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We have it, and we’re vaping it. Is it any good? Let’s find out…

Our friends at Johnson Creek shipped us a 30ML bottle of their brand new, just released, Tobacco flavored Smoke Juice aptly called “Silverthorn”. I think it took under 5 minutes from delivery to vaping, and our team is ready to speak up and let our readers know if this is a Smoke Juice they should be ordering today.

Before the team takes over I’d like to take a minute and give my initial impressions on this new flavor. As many of you know, I’m keen on tobacco-inspired flavors, from Ginger’s Carolina Blend, to Halo’s Tribeca, Vape Dudes ‘Peach Tobacco’ and more (sorry if I didn’t give you a shout out, but times a-wastin’ here) so Silverthorn caught my interest the minute I heard about it.

Johnson Creek tells us that this new blend utilizes a special blend of high-end, sun-cured Turkish tobacco flavors which are accented with bright Virginia undertones and burley notes. They say it is highly aromatic, and less sweet than any of the other JC tobacco flavors. Lastly, their aim is for eCigarette users who are looking for a more traditional tobacco taste. Throat hit and vapor production are said to be first rate.

Interestingly, Silverthorn is PG-Free. I’m a fan of PG-free, as I indicated in several reviews, including the sub-par ProSmoke eJuice, so that makes me more excited about Silverthorn, and very interested in the throat hit. Did Johnson Creek pull it off? Is Silverthorn ‘Johnson Creek’ worthy?

I chose to vape Silverthorn with my ProVape Provari, using a Texas Tuff Tank DCT. Reason? Well, come on, had I used the JC Vea people would calling me a JC sycophant, and besides, I love my ProVari, the Texas Tuff Tanks are excellent DCT’s (A shout out to Vape Dudes for sending a few our way), so why not? With this setup I’m going to get the real, undisguised, flavor of the is new juice.

So, what did I think of this new Silverthorn? Well, if you’re looking for a real tobacco flavor, I mean, really authentic, actual tobacco, that is both smooth and rich, this is going to be very exciting for you. I love it! In fact, I have a strong feeling that this 30ML bottle will be gone by the end of the weekend and I’ll need to place an order for more. And if the team wants more than they have today… they can order it too. Sharing only goes so far. A nice throat hit too when the ProVari is turned up to 4.2.  Absolutely 5 Stars!

Tom: If you have been reading my reviews you already know that I am a Vaper of tobacco-flavored eJuice. I’m always looking for just the right flavor, vapor and throat hit. This is awesome stuff, in every frackin’ way. I can’t believe it’s so good! Oh, and thanks for letting me use the VEA! Give it 5 Stars for me as well!

Chelsey: As tobacco flavors go, this is good stuff. Very unique. I like that its PG-free too. Is it the best I’ve ever had? No, its not. The best I’ve ever had has a nice coconut flavor to it. What? Not everyone is looking for an authentic tobacco eJuice! 5 Stars for authenticity.

Lisa: I think this needs judging on the merits. Does it taste like tobacco? Yes. Is it a quality smoke juice? Yes. Does John and Tom think it’s so good they’re smiling from ear to ear? Yes. Do I like it? Yes, I do. Is it an everyday vape? Not for me, no. But John and Tom I’m sure will keep a tank of this around until the end of time. 5 Stars

Jon Locke: Johnson Creek’s Silverthorn is the next GREAT vape. Just mark my words. Silverthorn is going to outsell every other eJuice JC makes. This juice is beyond belief. I have to figure out a way to sneak whatever’s left out of here at the end of the day. Placing an order right now. Damn! 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars!!!

And there you have it folks. The honest-to-God initial impressions from the team. If you like authentic tobacco vaping then by all means buy a bottle today before it’s sold out. Honestly, when this smoke juice gets out there, there will be a run on this juice and it will be backordered before you know it. But, then again, Johnson Creek makes this juice from scratch, in the US. So maybe there will be plenty.  You will absolutely love Silverthorn. Congrats JC, you’ve done topped yourselves!

John Manzione / Editor