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Celebrate e-Liquid Artistry

Why in the world would you vape anything coming from China? Why take that risk? Especially when companies in the America are making superior, gourmet e-juice that puts any juice coming from overseas to shame?

The simple answer is; you don’t. You just don’t. So, to kick off our month-long celebration of American Made e-Juice we want to spend a few minutes to let you know why and how the brands you see this month in Spinfuel wound up here.

The fastest growing segment of the vaping market is homegrown homemade e-juice. Some are awesome, some are mediocre, and some are downright dangerous. Today there isn’t much regulation on the state or federal level that concern the production and distribution of DIY e-juice, but just because someone designs an awesome website, great graphics, and slick labels to stick on their 30ML bottles says nothing about how that juices were made, under what conditions, or the level of purity of the juice themselves. For that matter, even the coolest looking bottle of juice says nothing about the flavor or vapor of the juice inside.

Trust is a two-way streetSpinfuel's July is e-Juice Month!

There are some inherent problems with the immediate trust that too many of us give to any company that wants to sell us e-juice. Let’s be frank; anyone can buy a DIY e-juice kit and mix a bunch of flavors, add some liquid nicotine and go into business. That’s dangerous.

At Spinfuel, in the early days, we talked with a few people who had decided to go into business to make e-juice for e-Cigarettes, who, it turned out, made their juice in an apartment kitchen, in the same pots and pans they cooked dinner with, all the while their cats were crawling on the counters and rubbing up on the “cook”. While the chances of getting someone ill with the methods is still pretty low, it is a far cry from taking at least the smallest amount of care with the production of a liquid that we will then vaporize and inhale into our lungs. This… can certainly be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Month Long Celebration

The staff of Spinfuel eMagazine spent days upon days browsing websites where e-juice is sold. We read the fine print, the large-print, and even between the lines, looking for any signs of “less than ideal” conditions about the methods of how e-juice is being prepared.

We discarded more than 60% of the brands we looked at. While I’m sure not every brand in that 60% violated any rules or safety concerns, but every one of the neglected to talk about the safety, purity, and ingredients they used in the preparation and brewing their e-juice. These things met with an immediate disqualification and we passed them by.

The brands that we are reviewing this month HAVE passed our concerns about safety and purity. In addition our staff has already had the pleasure of vaping some of the brands that we will write about. We vaped them for days, exclusively and without reservation, and made determinations on flavors, vapor production, throat hit, and all the rest.

Other brands that we hadn’t been able to try yet was invited to take part in our celebration of American Made e-Juice. We are all very excited to try brands such as Pink Spot,  Ginger’s eJuice, Prime Vaping, and Mountain Oak Vapors. We will tell you about some of the best e-juice on the planet all during the month of July.

For our first review for the celebration we are very proud to introduce our readers to a new an American-Made e-Juice brand called “Ginger’s e-Juice, American Made Gourmet e-liquid for e-cigarettes”.  We’ve been vaping Ginger’s e-juice for several days and it’s been a blast. Our in-depth review will post on July 2nd, at 8AM.

Following Ginger’s e-Juice we have the famous and delicious Johnson Creek Smoke Juice, a company all of us have no doubt heard of, and no doubt have tried a few select juices. Still, our review will cover Johnson Creek’s ENTIRE line of smoke juice, from the Original to the brand new Rainier and Valencia flavors.

By the end of the first week of July we will post our schedule of e-juice reviews covering the rest of the celebration. This is an exciting month at Spinfuel eCigs Magazine, make sure you don’t miss a single review. Sign up for our email alerts and receive notices of new reviews the minute they post.

Oh, and help Spinfuel celebrate by making use of our commenting system and let us know your experiences with the e-juices we review. We are sure that your comments would be an invaluable source of information for everyone that will read the reviews. Become a part of the celebration!

 Julia Barnes