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Joyetech eGo ONE CT – Constant Temperature Mod


At first I got very excited upon hearing the words, Constant Temperature. For a few seconds I was reminded of the ProVape ProVari and their ability to maintain the exact same power output no matter what the charge level of the battery, so I thought there might be a chance that Constant Temperature in the eGo ONE CT might mean that, no matter the battery output, this device would do the same thing as the ProVari and the ProVari Radius. Don’t ask me why I thought that, but I did…. Of course, Constant Temperature doesn’t mean that, but it’s still a very decent upgrade over the older eGo ONE’s of the ‘tiny’ kind. – John Manzione

The new eGo ONE CT models have much in common with the original eGo ONE’s, including the choice of a variety of colors. The CT batteries are small, only 62mm or 89mm in height and 19mm in diameter. They have Joyetech eGo ONE CT – Constant Temperature Modcapacities of 1100 and 2200 mAh, and come in silver, black, cherry red, water blue, and pearl white. Generally speaking, the eGo ONE CT is the younger and smaller sister to the eGo ONE VT (variable temperature – see review here)

The eGo ONE CT has three different modes: CT-Ni, CT-Ti and CW. Now the use of nickel and titanium wire coil heads have come to the colorful models of the eGo ONE series.

eGo ONE CT Specs:

Atomizer Length: 50.2/55.2mm

Battery Length: 62.0/89.0mm

Diameter: 19.0mm

Atomizer (Tank) Capacity: 1.8/2.5ml

Battery Capacity: 1100/2200mAh

Color: Silver/Black/Cherry Red/Water Blue/Pearl White


Joyetech eGo ONE CT – Constant Temperature ModWith the eGo ONE CT powered off press and hold the fire button to shift between modes in order to set the device to the correct coils.
Using Ni and Ti coil heads help reduce the number of dry burns by blocking power output to the coils. While sophisticated temperature control is far from perfect, the Constant Temperature system in these eGo ONE’s seem to work just fine…so far. I’ve vape with Nickel and Titanium CL heads from Joyetech without having experienced a dry hit but once, and that was my own fault. Vaped way past empty, a stupid thing to do…but did it during the premiere episode of The Walking Dead.

eGo CT Features:

  • Constant Temperature Technology
  • Variable Temperature Technology
  • Compatible With Ti and Ni200 and Kanthal
  • CT-Ti, CT-Ni, CW Modes
  • VT-Ti, VT-Ni Modes

Constant Wattage Mode (CW Mode)

Using normal Joyetech CL coil heads the output in wattage is no longer one steady flow like the original eGo ONE. Using a low resistance coil (0.5-ohms) you can expect 25w. With Medium Resistance expect 15W, and with HighJoyetech eGo ONE CT – Constant Temperature Mod Resistance coils you can expect 7.5W. The less wattage output the longer the battery will last before needing a recharge.

Temperature Level (CT)

In Temp Mode you can expect temperature range of 470f for the CL Ti coil heads, and 480f for the CT Ni coil heads from Joyetech. Not a lot of literal difference between the two temps, but in my experience the Titanium coils feel a tad warmer at virtually the same degrees. Your mileage may differ.

eGo ONE CT and eGo ONE “original”

Joyetech eGo ONE CT – Constant Temperature ModThe eGo ONE CT is a nice upgrade to the original colorful line of eGo ONE’s, and with its battery display a nice new touch has been added in addition to the new constant temperature and Constant Wattage. At under $35, these are exceptional values.




What’s in the box?

1 x eGo One CT battery
1 x eGo One atomizer, 2.5ml (no head)
1 x eGo One CL-Ni Atomizer head (0.2ohm)
1 x eGo One CL-Ti Atomizer head (0.4ohm)
1 X eGo One CL head (1.0ohm)
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual


If you’ve been holding back the purchase of an eGo ONE in your favorite colors I’d definitely check the new ones out. The added technology without an added price tag make them a good buy. However, (isn’t there always an However?) The eGo ONE’s at 1100mAh are really small, you need to take that into consideration before springing for a device that’s about the size of one of those baby cigars. You would be much better off buying the 2200mAh version in the same color(s) because you’ll get twice the battery life between charges.

When the Joyetech eGo ONE CT goes into wide distribution you’ll be able to pick one up at one of our favorite vendors. I’ve listed them below.

Vapor Authority




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