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Joyetech UNIMAX 22/25 AIO Review

If you’re confused as to whether the UNIMAX 22 and UNIMAX 25 are sub-ohm tanks or tubed shaped mods I don’t blame you. For some reason Joyetech made the decision to include the UNIMAX 25tank” with the eVic Primo Starter Kit, thereby causing the name to mean “sub-ohm tank”, yet at the same time Joyetech is selling two tubed-shaped mods called the UNIMAX 22 and UNIMAX 25. These Starter Kits include the mod portion (battery) and the same tank seen in the eVic Primo Starter Kit. Worse still, at the time this review is written, the UNIMAX 22 and UNIMAX 25tanks” are not available as a standalone tank. So, yea, confusing.

This review will cover the tubed-shape AIO (all-in-one) UNIMAX 22 and UNIMAX 25, battery and tank.

About the Joyetech UNIMAX 22 and UNIMAX 25

I suppose the first thing I should tell you about the “battery” portion of the UNIMAX 25 and UNIMAX 22 is that both are somewhat underpowered for their sub-ohm tank coil options. That’s not to say you won’t get a nice vape from them, but the vape you will get will remind you that there is a better vape to be had for these sub-ohm tanks if the mods under them could push out a little more power. Any user will get good flavor and ample vapor, but the vapor itself is cool and not nearly as thick as it is if used on a more powerful mod, and the flavor could be so much deeper.

I needed no more proof then to use these tanks on a couple of box mods, including the eVic, Vaporshark Hedron, and the Lost Vape Triade DNA 250.

Both versions of the UNIMAX kits feature two distinct modes, Direct Output and Constant Voltage output. Neither of these modes challenge the sub-ohm tanks attached to them, and that’s truly a shame because as far as tube-shaped mods are concerned, the UNIMAX batteries are elegant and striking in appearance.

Direct Output Mode

In Direct Output mode, the UNIMAX 22 and UNIMAX 25 act as an unregulated mech mod. The power output is based on battery voltage. Unfortunately, 3.7v, the common voltage for an 18650 battery, isn’t negotiable, nor does it remain constant. As the battery drains, so does the output. This Direct Output mode doesn’t make a lot of sense to me for today’s vaping needs, so I’m a little confused as to why Joyetech decided to go this way.

Voltage Output Mode

In voltage output mode, the UNIMAX 22 and UNIMAX 25 become regulated mods with constant voltage operation of 3.8v. The biggest difference between the two modes is that the regulated voltage output stays at 3.8v until the battery is drained down to the level where it shuts down the unit and needs to be recharged.

The UNIMAX Sub-Ohm Tanks

The UNIMAX 25 Tank has been discussed at length in our eVic Primo Starter Kit review. Briefly recapping; the UNIMAX 25 tank, and the UNIMAX 22 for that matter, are splendid sub-ohm tanks. The TFTA structure means it is a top-fill top-airflow configuration. Refilling is a simple matter of unscrewing the top cap to reveal two curved openings for easy, and fast refilling. I’ve always wished that SMOK TFV8 tanks would adopt this sort of refilling since the user can refill quickly and with a lot less mess.

Both Tanks are constructed with high quality Stainless Steel and Glass. The tanks are fitted with Top-Down coils, as in the coils screw into the top portion of the tank, not the base, and as such allow for a leak-proof cup design glass tube. In the early days of the top-down coils Joyetech was unable, in our opinion, to produce a tank that did not have a lot of spitback and gurgling. We are pleased to say that these serious issues have been completely resolved with the UNIMAX tanks.

It should also be noted that both UNIMAX tanks are compatible with Direct Lung vaping, and as you close off the airflow slots you can manage a very decent Mouth to Lung vape as well, though they were designed for Direct Lung.

The Kanthal BFL Coil Heads

The coils included with the UNIMAX 22 and UNIMAX 25 are the BFL Kth-0.5Ω (20-40w) Kanthal wire and organic cotton. Each kit includes two coils, one preinstalled and one extra. Interestingly, the eVic Primo includes two BFXL Kth-0.5Ω DL coils with the UNIMAX 25 tank, with a wattage range of 30-50W. Owners of the UNIMAX 25 can also purchase an RBA head for the tank. I suppose I should tell you that the older Joyetech BF heads, used in the Cubis and Cubis Pro are also compatible, but I recommend against buying them. It’s fine if you have left-over coils, but moving forward its best to buy the official UNIMAX coil heads.

To replace the coil, unscrew the upper component of the tank. Once removed you’ll find the atomizer head attached on the vent pipe. Remove the coil head by unscrewing it from the vent pipe and replace it, or clean it if, on the offhand chance, you start to hear some gurgling. (I have not heard any gurgling with either tank, using a High VG eliquid.)

The UNIMAX 22 Starter Kit


Size: 22.0mm*139.5mm
Battery capacity: 2200 mAh
Weight: 126g (with coil head)
E-liquid capacity: 2ml
Resistance range: 0.15-3.5ohm

Colors: Full Black, Silver/Black, Silver/Brown, Silver/Blue, Silver/Red

What’s Included in the UNIMAX 22 Kit

1 * UNIMAX 22 battery
1 * UNIMAX 22 atomizer
2 * BFL Kth-0.5ohm DL. head
1 * Spare glass tube
2 * Sticker
1 * USB cable
2 * Manual
1 * Warranty card
1 * Warning card
1 * Spare parts

The UNIMAX 25 Starter Kit


Size: 25.0mm*134.5mm
Battery capacity: 3000 mAh
Weight: 156g (with coil head)
E-liquid capacity: 5ml
Output mode: direct output and constant voltage output
Resistance range: 0.15-3.5ohm
Applicable heads: BFL and BFXL series heads
BF series heads (exclude BF RBA) using with BF adapter
Mouthpiece: UNIMAX mouthpiece/510 mouthpiece
Colors: Full Black, Silver/Black, Silver/Brown, Silver/Blue, Silver/Red

What’s Included in the UNIMAX 25 Kit

1 * UNIMAX 25 battery
1 * UNIMAX 25 atomizer
2 * BFL Kth-0.5ohm DL. head
1 * Spare glass tube
2 * Sticker
1 * USB cable
2 * Manual
1 * Warranty card
1 * Warning card
1 * Spare parts

Operating the UNIMAX Batteries

Both the UNIMAX 22 and UNIMAX 25 are 5-clicks on/off using the firing button. When powered off, press the fire button for several seconds to shift between direct output mode (white LED light) and constant voltage output mode (orange LED light). Release the fire button to choose the mode you want.

Battery Life of the UNIMAX Batteries

The UNIMAX sub-ohm tanks differ only in the ejuice capacity. The UNIMAX 22 holds a mere 2mL, while the UNIMAX 25 holds a whopping 5mL. Other than that, the TFTA and even the BFL Kth-0.5Ω (20-40w) are the same in each model. The reason this is significant is because the milliamp hours between the two are much different.

The UNIMAX 22 features a 2200mAh battery, while the UNIMAX 25 is 3000mAh. Since both tanks are identical except for the amount of eliquid they carry, battery life will be considerably different. I ran several tests over a period of about a month and came up with these averages:

UNIMAX 22 – Using a High VG eliquid, and discounting the number of times I had to refill the tank versus the number of times I refilled the UNIMAX 25, battery life between charges of this heavy vaper is roughly 2 hours in the regulated mode. This is expected of any 2200mAh 18650 battery so it’s not surprise.

UNIMAX 25 – Also using a High VG eliquid, this 5mL tank had to be refilled less often the UNIMAX 22. The 3000mAh battery lasted a full hour longer in the regulated mode.

Battery Life Indicator

The LED Fire Button will flash slowly or stay lit when battery charge is high, as the power drains the LED light begins flashing faster.

Proper Charging:

Connect the UNIMAX 25 to your Mac or PC, or the Joyetech Wall Adapter using the supplied USB cable.

Feature Highlights of the UNIMAX 22 and UNIMAX 25

Colorful Stickers (Patches)

Like the eVic Primo, the UNIMAX AIO’s feature removable and replaceable stickers. Well, Joyetech calls them stickers, but they are more like faux-leather patches. This is just my opinion, but I advise against using the extra patch in the box.

Dual Circuit Protection:

UNIMAX 25, like all new Joyetech devices, has two battery protection circuits, giving the user battery protection for over-charging, over-current and over-discharging.

Bottom Line Usage Report

The physical appearance of both UNIMAX Starter Kits is quite striking. These tubular mods and attached tanks are an evolution of the eGo ONE of a couple years back, and they are somewhat of an improvement. However, in this case I believe the UNIMAX tanks are better than the UNIMAX batteries. By ‘better’ I mean that the tanks deliver terrific flavor (the Kanthal/Cotton helps) and the TFTA structure, even the top-down coil attachments work well. If you want to see what the UNIMAX tanks are capable of, try using them on a more powerful mod.

The pricing of these Starter Kits makes them very affordable, $36-$37 at MyVaporStore for the UNIMAX 25 and roughly $8 less for the UNIMAX 22. That said, if you are an experienced vaper that enjoys warm, thick, aromatic clouds and deep, luscious flavor, I would avoid these two Starter Kits. If you’re just starting your vaping adventure then the low cost and good flavor with cool clouds of vapor the UNIMAX 22 or UNIMAX 25 could be the right Starter Kit for you.

Below is a short video showing off the two Starter Kits.