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While we’re not quite at the point of copying and pasting old pod mod reviews and swapping out names, we still can’t get over the fact that almost every “new” pod on the market operates identically to the previous one. A new color here, a new shape there… it’s all still a simplified, no-frills vape experience that makes us wonder why cig-a-likes ever went away. Does the Joyetech Teros AIO pod mod system offer something new, or better, than all the others, or is it more of the same?

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The Joyetech Teros AIO pod mod system might have enough going on under the hood to justify its existence a little better than most. This slender but formidable setup has the requisite tall form factor, with a slim profile and moderate width, so it will fit in your pocket like virtually all other pod mods. And it’s light enough to keep there, but heavy enough that you won’t forget it, thanks to some solid zinc alloy framework housing the device and cartridges.


I have to say, the packaging for the Teros is intimidating – the large square box looks like it should house a dual-18650 powerhouse, not a discreet pod device. But it’s a nice presentation, showcasing the alloy frame, two cartridges and a USB charge cable. In other words, it feels like an actual kit, not a throwaway toy.


My orange test model is actually more pink/salmon colored, but it’s subtle enough to keep picky people at bay. Though I imagine the black, white and silver renditions will probably sell a few more than the sushi color currently residing on my desk. (a few years back nearly all colors from China were rendered differently than we in the west expected, and this so-called orange harkens back to those days)


Also, Joyetech is claiming the Teros will change color in sunlight, but I wasn’t able to get the salmon color to change on a crystal-clear summer day. Not sure the gimmick matters to most, but it’s worth mentioning all the same. Reminds us of SMOK’s claim of the new TFV12 Prince Cobra (reviewed here) red and blue tanks that are supposed to change to a near-white color while vaping with it… they do not.


The key selling point for the Teros pod mod is the refillable, long-lasting cartridges/pods, which hold a nice amount of e-liquid, and seem really well constructed. The long, slim atomizer tube has tiny juice ports, so make sure you’re using PG-heavy e-liquids, like today’s nicotine salt juices, or something similarly thin. Though the cartridges wick surprisingly well, don’t fool yourself into thinking any liquid will do – anything above 40/60 VG/PG will almost certainly clog and scorch your coils.


But with the right juice, the 2mL Teros cartridges wick smoothly, and quickly, allowing for steady vaping without dry hits or burning. I might not be a huge fan of nic salt juices, but the Naked Salt Really Berry I borrowed tasted good right from the get-go, without a ton of waiting for the cartridge to saturate or break in.


(No matter which juice you use, it’s better than getting stuck in the pre-filled pod vortex, which gets costly VERY quickly.)


What was surprising about the Teros cartridges is how airy and loose they seemed when compared to the tight draws of other pod mods. The included cartridges are supposedly sub-ohm at 0.5 ohms, allowing for deeper (even restricted lung) inhales that pop with flavor. I don’t recommend TOO many deep draws on high-nicotine liquids, but it’s nice to know the Teros can handle this type of use from time to time.

Joyetech Teros AIO Pod Mod Specs:

  • Size: 90.0*29.0*12.0mm
  • Weight: 57.5g
  • E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml
  • Output modes: 1.85V constant voltage
  • Battery capacity: 480mAh
  • Colors: Silver, Black, PC1 (white-pink), PC2 (yellow-red), TC1 (red-yellow), TC2 (purple-red) – (PC= Photochromic, TC= Thermochromic)
  • Portable & compact pod
  • Innovative ECO tech
  • Vape without buttons

Teros AIO Pod Mod Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Joyetech Teros Battery
  • 2 x Teros Tank Cartridge
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start
  • 1 x Warranty Card and Warning Card

One thing to note, though – the Teros is awfully loud for a device designed for stealth. And those deep draws will almost certainly make the cartridge pop and gurgle, even when broken in. I prefer a quieter vape, so this was a negative in my eyes.


The tradeoff for this noise? Long-lasting performance. I started using my Teros more than two weeks ago, and my original cartridges are both still kicking hard, with only SLIGHT degradation in flavor 15 days later. Given that I was using them in “testing conditions” they’ll probably last the average/casual user nearly three weeks a piece. With two included in the kit, there’s some value to be had here.


On the flip side of the coin is the integrated 480mAh battery, which isn’t even the biggest pod mod battery around. But the quality of the cell allows it to work better, for longer than most of the Teros’ competitors.


Can you chain vape the Teros for 24 hours straight? Of course not. But moderate vaping over the course of a standard workday is more than feasible. In fact, it might even carry you through happy hour, provided you’re not overdoing it. And, in a nice touch, the cell charges rapidly, so you’re not going to be without power for very long.


My only real complaint about the design is the limp, difficult-to-read LED indicator, which flashes a bunch of different patterns and colors to dictate battery life and potential warnings. I couldn’t really tell the color half the time, and there was some jumping around between green (good) and red (fading), making it difficult to determine how much time I had left.


If you’re in the market for a new pod mod, the Joyetech Teros is as good an entry as any we’ve tried, with cartridge performance and battery life well near the top of this crowded heap of competitors. It will all come down to whether or not the vaping performance is what you’re looking for.


While the Teros is a little loose and airy for most new vapers/former smokers, experienced users looking for a stealthy way to satisfy cravings without carrying a bulky mod will probably find more value here than in tighter, more restrictive pod mods.


Score: B