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The K-Vape Review – Within any industry or business, a good manufacturer primarily earns its reputation through quality craftsmanship, robust and reliable products, and responsive customer service. But a great manufacturer will not only demonstrate these attributes, it will transcend the boundaries of its core consumer base. In other words, winning accolades is an accomplishment. But winning accolades from completely unrelated parties is a paradigm-shift.


At first glance, it’s hard not to view renowned portable-vape manufacturer KandyPens as a “great” company. For many first-time herbal and wax-concentrate enthusiasts, their first platform was emblazoned with the distinct “K” logo. For others, vaping newcomers and e-juice “transitioners” were inspired by KandyPens’ rich portfolio of celebrity endorsements and unparalleled multi- and social-media presence.


Indeed, few other vape manufacturer carry as much pop-culture “street cred” than KandyPens. Their devices are routinely featured in music videos, as well as direct endorsements from musical artists like Amber Rose and A$AP Rocky.


Furthermore, the news-media behemoth can’t get enough of KandyPens. Featured on prominent publications such as Forbes, Rolling Stone, and The Source, some of the biggest ovations for KandyPens vaporizers come from unrelated, third-party entities. As botanical devices make further progress, the acclaims will only get louder and more passionate.


That KandyPens has phenomenal marketing presence is in no dispute. But does this translate into superior performance for their Kandypens K-Vape herbal vaporizer?

KandyPens K-Vape Herbal Vaporizer – Spinfuel VAPE Review

KandyPens K-Vape Sweet, with a Hint of Sour

It’s not easy manufacturing pen-style and compact herbal vaporizers. Because this format is the most visible thanks not only to mass marketing but its sheer convenience, most vapers have grown comfortable with it. In turn, that comfort has led to increased demands – essentially, hardened enthusiasts want more bang and less buck.


While vaping technology has dramatically increased over the years, certain physical and scientific limitations cannot be overcome. After all, a pen-style wax vaporizer can only leverage so much power before the platform becomes too dangerous or too expensive. This capacity overhead especially applies to attribute combinations. For instance, a discreet, powerful, flavorful and low-cost dry-herb vaporizer is virtually impossible to find.


The beauty of the KandyPens K-Vape is that the company, at least on paper, is making a legitimate effort to prove that great quality and an array of key functions don’t have to come at an exorbitant cost. On the outset, the K-Vape is off to a great start. Starting with its craftsmanship, this dry-herb vape features a high-grade stainless steel heating chamber, a reinforced mouthpiece for better fit and comfort, and a sleek, ergonomic chassis – a KandyPens hallmark.


But the most important attribute is the K-Vape’s “True Convection Technology.” Unlike cheaper handheld wax vapes, the K-Vape advertises a practically-functioning convection feature. What I mean here is that the KandyPens device doesn’t combust your materials, which was a significant consumer frustration when the technology first introduced itself. Additionally, the convection functionality today typically produces superior performance relative to the lower-cost conduction handheld vaporizers.


Moreover, flavor-lovers and vape enthusiasts almost always prefer convection vaping. Because conduction devices place the heat source directly in contact with your choice flavors, the materials heat up quickly and aggressively, often requiring some stirring between draws to prevent uneven burning. In addition to the risk of combustion, conduction herbal vaporizers “melt” through your flavors inefficiently.


In sharp contrast, convection vaporizers transfer heat evenly throughout the material’s body, similar to a steaming process. This process is much more efficient than direct-contact heating, allowing you to consume more of your herbs. Lastly, convection properly preserves the terpenes, or the naturally pungent flavors of your botanicals.


Perhaps the most impressive part about the KandyPens K-Vape is that they’re able to keep the price points reasonable. A standard K-Vape 2.0 MSRPs for less than $100, while their 24K Edition is offered at just under $120.


Again, on paper, everything appears spot-on for the KandyPens K-Vape. However, does it meet expectations in the field? Read on to find out!

First Impressions of the K-Vape

True to form, the K-Vape arrives to your door in clean, classic packaging. But the K-Vape separates itself from other compact platforms in its portfolio with a magnetic, “snap-on” box that adds a touch of distinction.


Inside, you’ll find quintessential KandyPens – a no nonsense dry-herb vape featuring stout workmanship and attractive, modern lines. In my opinion, the K-Vape (and other KandyPens vaporizers) has something to offer everyone. It’s a quietly sexy design, especially in the classic black color schematic I reviewed, but it’s also incredibly discreet for those that don’t want to draw unnecessary attention.


One of the standout attributes that you’ll notice right away is how comfortable it is to hold. The K-Vape rests easily and naturally in your hand, supported by its high-traction contours. The manufacturer lists its weight at just under 9 ounces, or a little bit more than half-a-pound. For its height (6.75 inches), the K-Vape is incredibly light, and its weight evenly distributed.


Although the KandyPens platform is popular among enthusiasts and on-the-go vapers, I find their products intuitive, even for botanical newcomers. E-juice users will especially enjoy the straightforward, “one-two punch” operation of the K-Vape dry-herb vaporizer. Simply snap off the mouthpiece, and load in your choice flavors. From there, rapid-click the device five times, and almost immediately, you’re ready to vape.


Heat-up is very quick at five seconds, especially for a convection dry-herb vaporizer. The K-Vape has three temperature settings — 360°F, 380°F, and 420°F. Although it doesn’t incorporate precision temperature control, these settings are more than enough to cleanly vaporize your materials. Furthermore, with the convection technology, you can extract the essence of your flavor investments without inhaling smoke resultant from combustion.


Just as importantly, the K-Vape dry-herb vaporizer integrates a large, stainless-steel chamber. The manufacturer advertises a 0.6-gram capacity, and I have no reason to doubt it. Initial impressions are that it sits deeper than many other competitor models, allowing for easier loads.


Like all herbal devices, you want to be careful to not overload the chamber. If you can barely push your materials down, you’ve gone too far. But assuming proper loading amount, the K-Vape burns through the materials evenly and efficiently – definitely a big plus for a reasonably-priced dry-herb vape.

K-Vape Vapor Quality

Performance and flavor profile of the dry-herb vape platform has come a long way since its introduction. Still, limitations are present, primarily because of the diminutive size of the handheld vaporizer. No matter how much money a manufacturer throws into a portable vape device, it will never meet the standards set by premium desktop e-rigs.


That’s not to say that the KandyPens K-Vape doesn’t deliver the goods because it does. Look at almost any KandyPens product review and the consensus opinion towards vapor quality is generally favorable. But an enthusiast must set reasonable expectations for the K-Vape or similar handheld vapes. The K-Vape was specifically designed to offer solid, reliable sessions in a convenient, easily concealable package. To that end, I think the K-Vape scores big.


For its size and price point, vapor quality is excellent. The K-Vape produces strong hits right off the bat without any of the “plasticky” or metallic aftertaste commonly found in cheaper devices. In addition, cloud production is off the charts when using the K-Vape at the highest temperature setting.


To enjoy richer flavor profiles, simply dial the temperature down to the middle or lowest setting. Although cloud production noticeably declines in volume at 380°F, and especially 360°F, you are better able to enjoy nuances from your choice materials. But no matter what thermal rating you deploy, the K-Vape simply does not combust your flavors, which is a major plus for comfort, safety, and efficiency.


Aside from the obvious pain and discomfort caused by combusting materials, nothing is more irritating to the herbal vaper than wasted botanicals. Obviously, once materials reach the point of combustion, there’s no way of salvaging your flavors. Unevenly burned botanicals, if done to a certain magnitude, will lose a significant amount of “punch” in the overall profile.


Fortunately, the KandyPens K-Vape “True Convection Technology” is no marketing gimmick – it works just as advertised, and this feature is one of the top reasons why vape enthusiasts will make the jump to the K-Vape platform.


Of course, the unit does have some drawbacks, with the primary complaint being consistency of vapor quality at the highest temperature setting. The best draws occur during the first few hits – that’s when you can really taste the nuances and tones of your botanicals. But over time, the texture of the flavor profile descends from smooth to a tad on the harsh side.


Is this a deal-breaker? It truly depends on your preference. If you’re demanding consistency throughout the entirety of the session, the K-Vape doesn’t quite fit the bill. Then again, such consistency comes at a steep price. You also have the option of dialing down the temperature, or running the K-Vape through a water-pipe.


Again, if you hold reasonable expectations for this unit, the K-Vape will serve you very well in a variety of conditions and circumstances.

A Reliable Vape Partner Ready When You Are

Some manufacturers overextend themselves by attempting to be everything to everyone. Rather than take that approach, KandyPens focuses on delivering the best handheld vapes at every price point. That single-minded focus is truly made apparent in the K-Vape.


At the end of the day, a vaporizer is judged on its vapor delivery. Everything else is just an accessory to the main showpiece. And few manufacturers deliver the elegant simplicity that’s enjoyed by both aficionados and newcomers quite like KandyPens.


To turn on the K-Vape, simply hit the power button five times in rapid succession. To load your flavors, just snap the mouthpiece open to get access to the heating chamber. A micro-USB port is located at the base of the device. To clean the device, brush out any excess residue with the included cleaning tool (make sure the heating chamber has cooled down first!). As far as core functionality, I’ve explained everything in one paragraph.


KandyPens includes an instruction manual, replete with color photographs, which is a nice plus. Honestly, though, it’s unnecessary. The K-Vape platform is inherently intuitive – you’d really have to try to mess things up, and even then, it’d be a difficult task.


But the real beauty of the K-Vape is that it is a steady, reliable vaping partner. Whether you’re enjoying a lazy weekend out on your porch, or running from one meeting to the next, this dry-herb vaporizer will not let you down. Easy to slide in your pocket, or slip into your backpack, the K-Vape’s robust craftsmanship gives you the confidence that it’s not going to breakdown at the worst possible moment.


Furthermore, the internal battery underlining this dry-herb vape is incredibly powerful, even when stacked up against the competition. With moderate use, a full charge can last up to 72 hours. Under heavier usage, you should still be able to extract a full day’s worth of sessions before needing an energy refill.

Final Thoughts about the KandyPens K-Vape

Overall, I’m very pleased with the K-Vape. KandyPens has done a superb job with their handheld portfolio, and the K-Vape is a welcome addition. The platform delivers on the three core attributes that I look for in a portable dry-herb vaporizer: vapor quality, reliability, and discretion.


Relative to similar dry-herb vaporizers and the attractive price point, the KandyPens K-Vape produces satisfying, tasteful draws. It’s not by any means a perfect vaporizer – for that, you’ll have to spare considerably more space and more dollars. But when you’re constantly on the go, you need something that delivers quickly and readily. That’s K-Vape, to a T.


Also, the ergonomics align perfectly with the K-Vape’s portability cred. I’m not just referring to the physical ergonomics; KandyPens intelligently designed the K-Vape so that anyone – whether seasoned veteran or someone transitioning to the dry-herb vape platform – can pick up the device and start enjoying quality draws.


Personally, I prefer my portable vaporizers to be clean and efficient. I don’t need to fumble around with buttons and unnecessary features. Just give me a no-frills, dry-herb vape that works whenever I call upon it. For overall enjoyment and ease-of-use, it’s hard not to consider the K-Vape.  You can find this model along  with many others at our preferred herbal vape vendor,

Grading the K-Vape

Performance: A-

For the price, it’s going to be difficult to match the K-Vape’s vapor quality. You get excellent draws across the default temperature settings without risking combustion.

Convenience: A+

KandyPens built a robust, reliable platform that’s very easy to conceal and transport, making it an ideal partner for on-the-go vaping.

Value: A

Renowned for their portable vaping expertise, the K-Vape offers high-quality sessions at a very reasonable rate.

Overall Grade: A