. Yes, there is a LOT of wasted space in the tank. Yes the Giant looks as though it should hold maybe 20ML of eLiquid, and yes, it’s heavy.

So all the criticism you’ve heard about the size and how it only holds 4.5ML of juice is pretty much correct. But, it is, without a doubt, the best Aerotank yet. And I’ll get to the reasons soon.

The Kanger Giant arrived 2 weeks ago, and although I’ve passed it around for the staff to use for a couple of hours, it’s been ‘mine’ since it arrived. I’ve used it consistently enough that my girlfriend told me just the other day “Boy you use that thing a lot.” That means something because as a reviewer for Spinfuel I am constantly changing up devices and eliquids that you just never know what I’ll use from day to day. For her to notice that I was using the Giant more than anything else should tell you how I much I like it.


Planned Obsolescence, Product Pathways, and the Chinese

Do the Chinese manufactures believe that electronic cigarettes, especially the larger APV’s, is a fad that will soon fade? Do they believe that the US and the UK, among others, will make these devices illegal? Or, are they behaving like the Japanese did a couple of decades ago, which was to constantly introduce small upgraded models of products like TV’s, radios, microwave ovens and a million other products, built to last X-number of days or months, and then die out, or are they trying to gin up a desire among vapers to have the very best, the very latest, no matter how often new products are released or how much they cost?

To be honest, I really don’t know.

But I do recognize, just as most of you do, that Kanger is notorious for upgrading and expanding their product line on what looks to be an almost weekly basis. I mean, we haven’t even had time to unpack and test out the Aerotank ‘Normy’ version 2, (I call the original, normal size Aerotank the Normy) and we just recently published our review of the Aerotank Mega. I get it. Kanger is on a roll.

In all fairness though, so are a lot of other Chinese companies in this industry, although maybe not as prolific as Kangertech and their tanks, glassomizers, and clearomizers.

The only problem with producing so many new products so quickly is that there is little time for R&D, testing, and planning. I know, I just know, that the Aerotank Mega was pre-ordered in such large numbers that at the very next Kanger production meeting someone had to say ‘We need bigger. We need the Giant!’, and a decision was made on the spot. A few weeks later there are a million tanks coming off the factory lines and headed to shipping ports throughout the globe. That my friends is power, power we haven’t had since WWII.

Whether or not this exploding industry is choked off by greedy politicians or zealots that believe we Vapers are killing ourselves, or whether or not people will get tired of filling tanks, changing atomizers, and carrying around these oversized vaping devices, the Chinese, right now, own this industry. And they are striking while the iron is hot. Welcome to the new world.Aerotank Giant 1

But what about the Aerotank Giant? This is, after all, a review of a new vaping product. I may have my opinions on the endgame of all of this, but there is a time and a place. So I’ll get on with it.


Is the Aerotank Giant a better tank than the Aerotank Mega or is the Giant a step too far? Is there an even bigger one on the horizon? Probably. Is the Giant a good tank, and should you buy one?

I can’t answer for everyone, but for myself, damnit I love the thing. I can’t help it. I’ve been using almost nonstop since I got it. I love the weight of it, I love the design, I love the new airflow controller and the new coil design, and I love the vapor and flavor this monster can put out. And I don’t even mind the stiff price of this behemoth ($38.99 MyVaporStore).

The Aerotank Giant is by no means perfect. There IS a lot of wasted space as I indicated above. But that’s what you get when you insist on a bottom filled, bottom dual coil tank.

I am certain that if Kanger wasn’t in so much of a hurry to get the Giant made, produced, and shipped out they could have done a much better job with space. I’m almost as certain that Kanger will correct this issue with version 2, which we can expect in 3….2….1… now!

TOMS GIANTAerotank Giant Specs and Features

First and foremost, the entire tank is made of stainless steel and a bit of copper, and that the stainless steel is machined with such precision that it looks like it could be an engine part in a Rolls Royce.

The Kanger Aerotank Giant offers a redesigned airflow valve that is, to me, a huge improvement to the already excellent airflow controller of the previous Mega and the version 2 Aerotank “Normy”. Notice in the photos how the airflow has changed from previous models. Turn the dial on the base to increase or decrease airflow with much more accuracy then before. This is the most sophisticated airflow system yet. It is also stiff enough that when you make an adjustment to the air flow it stays put. That alone is a big selling point.

The Giant also includes a stainless steel replacement tube. Not everyone likes glass (Pyrex glass) and they want their Aerotank to look more like an RBA, so Kanger included this stainless Steel tank so that you can easily swap out the Pyrex and use the windowless steel tube. I tried it for a day, and it’s pretty nice, but I prefer the glass.

GIANT-2-PIECE-2The newly designed coil heads are a bit larger than the Mega coils and they are well hidden, apparently to aid in stopping any leaking, but it has the added ability of producing more vapor and a truer flavor than the previous Aerotanks, which were damn good themselves.

The Stainless Steel drip tips looks like the Kayfun drip tip, and it feels fine and works great. But, because of its large size and massive vapor it can produce, I decide to spring for one of the hottest drip tips on the market today, the TT Elite Bronze 510 Tip – Long ($3.99 MyVaporStore) and a few of the new Vitreous 510 Drip Tips with the slanted plastic tip (Type B) – These are a bit more expensive ($4.97 MyVaporStore) but both styles make a big improvement in vapor production over the Kayfun/Giant style drip tip.


Newly Designed Atomizer Coil Heads

The Giant comes with both a 2.1ohm and a 1.5ohm coil head, and their new design focuses on the new slots in the head. Which coil head you use depends on your style of vaping or the battery you want to use with it. The 2.1ohm worked really well for me while I was reviewing the new Sigelei 30W, but when I switched out to the 1.5ohm it performed even better. I am getting vapor that could very well compete with some of the cloud chasers out there.

Although the new coil heads are an improvement it doesn’t mean you can’t make use out of any leftover coil heads you might have hanging around from your Aerotank Mega. They do work, though as with most products I use I will only use the new coils with the Giant. I’ve heard some people say that other Kanger coils, like from the Protank series and other Aerotanks work as well, but I didn’t try them, I can only speak about what I have tried personally.


We are working hard on building a “set” for video reviews and a weekly podcast here at Spinfuel HQ and I wish it were ready today so I can show you how well the tank hits with various devices.

With the Sigelei 30W my sweet spot with the Giant running the 2.1ohm coil was 10W or 4-4.1volts. Same with the eVic Supreme. Plenty of vapor, and really excellent flavor. As much as I like the Aerotank Mega, and I really do like it, the Giant is a marked improvement. The lower resistance 1.5ohm coil had a few sweet spots depending on the juice PG/VG ratios, so I can’t state a specific on that coilGiant Aerotank

Filling The Tank

Filling the tank is an easy matter of unscrewing the base and filing it through one of the four holes in the inner base. Kanger says to fill up to just underneath the base but because there is no much wasted space in the tank I’ve been filling up a bit past that, and right up to the top of the pole in the center, giving me probably close to .5ML, for an even 5ML. Still, after screwing the bottom back on and turning it over there is this shameful space in the glass tank that makes it look as though you’ve already vaped half a tankful. After just a couple of hours I found myself turning the device and tank upside down just to see how much juice I really had left.


It’s being said that the Giant was made for the larger, thicker 26650 batteries and I’m not so sure. Yes, the tank look better, somewhat, on the thicker mods, but that shouldn’t preclude you from buying one and using it with your Provari, eVic, Sigelei or any other 510 device. In addition, there isn’t any difference in performance between a 26650 battery and an 18650 battery other than the time between charges.

Bottom Line | Buying Advice

I expected some backlash from other reviewers in th industry for the simple fact that the ink on the Aerotank Mega boxes haven’t even dried yet, but surprisingly they feel much like I do. The Kangertech Aerotank Giant is a hit because the performance and quality of the build is fantastic. It truly is a precision cut tank that is going to last you years if you want it to, and despite the wasted space most of us put performance and quality above that… as it should be.510 drip tip

To give you an idea how the Giant looks on an 18650 device I’m going to include a quick snapshot I took for Julia the first or second day I got it, but the rest are courtesy of MyVaporStore. (Along with the video ‘studio’ we’re building we finally got the go-ahead to set up a proper product table for our own photography.)

If you don’t mind the size and the weight of the Aerotank Giant, and you don’t mind dropping almost $40 for it then you should seriously consider picking one up. You will love the vapor production and flavor rendition far more than you might think. I plan on picking a few more up as my financial situation provides.

All in all, I highly recommend the Aerotank Giant from Kangertech. It’s made to last, the vape is wonderful, and despite the wasted space it’s a thing of beauty. Head over to MyVaporStore and pick one up. You won’t regret it.

Tom McBride

The Official Specs

  • Improved Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Pyrex tank is replaceable
  • Glue Free: All parts are replaceable
  • Replaceable Dual Coil Atomizer Heads (all new design!)
  • Bottom Coil
  • Pyrex Glass Tank and Stainless Tank
  • 4.5ml capacity (closer to 5ML+)
  • The Aerotank is 510 Threaded and it will work on 510 thread MOD/APV without the need for an adapter