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Joyetech eGo ONE VT  Full Review

Following the hot trend this year of Temperature Control, the easiest-to-use and highly popular eGo ONE series of vaporizers, often referred to as the “one device for everyone”, Joyetech has updated the eGo ONE with TWO new models. This review covers the new VT model. A review for the CT model will follow.

The major differences between the earlier eGo ONE’s and the two new models is obviously how they now integrate temperature technology so rather than go into detail on the basic eGo ONE vaporizer, please visit this review and this review for more about these great small devices that deliver awesome vapor production and spot-on flavor from your favorite e-liquids.

Joyetech eGo ONE VT and CT Full Review

eGo ONE VT (Variable Temperature)

The VT in the eGo ONE VT name stands for “Variable Temperature” and it is very easy to use.

The Battery part of the device (the other being the tank) is 85.5mm in length, 22.0m in diameter, and holds 2300mAh in battery power storage. The eGo ONE VT is available in silver and black. The one I am reviewing today is black, but the difference is restricted to color, nothing more.

This variable temperature device is simplifying the process of using Ni200 (Nickel) and Ti (Titanium) coil heads like nothing else on the market. There are definitely more complex, and feature-rich temperature ‘control’ devices, but nothing easier to use than this one.

Simple in its operation, and a wonderful vaping experience… this is the eGo ONE VT in a nutshell.  However, reading the manual, or keeping this review handy, is a good idea. You see, in addition to the three control modes of Ni, Ti, and VW, there are settings in each of those modes to further customize your vaping experience.

First, let’s talk Variable Wattage Mode.

Joyetech eGo ONE VT and CT Full ReviewPress and hold the fire button until the device is set to VW. The battery cycles through the 3 modes while you hold down the fire button. Release the fire button and you’re done with setting the mode. But, these next steps allow you to crank up, or down, the wattage to maximize flavor and vapor, or adjust the device to the specific ohms’ level of the coil heads.

With the device powered on and your 4mL capacity tank is equipped with the coil head of your choice, 0.5-ohm or 1.0-ohm, you can change between Low/Medium/High levels of wattage.

Joyetech offers two coil heads with Kanthal wire to use in Variable Wattage mode. These coil heads have been around since the since eGo ONE was released earlier this. They are the 0.5-ohm coil for Lung Hit vapers, and 1.0-ohms ohms for the Mouth-To-Lung vapers.

Using the eGo ONE VT’s variable wattage feature adjusts the wattage output of the battery to give you more control over your vape experience than the previous models. Unfortunately for people wanting to keep it simple, the Lung Hit 0.5-ohm coil head is not included in the kit. However, if you have little interest in using Ni or Ti coil heads you shouldn’t buy the VT or CT versions of the eGo ONE.

These preset wattage levels for VW modes are:

Low Ohm Coils – 0.4 to 0.8 ohms

Using the CL coil heads between 0.4-ohm to 0. 8-ohms the Low setting will output 20W of power. The Medium setting boosts the wattage to 25W, and the High setting sends the wattage to 30W. For those of you familiar with variable wattage, the eGo ONE VT can be said to have a maximum power output of 30W in VT mode using Joyetech’s 0.4-ohm Ni coil head, and 20W for the standard 1.0-ohm Kanthal coil head.

Medium Ohm Coils

Using the Joyetech coil heads of 0. 8-ohm and 1.6-ohms the Low setting puts out 10W, Medium is 15W, and High is 20W. Because the higher resistance of the coils the need for power from the battery decreases.

High Resistance Coils

Lastly, using coils with a range of 1.6-ohms to 3.5-ohms the eGo ONE VT really pulls back on the wattage delivery. Low is just 5W, Medium is 7.5W, and High is 10W. On the Low setting with a high resistance coil the battery will last longer between charges than any other combination.

Joyetech also sells the CLR coil head which is a ‘rebuildable’ coil head in 0.5 and 1.0-ohms. The rebuildable part is sort limited to inserting new cotton into the coils, though I know some people can replace the coils as well…I’m not one of them.

Variable Temperature Mode

The real uniqueness of the eGo ONE VT doesn’t truly show itself while using standard coils. The device shines in VT mode with Ni200 and Titanium coils.

So, unless you’re into Nickel or Titanium coil wire you’ll use this mode much more often.Joyetech eGo ONE VT and CT Full Review Which begs the question; Why are you buying the VT? You will be better off buying one of the eGo ONE’s, most probably the eGo ONE Mega, my personal favorite model, even when taking the VT and CT models into account.

Joyetech’s CL coil heads are affordable and last a good long while. The decision on which ohms’ level to buy is up to your subjective choice on the intensity of flavor and vapor you want in your vape experience, and in the style of vaping you use, whether it’s Lung Hit vaping or Mouth to Lung vaping.

The eGo ONE VT Settings and Temperature

Press and hold the fire button to set the eGo ONE VT to the mode matching the wire in the coil head, either Ni200 or Ti.

Ni200 Coil – 0.2-ohms and 0.25-ohms

Low – Sets the temperature to 430f

Medium – Sets the temperature to 480f

High – Sets the temperature to 600f

Using the Ni200 coil head in the VT I found 430f (Low) to provide ample vapor but cooler than I usually like. At 480f (Medium) better at providing vapor, and a little warmer vapor. At 600f (High) the Ni200 coil ramps up both vapor and the warmth of the vapor. After a while with my current favorite eliquid I decided that my best choice is Medium for vaping long periods, but the option to bump it to 600f with 3-clicks makes all the difference in the world. This is what makes the eGo ONE VT a nice device to own.

Ti Coils – 0.4-ohms

 Setting up the eGo ONE VT tank with a Titanium coil head, you’ll find the temperature spread as follows:

Low – The temperature will be 430f

Medium – The temperature will be 470f

High – The Temperature will be 600f

I don’t like Titanium wire coils, and I haven’t since the first time I vaped with one. Most people, I believe, cannot tell the difference between them as they vape, but for me the flavor always seems ‘off’, or at least considerably different than using Kanthal, or Nickel. That being said, the warmth of the vapor with all three settings was a tad warmer than the Ni200 wire, with High (600f) being too warm for me with my favorite eliquids. But here’s the confusing part; only the Medium setting sees a change in temperature from the Ni200 temps. The Ni200 will set to 480f and the Ti will set to 470f, 10 degrees cooler, though to me it felt warmer. I have no idea why, or even if it is objectively true.

Flavor from the 3 temperature settings were as strong as they were with the Nickel wire, but like I said, there is an almost ‘artificial’ or ‘metallic’ sense to the flavor…it’s just ‘off’. Tom, Jason, and even Dave say I’m wrong, they like the Ti wire and they cannot taste anything different. Who knows, I could very well have an allergy for Titanium metal.

What’s In The Box?

1 * eGo ONE VT battery

1 * eGo ONE Mega Atomizer Tube

1 * eGo ONE CL Head (1.0ohm)

1 * eGo ONE CL-Ni Head (0.2ohm)

1 * eGo ONE CL-Ti Head (0.4ohm)

1 * eGo ONE Mega Atomizer Base

1 * eGo ONE Mega Mouthpiece

1 * USB Cable

1 * Manual and Warranty Card

1 * Wall Adapter(1A)

Where To Buy

Spinfuel can recommend certain vendors only because we use them for purchases on many, many occasions. Undoubtedly there are other fine vendors out there, but we just don’t use them. We know, and trust, these four vendors, and recommend them highly. (Stock is dependent on vendor and the old ‘supply and demand’)


Vapor Authority



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I guess that the eGo ONE VT is a natural progression for Joyetech. Temperature Control, as I had said way back, is now one of the most ‘expected’ features in new devices, despite the slower than expected adoption rate by mainstream vapers. But, does this mean that all current owners of one of the various eGo ONE models need to upgrade to the VT? In my opinion, no, not unless you’re hell-bent on vaping with nickel and/or titanium coils.

Joyetech did a great job with the original eGo ONE, and even better with the eGo ONE Mega, and the standard half-ohm coils and one-ohm coils work just fine with the steady power that the eGo ONE battery provides.

The value of the eGo ONE VT (an under $50 device) is for people who either like the eGo ONE of months past and want to use those Ni and Ti coil heads they may have for other Joyetech devices, the eVic-VT or eVic-VTC Mini, or for people that like the concept of the all-in-one device with the versatility of variable wattage and variable temperature.

Had I not already been pleased with my eGo One Mega’s I would definitely dive into the VT version, but because I am content with the Mega’s I don’t see enough here to upgrade. What about you? Do you own an eGo ONE now? Are you upgrading? Or did you want an eGo ONE and just haven’t picked one up yet? If that’s the case, is the VT the model you now want? Sound off in the comments, let’s talk about this.

John Manzione