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I don’t know about you, but my vape collection is becoming a little unwieldy. I try to stay organized, but ultimately, my tanks, RTAs and drippers are starting to pile up, making me wish I just had “one device” that could do it all. This is precisely the thinking behind Joyetech’s ProCore Remix, which is a combination RTA, RDA and sub-ohm tank that is surprisingly easy to set up and switch over, without needing a toolkit or a Ph.D.. So, why are so few vendors carrying the Remix as of this publication date?

Is it truly the “one device” overwhelmed vapers have been seeking? Well, not entirely. But it certainly impressed me more than I ever expected, and when used in one capacity, is a definite go-to for my needs. Let’s see how this breaks down.

ProCore Remix... Don't be Intimidated...

Joyetech ProCore Remix Review – Spinfuel VAPE MagazineGood lord, there are a lot of things in this box. If you’re a vaper who likes to toss the packaging once your tanks are assembled, you might want to reconsider here. With so many parts and adapters in play here, I found it was best to keep it organized in the packaging. Because this is a 3-in-1 atomizer, if one part goes missing, you’ve effectively lost an entire device.

Inside the box you’ll find [DEEP BREATH] the ProCore Remix atomizer, extended chimney, 2mL glass (for EU compliance and people who like small tanks), RTA chamber, RDA top cap chamber, RDA sleeve, build deck, replaceable ProC coil, cotton, two clapton coils, and a slew of parts.

That was a mouthful. But at least Joyetech is thorough.

First, we drip...

As an RDA, the ProCore Remix is a decent performer, with one glaring flaw. With an all-glass top cap, it’s basically a one-piece design that looks sharp when assembled. Be sure to note that to use the ProCore Remix as an RDA, you’ll need to manually install the o-rings, which isn’t indicated in the instruction manual.

These o-rings make things a little snug, so dab a little e-liquid on there before putting it together. Once assembled, the ProCore Remix serves as a functional, flavorful dripper, but the all-glass construction of the top cap means things get very hot, very quickly.

Using a 0.25ohm clapton build at roughly 80 watts, the first few puffs were delightful. But before long, I couldn’t vape steadily for fear of burning my lips. The entire glass section was extremely hot to the touch, and extremely uncomfortable to vape. It continued to provide good flavor and decent vapor, but it was clear this coil wasn’t designed for max-wattage vaping.

If you plan on using this solely as an RDA, be sure to use it with higher resistance builds at lower power.

Also, I should note that because this is a bottom airflow system, expect a little condensation and leakage. Nothing horrendous, but there are less-messy options out there.

Next, let’s see their coils in action…

Joyetech ProCore Remix Review – Spinfuel VAPE MagazineLet me cut to the chase. The Joyetech ProCore Remix will likely NOT be your all-day, go-to sub-ohm tank. But that’s not because it isn’t good – it just isn’t great.

Using the installed Joyetech ProC  0.4-ohm coil head, the ProCore Remix is a solid, flavor-focused sub-ohm tank, with decent, not amazing, vapor production. The coil is rated for 40-80 watts, and I found it to perform best at the higher end of that range. Using it consistently at 75 watts for several days, I enjoyed the vape quality, but noticed a definite loss in both flavor and vapor after just two days of steady use.

Joyetech has a wide range of coil types in the ProC range, for both MTL and direct lung vapers. I would have loved to see the company include at least one other coil in the package, as I have no doubt the ProCore Remix would likely perform better as a MTL device. It’s definitely a flavor-first design, and my opinions might have changed with another coil in the box.

On a positive note, when used as a sub-ohm tank, the device is virtually leak-free, and stays cool to the touch, even at higher wattages. Though the drip tip is a little strange, and oddly wobbly atop the tank, it also stays cool, leading to a pleasurable vape. Likewise, the wide, easily accessed top fill ports can accommodate nearly any bottle in your collection.

Also positive is the downright frugal juice consumption of the ProC coil. Even at 60-75 watts, using high-VG e-liquid, a full 4.5 mL tank fill lasted me several hours of steady use. I would feel very comfortable bringing this tank with me on a day out and about, leaving the unicorn bottles at home.

Now, the star of the show…

Joyetech ProCore Remix Review – Spinfuel VAPE MagazineDespite all this versatility, the Joyetech ProCore Remix is an RTA at heart, as this section is reason enough to make the purchase. The performance is that good.

With a floating, two-post, velocity-style design, peek insulation, smooth machining, and snug fitting barrel extender, it appears Joyetech put the most thought into the RTA section.

The ProCore Remix RTA is extremely easy to build and wick in either single- or dual-coil configurations, even with its relatively diminutive size. Fans of larger coils and overcomplicated builds might not be able to work much magic here, but standard builds will do just fine. I found 3mm coils were a little snug in the chimney, but 2.5mm coils were easy to position, and the wide wicking holes did their jobs without any fuss.

Using a conservative 0.4-ohm Kanthal build, I found the ProCore Remix to function as a premier RTA. With fantastic vapor and flavor, and no leaks to be had, the device didn’t leave my mod for days. There was better flavor than with the sub-ohm section, and more abundant vapor than even the RBA, while the tank stayed cooler than in the other two scenarios.

When I built higher with a solitary 1.2-ohm coil, and cut off most of the bottom airflow, the ProCore Remix functioned beautifully as a flavorful, low-wattage MTL tank. It’s not my preferred style of vaping, but it was an unexpected surprise to find even more versatility in an already versatile device.

Though it seems a little silly to say about a 3-in-1 tank designed for multi-use convenience, the Joyetech ProCore Remix is a fantastic RTA. Everything else is icing on the cake.

Wrapping up…

With a price point around $30, the ProCore Remix offers a lot of value for the money. Heck, if only used as an RTA, Joyetech has still released a competitively priced device. If this is the primary reason you would consider buying the ProCore Remix, then purchase with confidence.

However, if you’re looking for a top-notch RDA, or a sub-ohm tank performer, be sure to temper your expectations. It’s not that these sections are bad, nor is the performance inadequate. But neither the RDA or prebuilt coils do anything that other devices don’t do better.

The Score

The RTA section in the ProCore Remix package is fantastic, and worth the price of admission alone, putting the ProCore Remix in fairly elite company in my collection. Now, if only Element Vape, MyVaporStore, or Vapor Authority would decide to stock this under-$30 tank.

Joyetech ProCore Remix overall score: B+

As an RDA: C-

As a sub-ohm tank: C+

As an RTA: A+

Joyetech ProCore Remix Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine

ProCore Remix Package Contents

Joyetech ProCore Remix Review – Spinfuel VAPE Magazine
  • 1x ProCore Remix atomizer
  • 1x Extended vent pipe
  • 1x 2 mL glass tube
  • 1x RTA chamber
  • 1x RDA chamber
  • 1x RDA sleeve
  • 1x RTA/RDA deck
  • 1x ProC1 (0.4 ohm) head
  • 1x Pure cotton
  • 2x Clapton coil
  • 1x Spare parts
  • Joytech ProCore Remix Review