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Joyetech Reaches Back To Its Roots

In a previous video I talked about Joyetech’s newest electronic cigarette, or vaporizer as I prefer to call them, and now I’m going to expand on what was discussed in the video and give you my thoughts on the Joyetech eGo ONE after using it daily for a couple of weeks now.

What It Is

The Joyetech eGo ONE is a small, but powerful device capable of delivering flavor and vapor previously seen only in much larger devices. With its 4.2v, 1100mAh battery and powerful atomizer, the eGo ONE is a vaporizer that, in my opinion, deserves to be a part of every vapers arsenal of vape gear.

Made of stainless steel, this simple 3-piece device uses two different atomizers to accommodate two different styles of vaping. (batter+atomizer+coil head)

Coil Heads

The Joyetech CL 1.0ohm head is the atomizer recommended for vapers that have come from cigarette smoking and who vape by taking a drag, bringing the vapor directly into the mouth and then into the lungs, commonly called “mouth inhale”, and the Joyetech CL 0.5ohm coil head that is a true sub-ohm coil designed to provide the kind of vapor production that vapers who enjoy taking the vapor directly from the vaporizer into their lungs, commonly called a “lung hit”, can get a satisfyingly large ‘experience’. It is one device that provides two distinct vape experiences, based on which coil head used.Joyetech Tiny eGo One

I have spent plenty of time with both coils and, for the most part, their design and purpose work as advertised. The difference in vapor production with the sub-ohm .5-ohm coil is significantly more than with the 1-ohm coil, though both produce an enjoyable vape. I’ve since decided to keep extra coils heads of both ohms in stock for different occasions.

Although the vapor production is more plentiful, and the vapor warmer, with the .5ohm coil I would have to say that the flavor produced by both coil heads are equally as good. I suspect that experienced vapers that decide to pick up an eGo ONE for stealth vaping will choose the sub-ohm .5-ohm coil as their desired coil. New vapers, looking for a more traditional vaping experience will probably opt for the 1-ohm coils.

Function and Features

Despite its small size, the Joyetech eGo ONE should not be considered anything less than a serious vaporizer. With short circuit protection, 5-click on/off battery function, 15 second-puff times, low-voltage protection, and an airflow controller built into the head, the eGo ONE will provide any vaper a satisfying vape anytime, anywhere.


The size of the eGo ONE makes it a great stealth vaporizer. As I demonstrated in my video the ONE fits into the smallest of pockets and virtually disappears in any hiding place. However, because the eGo ONE needs to provide a vape experience seen in much larger devices there are some necessary sacrifices that needed to be made. Namely, the eliquid capacity of the eGo ONE and the careful filling of its eliquid chamber are the obvious sacrifices. You’ll need to take a little time to get used to handling the eGo ONE.

Size Matters

The size of the head, or atomizer, of the eGo ONE is devoted to the massive (comparatively speaking) coil head. The coil head is the heart of every vaporizer, and the success or failure of a new vaporizer will depend on the effectiveness of the coils used. Without the CL 1-ohm or CL .5-ohm coils the eGo ONE just wouldn’t perform as well as it does.

ego one diagramBecause the coil head is as large as it is precious little space is left for eliquid. The official capacity is said to be 1.6-1.7ML, and although in clearomizers like the typical CE5-type the eliquid might last a few hours, in the eGo ONE that same 1.6ML capacity gets used up pretty quickly. Regardless, if the eGo ONE is to remain as small as it is, the eliquid capacity had to be restricted. For my vaping style a full atomizer in the eGo ONE provides about 90 minutes of vaping.

The other issue to contend with is filling the atomizer. Again, the coil head inside takes up so much room that to fill the atomizer takes a patient and a steady hand, but, you do get used to it and before long refilling takes just a few seconds. I admit that in the beginning I felt like an inept surgeon performing heart surgery.

My Real World Experience

By watching my video its obvious that I enjoyed the eGo ONE and by showing my viewers how well it worked is all the proof you need that my real world experience was a joyful, almost giddy, experience.

The first time I used the eGo ONE I was, quite literally, shocked. You just don’t expect to get massive flavor and even more massive vapor clouds by a device that fits in the palm of your hand. It made my previously favorite set up, the Spinner and X.Jet Spider, look downright sad.

Who Wants the ‘One’?

So, with the big performance of the device, and its state of the art atomizer and coil heads, who would most benefit from owning the eGo ONE?

As I implied earlier, every vaper could benefit, but does that mean that every vaper should buy one? Sometimes I think of the eGo ONE as having the potential to be the ‘cell phone’ in the world of vaping. By that I mean that in a matter of a few years nearly every individual in North America, Europe and Asia purchased a cell phone in order to stay in contact with anyone and everyone, and now they are the most commonly owned device in the world.

In our world of vaping the eGo ONE would allow any and every vaper the opportunity to enjoy a great vape no matter where they are, so no matter what device you own now, no matter how much you enjoy it, the eGo ONE would allow you to carry an inconspicuous vaporizer to use whenever your main vaporizer can’t be used. If the price is right, and if the performance and longevity are what I believe they will be, I could see more vapers than not buying the eGo ONE if only to have it handy in case they needed it.

My eGo ONE is always in one of two places, my nightstand or my desk. It is used more in the evening, in bed, then anywhere else, but it is used in other places as well.

Is the eGo ONE right for you?

That’s not as easy a question to answer as you might think. My short answer is “it depends”. My long answer is “it depends on your current situation.” Let me explain.

I would never recommend that any vaper own a single battery, no matter what battery it is. One battery leaves you nothing to use while it’s recharging; nor does it cover you should that battery suddenly fail. That being the case, if you are currently a smoker looking to quit smoking and you think vaping might be the answer then by all means the eGo ONE would be an exceptional choice…provided you have another battery to use during those times when the eGo ONE battery is attached to the USB cable being recharged. (Yes, the eGo ONE can be used while recharging, but that’s not a universal solution). If, as a new vaper, you can afford to buy two of them, fine, that’s perfect, but if not then you’ll need something else to tide you over at times.

Should you invest in an eGo ONE if you’ve never used an electronic cigarette before? No, I don’t think you should, but that moves us into a whole different discussion I’m not ready to have here.

In the context of this review, I will go so far as to say that everyone I know should consider picking up an eGo ONE for a single reason; its tiny size and huge performance allows them to enjoy their ‘vape’ just about anywhere. It is, so far, the best performing device of its size. Whether your main vaporizer is a Provari 3 or eVic Supreme or IPV 3, the eGo ONE makes the coolest, best performing backup device on the market today. And that’s where I think I’m best qualified to make a judgment call… talking to people who are already vaping.

As a backup device, as a secondary device, as your stealth device, the Joyetech eGo ONE is an amazing vaporizer and the one I would choose every time.

If you haven’t yet seen one of my videos yet I recommend that you watch my review for the eGo ONE. (see below) In the video you will see my genuine response to it, and you will know that I’m not trying to sell you something just to sell you something. I am truly delighted with the eGo ONE, and remain so to this day.

John Manzione