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Kaees Landmark Subohm Tank Review

Rebuildable 316 SS Tank – Top Fill

Kaees Landmark
Price: $39.99


 Billed as the firstvertical coil RBA subohm tank with top filling and a 6ml ejuice capacity combo”, the Kaees Landmark subohm tank is an attractive and powerful subohm tank at a competitive price point. Come with 3 coils, 1x 0.5-ohm Kanthal wire coilhead, 1x 0.2-ohm Nickel wire coil, and a rebuildable coilhead. Designed for Lung Hit vaping, this top-filling subohm tank should get a lot of attention, but as of yet our usual suspects (vendors we like) don’t carry it yet, nor have they listed it as an upcoming product. We’ll continue to update our review as we find out more about when and where this tank will be sold.

Features & Specs

  • Spring-operated top-fill (Smile shape fill holes)
  • 22mm wide, 72mm tall
  • Free-adjusting e liquid control system
  • Rifling technology
  • 316+303 precision ground stainless steel and glass material
  • Unique hourglass shape
  • Slim body with huge 6ml capacity
  • Gold plated electrode
  • Three coils, BDVC/NI200/RBA design, can work with variable voltage/wattage mod, temperature control mod and mechanical mod.
  • The BDVC (Bottom Dual Vertical Coil) 0.5ohm (15-50w), Ni 200 0.2ohm (20-70w)

What’s In The Box?


1pc x BDVC Coil (0.5 ohm)

1pc x Ni 200 Coil (0.2 ohm)

1pc x RBA Coil

1pc x Screwdriver

1pc x Vape Wire

1pc x LANDMARK box

Warranty: 3 months.

Please check your tank carefully when you get your package, any problem, please take pictures or make a video immediately and we will get you a replacement as soon as possible. If you have any quality problems during 3 months, please contact us (Kaees) and show us problem. We will help you deal with all problems.”


The Kaees Landmark is a very sophisticated tank. I’m not sure what I expected from this tank, but I  have to say thatKaees Landmark Subohm Tank Review Rebuildable 316 SS Tank - Top Fill my favorite eliquids tasted remarkable and the vapor production is insanely good. Having said that, the Landmark also goes through eliquid faster than I’ve seen with nearly every other subohm tank I’ve used. If this is your first subohm tank you can avoid the sharp uptake in ejuice expense if you begin buying the largest available bottles, otherwise, you’ll be shocked at how much eliquid you can vape in a day.

The Kaees Landmark is an excellent tank in a field of excellent tanks, but because there are some unique features with the Landmark it may be able to find a receptive audience dispute the fierce competition. I’ll go over them briefly.

6ML eLiquid Capacity

Although the tank is 22mm in diameter it’s tall enough to contain a full 6ml of eliquid. The hourglass window is large enough to keep an eye on the juice level with juice a glance.

Top Filling

This is the third tank in as many weeks that we’ve reviewed that features top filling. You won’t need to detach the tank from your battery/vaporizer to keep it topped off. In fact, it’s so easy to refill you’ll wonder why its not a standard feature on all tanks.

Smile! – On the top of the tank you’ll see 3 shapes that form a “smiley face”. To reveal the openings under the smiley face press down on the drip tip and turn to reveal the tank below. You’ll feel a click when the openings are at their widest. When you’re done filling the tank turn the drip tip to close. When it is closed properly you’ll feel it kind of snap into place, and the metal under the smiley face pops up to make a secure and leak proof seal. So far the Landmark’s version of a top fill mechanism is the best I’ve used.

The Vertical Coil RBA

Kaees Landmark Subohm Tank Review Rebuildable 316 SS Tank - Top FillThe Kaees Landmark comes with a vertical single coil rebuildable RBA. This rebuildable coilhead is just about the same size as the regular coilheads, and is the first rebuildable of its size that is a vertical coil. For some people this small RBA will be a lot of fun to use, and because the price is right around the same price as other subohm tanks you’re not wasting money if you decide not to use the RBA.

The Coilheads

With the Kaees Landmark you’ll receive two additional coils, fully built and ready to use. The first is a Kanthal BDVC (Bottom Dual Vertical Coil) 0.5-ohm coilhead and a BDVC Ni200 (Nickel) coilhead rated at 0.2-ohms.


BDVC 0.5-ohm Kanthal Coilhead

The BDVC 0.5-ohm Kanthal coilhead is supposed to fire beautifully between 15-50w. The quality of your vape between 15-50watts depends on the amperage of the mod you’re using. For instance, while the eLeaf iStick 20w can fire 20watts the amperage isn’t high enough to provide a very good vape at the full 20-watts. However, place the Kaees Landmark atop the Sigelei 150w and vaping it at 20 watts gives a much better vape experience because the amps are higher. That said, with a High VG eliquid, or 50:50 actually, I could feel that there was plenty more wattage I could bring to it for a more fulfilling vape.

Switching to the eLeaf iStick 50 I was able to get a really nice vape going with the iStick pushing the wattage as high as I could go. But, when I pushed 50 watts onto it with the Sigelei 150w TC it was almost too much. Almost.

Nickel (Ni200) 0.2-ohm Coilhead

The Ni200 (Nickel), rated at 0.2-ohms is rated at 20-70 watts. Here again, the performance of the tank depends on the actual device you’re using it with. In addition, because it is a Nickel coilhead the option of Temperature Control comes into play.Kaees Landmark Subohm Tank Review Rebuildable 316 SS Tank - Top Fill

Set up with the Ni200 coilhead and using a MaxVG eliquid from St Augustine Organic (100% VG) on top of the Sigelei 150w it was rather easy to get to the full 70-watts. The flavor and vapor was astounding with this setup. Because the Sigelei 150w TC features great temperature control technology I was able to maximize my vape in TC mode. Running at 66 watts and 530f with St Augustine “Jumper” eliquid produced a vape experience so sublime I was beside myself. The purest flavor, the thickest vapor, all nice and warm, was almost too good to be true.

Of course Nickel wire coilheads don’t have to be used in Temperature Mode, though they are made for temperature control and perform better and last longer when used in TC mode,  so I wanted to see what an inexpensive, non-TC device could do. Since I used the eLeaf iStick 50 with the Kanthal 0.5-ohm coilhead I decided to use it here as well. The result was underwhelming at best, but still better than most non-subohm coilheads.

Bottom Lining the coilheads that come with the Kaees Landmark I can best put it like this: For good results with the BDVC 0.5-ohm Kanthal coilhead you’re going to need a device that offers good amperage and at least 60 watts of power…anything under that is shortchanging the coilheads as well as the tank itself.

I did get surprisingly good results with the new Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini, a 60-watt device with excellent amperage. At the Kaees Landmark Subohm Tank Review Rebuildable 316 SS Tank - Top Fillsame time, the Pioneer4You IPV D2 also gave me excellent results, as it should since it has a maximum power output of 75w and enough amperage to fire down to a super low 0.2-ohm with Kanthal and a super low 0.05-ohms with Nickel. Both of these devices are small but powerful, and the tall Kaees Landmark nearly swallows the two devices. It certainly looked it best with the Sigelei 150w TC, a much larger device. I would not recommend standard devices like the iSticks’ or Suboxes, just because this tank comes to work, not play.
Lastly, the Kaees Landmark is not easily found…yet. However, I think it should be. This is a professional tank made with high quality parts, including 316 and 303 Stainless Steel, real glass inner tank, gold plated electrodes, and a solid quality build. This thing, this tank, talks the talk and walks the walk, however corny that might sound.

I have used just about every subohm tank that’s been released to date, and there are plenty of good ones. I’m not saying the Kaees Landmark is the best I’ve used, but I will say it’s in the Top 5, and the Top Fill mechanism is certainly the best so far.

Grade: AWhy an “A”? – Quality workmanship, quality parts, excellent results with the right vaporizer. Order extra coils when you order the tank because once it catches on I expect to see a lot of “Out of Stock” signs until production ramps up and vendors carry larger numbers of stock. The Kaees Landmark is one tough tank.


Tom McBride