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eCom Mega – Variable Voltage – 1600mAh Powerhouse

Joyetech remains on a roll with its latest rollout in the new eCom line with the introduction of the new eCom Mega. The number of features, combined with the huge performance of the new eCom has provided me with an amazing vape over the past week. The eCom Mega will be available soon, so here’s what to expect and, of course, my own personal, real world usage of this excellent new entry into the electronic cigarette marketplace.

Variable Voltage

Although capable of power (wattage) output of up to 20W, the eCom Mega offers adjustable voltage of 3.3v to 5.5v. The combination of the new C3 Dual Coil Atomizer, housed in either an all Stainless steel tube or Glass tube, the long-lasting 1600mAh battery, and the variable voltage feature is designed to maximize the vape experience in ways that come very close to the more expensive eVic Supreme equipped with a Delta tank (also from Joyetech). You’ll see what I mean later in this review.

The Feature Set:

  • Length: 205.5mm
  • Voltage Range: 3.3-5.5VAtomizer
  • Capacity: 3.2ml
  • Battery Capacity: 1600mAh
  • Colors: Black, Silver (we have the silver)

C3 Dual Atomizer Head:

  • Resistance: 1.6ohm
  • Voltage Range: 3.5-5.5V
  • Wattage range: 6.8-16.8W

Battery Size: 16.5mm*130mm

Atomizer Size: 16.5mm*80mm

Mouthpiece: 10.0mm*32.2mm


  • 1x – eCom Mega Battery
  • 2x Mouthpiece
  • 2x C3 Dual Atomizer Head
  • 1x Atomizer Tube
  • 1x Base
  • 1x Wall Adaptor
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Instruction &Warranty card

For Clarity

The Delta 16 consists of what Joyetech is calling the C3 Atomizer AND Atomizer Tube. When you and I buy any sort of glassomizer or tank they almost always consist of the tank and the atomizer inside, unless it’s an RBA or RDA. Mainstream vapers, which is what I consider myself to be, just don’t consider something like an Aerotank or Nautilus as being without an atomizer inside. That being the case, in this review the Delta 16 refers to the Atomizer Tube and C3 Atomizer head. Like other glassomizers and tanks the atomizer is replaceable with other C3 Dual Coil atomizers.


The eCom Mega is a 5-click on/off device. Charging the 1600mAh battery is done by attaching the USB cable to the side of the battery and into your computer, USB Hub, or using the wall adapter that comes with the kit. So far I’ve had to recharge the battery half a dozen times (I’ve been using it a lot) and it has averaged about 2.5 hours for a full charge when using the wall adapter, but almost 2 additional hours when charging from my computer.

I Love This Part!

The eCom Mega comes with a Delta 16 and an extra Dual Coil C3 atomizer. The tank is made up of 3 parts; the bottom, which attaches to the battery, the atomizer itself (DC C3) and the top, or ‘tank’. Unscrew the Delta 16 to reveal the C3 atomizer (1.6ohm) screwed into the bottom part.

Holding the top of Delta 16, the tank part, upside down you inject the eliquid into it, about 3.2ML, and then reattach the bottom part with the C3 atomizer by inserting it into the bottom of the tank (while still upside down), attach the stainless steel (with a sizable rubber gasket), drip tip and you’re ready to go…after allowing the C3 atomizer to become saturated with the eliquid of course. If it sounds complicated, trust me, it’s not. The construction of the Delta 16 is so good, so precise, that leaking seems to be an impossibility.

The Delta 16 is a real performer too, on par with Joyetech’s full size Delta tank. The heart of both tanks is the Dual Coil C3 atomizer so one would expect very similar vape performance. More on that later.

Adjusting the Voltage

At the bottom of the eCom Mega battery is a tapered dial for adjusting the voltage. As I mentioned above, the range is 3.3v to 5.5v. When combined with the 1.6ohm C3 atomizer inside the Delta 16 you can get great performance from any PG/VG, all-VG, or PG-Free eliquid. I used the new High Performance MYTHOS eLiquid (6mg nicotine) with it and I was able to crank up the power for a real cloud-chaser experience. (Have you entered the Mythos Giveaway yet?)


Like other modern APV’s, including others in the eCom series, the eCom Mega features low-voltage protection, atomizer protection, and a 10-second firing limit. The eCom Mega also features a power indicator, telling you how much of a battery charge you have left. The less battery charge remaining the faster the light on the side of the battery flashes. When the battery charge is within 30%-59%, the light flashes slowly; within 10%-29% the light flashes in normal speed; within 0%-9%, the light flashes very quickly.

Real World Usage

The eCom Mega is the largest in the eCom series, and the heaviest. Part of that weight comes from the Delta 16 itself, a more advanced atomizer then the other eCom devices have (Other eCom’s use the single coil C2 2.4ohm atomizer). And of course, with 1600mAh the battery is going to be larger anyway. Still, the truly attractive device is easy to use and looks great.

I’ve written the reviews for the other eCom’s in the Joyetech lineup and I’ve enjoyed them all. Each has its particular positives and negatives, but as far as pure performance goes the nod swings toward the eCom Mega.

I have to return once again to the Delta 16 for the edge in the performance over the other eCom’s. The eCom Mega is designed for vapers who like the eCom design, but really want to get as much performance out of their eliquid that they can. The major difference in its ability to perform is the Dual Coil C3 atomizer with a 1.6ohm resistance.

The Real Test

To compare the new eCom Mega with the other eCom devices would be unfair. While all good performers the fact is the eCom Mega is in a different class. So instead, I decided to compare the performance with the only other Joyetech device to use the same Dual Coil C3 atomizer.

I have a Joyetech eVic Supreme and a Delta tank, which is really up there at the top of the vape chain. I don’t want to suggest that eCom Mega offers everything the eVic Supreme does, because it doesn’t. But, what I wanted to see was the performance in flavor and vapor between the eVic Supreme and the eCom Mega. Could the eCom Mega come close to matching the eVic Supreme?

I chose the same MYTHOS High Performance eliquid for the test. I did so only because of the makeup of the Mythos ejuice, it’s PG-Free formula and it’s extreme cloud chasing abilities with the right hardware.

Finding the best voltage setting for the eVic Supreme at 4.2v using the Delta with a 1.8ohm C3 atomizer, I set the eCom Mega to match, and then vaped from both with equal zeal. The results were, frankly, remarkable.

Considering the eVic Supremes’ Delta has an incredible airflow controller built in the head-to-head match up could only be accurate after setting the Delta’s airflow to match the Delta 16’s natural “draw”. (The Delta 16 does not offer airflow control.) With matched airflow, or “draw” the performance was so close that I couldn’t tell the difference in flavor or vapor production using the high performance ejuice. It was only after fine-tuning the draw with the airflow controller on the Delta that the eVic Supreme + Delta could outperform the eCom Mega + Delta 16.

When it comes to flavor/vapor with a matched airflow draw, the performance is as close to a draw as it can be. The eCom Mega + Delta 16 + C3 atomizer means pure flavor and tremendous vapor production on par with the eVic Supreme and Delta tank.


What I believe Joyetech has done is to combine the advances of the eVic Supreme and the Delta tank with the sleekness and ease of use of the eCom series. The choice of the Dual Coil C3 atomizer, the same one used in the Delta, and the 1600mAh battery, plus Variable Voltage, clearly shows that Joyetech was aiming at delivering a vape experience to the eCom class that was as close to the eVic Supreme class as they could get. In my opinion, they achieved the best of both worlds.

I don’t have any information about pricing or availability of the eCom Mega, but you can expect to pay more for it than you would the other eCom devices, including the recently reviewed eCom-BT (Bluetooth).

If you admire the performance of the eVic Supreme and the Delta tank, but you’re not the type of vaper that wants a device of that size and complexity, then the eCom Mega is your next best choice. The eCom series has been a huge success for Joyetech, with good reason. The eCom Mega will most assuredly continue that success streak by taking advantage of the new Dual Coil C3 atomizer and housing it in a powerful, and attractive body.

Julia Hartley-Barnes

PS: I was asked by my boss to mention that the eCom Mega is a 510-threaded device, and as such can be used with different tanks that are also 510-threaded. I agreed to mention it, but honestly, I wouldn’t consider using anything other then the Delta 16 with the eCom Mega, they are a ‘perfect match’. – JHB