Joyetech’s original Cubis atomizer (review here) was an interesting little creation. While most of the “big guns” in vaping were committed to bigger, better, cloudier and “more,” Joyetech decided the time was right to release an economically priced, uniquely designed mouth-to-lung (MTL) focused atomizer.  And for the most part, it worked. While the Cubis wasn’t overly flavorful, nor did it work well for lower-ohm endeavors, its effortless, leakproof “cup” design just begged to be built upon. Well, the Joyetech Cubis 2 tank is almost here – will this be the one that marries unbeatable flavor with Joyetech’s proven ease-of-use? Let’s take a look.


At first glance, the Joyetech Cubis 2 isn’t too far removed from the original, though it appears to be a little shorter and squatter than its older brother. At just 22mm wide and 43 mm tall, the Cubis 2 still has a reported capacity of 3.5 mL. That’s a decent amount of room for such a diminutive tank.

(For EU readers concerned about TPD compliance, the Cubis 2 tank also has a 2mL configuration to ensure you’re on the right side of the law.)

A few months have passed, so that must mean we’re going to get another collection of proprietary coils for this tank. Indeed we do, as the new ProC BF series is designed more specifically for MTL vapers, which falls in line with the Cubis 2’s conical, narrow drip tip and tighter airflow control.

Unfortunately, owners of original Cubis coils are out of luck, as they will not work here. Unlike the more unique chimney-mounted system seen in the original Cubis, the ProC coils screw directly into the base. It should be noted that the Cubis 2 coils WILL work in the original Cubis tank, so at least there’s a little flexibility to be had. But until we try these coils on both devices, it’s hard to determine if this is a benefit, or a non-factor.

Interestingly, one of the included coils is rated at 0.6 ohm, making us wonder if there’s still a little confusion about who would be best served by adding the Joyetech Cubis 2 to their collections. Joyetech has also developed direct-lung coils for that audience, but the rest of the ProC coil line seems more aligned with the needs of MTL vapers, with several SS and Kanthal options rated above 1.0 ohm.


But for MTL vapers with more hyper-specific wants and needs, the coil selection seems a little limited, no? Stainless should never be the only temperature control wire option on modern tanks, and we only hope Joyetech has other designs ready for release in the very near future. If there was an RBA deck in the works, we’d probably let this pass, but there doesn’t seem to be one on the way.

While all this talk of new coil systems and multiple tank compatibility probably has you cautiously guarding your pockets, the Joyetech Cubis 2 tank has an amazing MSRP of under $20, with many sites featuring even more enticing sale prices already. If cost is an issue when determining a new device, the Cubis 2 should be on your shortlist for this reason alone.

What About That Innovation We Mentioned?

With the Joyetech Cubis 2, it seems to have largely abandoned the unique, leak-free cup design from the original Cubis. And we’re sorry to see it go. Leak-free tanks are a rarity these days, so seeing the company revert back to a more traditional design was a little disappointing. All will be forgiven if the Cubis 2 is a flavorful performer, but consider us mildly concerned until we get to put it through its paces.

It should be noted that the top-positioned airflow control SHOULD help stave off leaking concerns, even if the traditional top-cap filling replaces the previous design.

The Cubis 2 is Focused on Safety First

As mentioned earlier, the Cubis 2 tank is TPD compliant for what the EU deems necessary to vape safely. But Joyetech also implemented another level of security – a three-step locking system designed to secure your tank while still being user-friendly.

With this system, users must unlock two different areas of the tank before the top-fill cap can be opened. I applaud Joyetech for adding this level of thought and responsibility to the Cubis 2, but heavy vapers should be prepared to go through these finger gymnastics quite often during a night out, especially when using the direct lung-focused coils, and the 2mL configuration.  Only time will tell if these extra measures prove to be more of a hindrance than a benefit.

Final thoughts on the Joyetech Cubis 2…

The Joyetech Cubis 2 tank atomizer has our attention. However, without an RBA head option, and another set of proprietary coils to consider, the jury remains out on how the Cubis 2 will be accepted in the long term. But, we remain enthused by the potential of a true MTL tank system, especially at this price, and look forward to testing the Joyetech Cubis 2 tank atomizer in the very near future.

Joyetech Cubis 2 Specs

  • 22 mm x 43 mm
  • 5 mL/ 2.0 mL juice capacity
  • Available in black / stainless / white / blue / yellow / red
  • 2 x ProC-BF (0.6 ohm) heads included
  • Top fill
  • Top airflow
  • Flip-top cap
  • Child lock on top cap
  • Optional coil heads for TPD
  • MTL coil heads: SS316 0.6-ohm / SS316 1.0-ohm / Clapton 1.5-ohm
  • Direct lung coil heads: SS316 0.5-ohm

Joyetech Cubis 2 Contents:

  • 1 * CUBIS 2 atomizer
  • 2 * ProC-BF (0.6ohm) head
  • 1 * 510 mouthpiece
  • 1 * Spare glass tube
  • 1 * User Manual
  • 1 * Warranty card
  • 1 * Warning card
  • Spare parts