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The Spinfuel eLiquid Review Team Interview!

SPINFUEL: Welcome to the pages of Spinfuel. We’re excited to talk to you today. Would you like to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Thank you I am excited to speak with you also. My name is AustiN

SPINFUEL: What position(s) do you hold in the company?

 I am the Head Mixer and Chief Flavor creator at JuJu Vapor.

Spinfuel: How many employees work for Ju-Ju Vapor?

Including office staff, we have 12 full time and 2 part time employees.

SPINFUEL: Who or what inspired you to get into the e-juice business? When did Ju-Ju Vapor launch?

About 2 years ago, we brought some vapor juice into our Native American owned Smokeshops, and the juice we had available to us at that time seemed mediocre at best. So we really just started as Do It Yourselfers making juice for ourselves. While we were working the vapor section in the smokeshops we were constantly being asked what we were vaping on, and if we could make some for them. So we started making it in larger quantities for our customers and then the local vapor shops started asking for it also, and JuJu Vapor was born.

SPINFUEL: Where are you located?

We are located in the Seattle Tacoma area of Washington.

SPINFUEL: The Store Locator on your website shows many retail shops that sell your brand. Just how many shops carry Ju-Ju Vapor today?

This is a hard question to answer because we have some distribution companies that carry and sell our line, so new shops obtain our product all the time. But off the top of my head its somewhere over 50. We try to stay up to date on the store locator to help our customers find the shop closest to them, but I’m sure by now we need add a few.

SPINFUEL: There are many shop owners that read Spinfuel everyday. How might they go about selling Ju-Ju Vapor in their shop?

We try to be easily accessible for new and existing customers. But if a new shop wanted to get in touch with us the easiest way would be to reach us online at [email protected]

SPINFUEL: When you launched Ju-Ju Vapor eCigs how did you decide on your first “set” of flavors? How many flavors did you launch with? How many flavors do you have today?

When we originally launched we started with about 20 tasty creations, and now we have over 60 taste bud slapping flavors.

SPINFUEL: Which flavor is your newest creation, and when was it released?

Our newest creation is a Horchata flavor, we took a couple months to get it perfect, and its launching now.

SPINFUEL: It seems as though every eLiquid brand has its own “signature” flavor, or flavor “genre” for a lack of a better word. Every brand is different, and I find that remarkable. With just a handful of ingredients each company is able to create their own specific traits. With that in mind, how would you describe your signature traits?

When we first started that was something we noticed as well. So we strive to make sure we never fit into a “box”. We have flavors named Good Ju Ju and Bad Ju Ju to complement the lines name, but other than that there is not one particular signature flavor per say. We currently have over 100 different flavor concentrates we work with by 8 different vendors to try and make every flavor unique. When we create a Juice we take over a month to perfect our recipe. Then we steep it for two weeks while we are in the testing process. I have to say though, I always like it better steeped but Joshua our Head of Operations always likes it better straight off of the line. So I figure its personal preference.

SPINFUEL: What is your suggested PG/VG ratio for your eJuice? Do you allow your customers any options when it comes to PG/VG ratios?

All of our juice comes in a set 70% vg and 30% pg

SPINFUEL: Do you mix your customers ejuice ‘to order’, or in batches? Is there any reason for mixing each bottle separately?

We make all of our juice to order. We feel that when we ordered juice from other companies in the past we had this level of uncertainty of how long that juice sat there. We never want our customers to feel that way, so we make ours as the orders come in.

SPINFUEL: Your ejuice is sold in 17.5ML bottles. Why just one size?

We actually just launched 1 dram samplers on our website. We are also coming out with 30 & 60 ml bottles shortly.

SPINFUEL: Let’s talk about packaging. How are your eLiquids packaged? Not just their physical appearance, but also, how are they sealed, boxed, and shipped to the customer?

For stores, our juice is packaged individually, and we send a countertop display to our customers for maximum point of sale to the consumer. Our online customers receive the standard childproof bottle.

SPINFUEL: How and where eLiquids are being made is becoming vitally important to many vapers. Could you describe your ‘mixing’ area? Where do you do your mixing?

We have created a clean room that is up to health department standards. We have equipped our clean room with an air scrubbing filtration system, and all employees in our mix room must wear hairnets, masks and lab coats.

SPINFUEL: Do you have a specific type of Vaper in mind for your eLiquids? What I mean is, when coming up with new flavors, is demographic data used to determine what flavors would sell to “your base”?

Actually yes, when we are creating our juice, part of the month long venture in the creation process is the two weeks of taste testing and adjusting. We have some local shops that are more than happy to sample and give us feedback to make sure it is a hit with our base market.

SPINFUEL: Drinks, Fruity, Savory, Tobacco, and Sweet are your eliquid categories. Is one category in particular more popular than the others? If so, which category?

I would have to say our fruity flavors outsell all the other categories.

SPINFUEL: What types of hardware (mods, tanks, cartos, etc.) do you use when testing your liquids?

We really try to use a variety of hardware when testing our juices, there isn’t one in particular that we favor over another for testing.

SPINFUEL: If properly stored, what is the shelf life of your eLiquid? By the way, how should a customer store their eLiquids before they open them and after they’ve been opened?

We recommend no more than a year for storage. We like to keep ours in a cool dry dark place. A good place at home would be somewhere like a small box or in a drawer.

SPINFUEL: Did you smoke before you switched to vaping? If so, what made you decide to quit smoking?

Yes I smoked for 10 years. I have a family now with small children and they made me take a look at myself, and I realized that I want to live a healthier lifestyle.

SPINFUEL: What type (and/or brand) of eCigarette did you use to break away from analogs?

I think like most I started with a standard ego style.

SPINFUEL: Do you have a “favorite” Ju-Ju Vapor flavor? What is your favorite category of eLiquids for your personal vaping? Fruity, tobacco-based, sweet, and or something else?

My personal favorite juices are Good JuJu, Green Gorilla and Buddha’s Dream. I like the fruity or savory vapor flavors.

SPINFUEL: Do you have a favorite mod or APV that you use or do you use more than one?

I love my Hana Mod but I also use the Grenade by Emit Vapor.

SPINFUEL: What makes a good “all day vape”?

Well the obvious answer is amazing flavor, but you have to be careful its not to much. Nothing that’s to out there like breakfast flavors that use bacon. Its got to be crisp and a little complex, something that gets your pallet pulling different flavors throughout the day.

SPINFUEL: Are eCigarettes the future of smoking, or do you think the industry is in trouble? Do you see any kind of major shift coming in the industry?

I’m afraid that the FDA is trying to kill small companies with the price tags on their applications. I think that the focus on safety is great and there should be a set standard to keep everyone safe.

SPINFUEL: The cig-a-like Vaper seems to be losing interest and moving up into bigger devices that deliver a better vape experience. Do you have an opinion on why this might be happening? Do you think it’s flavor related, or do you think it’s a matter a not being able to produce enough vapor to emulate the smoke from a tobacco cigarette?

To tell you the truth I think it’s both. When I take a draw off my mod the flavor is amazing as well as the feel I get on the exhale.

SPINFUEL: There are hundreds of eLiquid brands in the US. Why should our readers buy their e-juice from you?

I feel there are hundreds of companies that throw out phases like “gourmet” or “the best” an its hard to just tell someone why to give us a shot.  We create our juice with the highest of standards and provide any shop with free samples to try for themselves. That’s all it usually takes because once they see for themselves they usually fall in love.

SPINFUEL: This is the place where we turn the interview over to you. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers while you have their complete attention?

Most of all we want to let everyone know that we appreciate the support the vape community has given us. We love all the messages on our site and facebook letting us know how our juice has helped them and their success stories about quitting smoking. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

SPINFUEL: I can’t thank you enough for talking with us today. It was a real pleasure reviewing your ejuice. I speak for the entire team when I say we look forward to conducting a sequel review soon.

Thank you it has been fun and we will have to make that happen soon.