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Joyetech Cuboid TAP Innovative, Powerful A Preview SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Joyetech is continuing its new, risky methods toward truly innovative vaping products with the upcoming Cuboid Tap. Setting wattage, temperature, and even firing, is done in a completely new way, through Taptec input. What that means is that much of the input from the user is done though touching, or tapping, touch sensitive plates that lay under the chassis. If you’re thinking the Joyetech Cuboid Tap is going to be easy to use right out the box; think again. This attractive piece of vape gear takes a good 30 minutes to get the hang of it. Once you do… wicked cool.

The Joyetech Cuboid Tap has the shape and size of the WISMEC Predator 228. In fact, the Joyetech Cuboid Tap has the same maximum wattage output and temperature control suite. Replacing the black side panels of the Predator with faux stab wood panels, and inserting the new 1.3” OLED display found on the Joyetech eVic Primo Mini, add some touch/tap technology and you have the Cuboid Tap.

Specs and Such of the Joyetech Cuboid Tap

When the Joyetech Cuboid Tap ships to vendors the colors will initially be Red, the one I have, White, Black, Yellow, and Silver. The Full Kit version will come with a color matching ProCore Aeries Sub-Ohm tank, and two ProC coils, the ProC1 and the ProC4.

This Dual Battery, 18650 Hi-Amp cells (not included) features the same ‘bottom battery insertion’ under the Cuboid Tap. It can recharge the batteries, and upgrade the firmware, through the included USB cable.

Joyetech Cuboid TAP Innovative, Powerful A Preview SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

There is a small, square, Fire Button on the side of the Joyetech Cuboid Tap, but once you get the hang of using this mod, I’m betting you’ll use this Fire Button for entering the Menu System more than you will as a firing mechanism. Getting to know what plate has touch sensitive tech underneath takes a little time, and when it is learned, the user will make wattage, temperature, and even TCR adjustments using the Tap/Touch plates.

Directly above the OLED display is a rectangular top plate, and this is where the user will power the ProCore Aeries, simply pressing down on the plate will fire the atomizer.

Changing Modes

Pressing the Fire Button on the side of the Cuboid Tap three times quickly will kick the Tap into Menu mode. From there, under the display is an inverted adjustment bar. This inverted adjustment bar is touch sensitive as well, and tapping the right side while in Menu mode takes the user through the various modes, including 3 Memory modes, Temp NI, Temp Ti, Temp SS, Power, and so on.

Joyetech Cuboid TAP Innovative, Powerful A Preview SPINFUEL VAPE MAGAZINE

Using the left side of the inverted adjustment bar raises or lowers the temperature or wattage, depending on the mode.

Because it is a Joyetech product, all the safety bells and whistles are there, and we’ll get into them in our in-depth review.

The photos used in this Preview were taken by me with my iPhone. The reason is that as we go to print there are no product shots online, nor any mention of the Cuboid Tap on the Joyetech Website. This means it may be a month or so before they ship to vendors. Then again, it might not.

It’s way too early to tell you what I think of the Joyetech Cuboid Tap, but so far, I’m liking it, a lot. There are some quibbles, like everything else, but if the Touch Tap technology stands up then our review will most likely indicate a good “grade”.

On a vaping product this different, I would love to hear from you about what you think so far. Is this touch plate technology a gimmick or can it be an excellent way to interface with the onboard tech?

John Manzione